Seeds and nuts contain the life force ability in them to become trees and large, strong plants. They have an incredible storehouse for nutrients, that can only flourish to its highest potential as they begin to grow and germinate.


Seeds and nuts remain dormant until they are in a safe environment to begin the sprouting and growing process. When soaked and/or sprouted in water, it begins the germination process, in which the active and readily available amounts of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids (omega 3 vs omega 6) begins to be activated and multiplies exponentially.

Furthermore, there are inhibitor enzymes on the outside of the nuts which keep them safe from outside contaminants until it is safe to begin to grow, but these inhibitor enzymes also make protein assimilation and digestion harder for us. Soaking and sprouting your nuts and seeds increases their vital minerals and nutrition, while also simultaneously allowing the inhibitor enzymes to shed off the nuts and into the water (that’s why it is important to rinse them off well), making them easier for your body to assimilate and digest out of the body.  This is great for weight loss and maintenance goals (!).

Sprouting seeds is something I’ll discuss in another blog. For this ones, let’s just focus on what to do with almonds and other nuts, as the soaking process is very easy and you could start doing it tomorrow with those nuts you like to snack on! :)

Soaking Instructions:

  1. Place the almonds, etc. in a glass bowl and cover with water. Don’t use plastic, to protect against any chemicals getting leached into the soaking water.
  2. The nuts will absorb the water and expand- so put the amount of nuts  in the bowl to allow for them to expand about 2-3 times their volume. Keep in the fridge.
  3. Soaking times (approximated):

Almonds:        12-14 hours

Hazelnuts:         8 hours

Brazil nuts:         3 hours

Cashews:          40 minutes or so, less than 1 hour

Pinenuts:            6 hours

Walnuts:            4  hours

4.    After the appropriate soak time, empty the nuts into a colander and rinse well several times. Very important!!

5.     Sprouted nuts should be stored  in the fridge, and should be eaten or used within about 2 days. So only sprout as much as you will eat or use in that time! So be conscious about the amounts you sprout, and try to plan ahead for recipes.

Hope the soaking goes well!! This will make nuts a much lighter and more beneficial part of your diet- and again, much better for weight loss/maintenance.

I’m leaving Friday for a little vacation. :) So I’ll write to you from the road!


Take care and peace,