I was inspired to write this blog this morning as I went grocery shopping and was preparing food for one of my regular clients here in New York. My challenge is that she is so focused on her work that she does not take any time to make herself food. Her 2 assistants run errands for her, but I can not rely on them to make the food either. :) She also travels regularly. Hmmm….how do I get her to stick to the plan we have created for her and balance her body? After all, I can’t be with her EVERY morning.

Here are some of the tools I’ve implemented for her, which you might find helpful also!

1.   I wash all the ingredients for 4 days’ worth of Green Drinks, partition them into exact servings and put them into separate plastic produce bags. That way, I can be sure she is having a Green Drink every single morning! She (or her assistant) doesn’t have to think about it. They go into the fridge and simply grab one of the bags. The apple, the right amount of celery, greens, etc. is in it, and besides the minimal chopping of the apple there really is no work! Washing everything for a few days is a great time saver- especially those in our blog community here that are busy moms or are rushing to the office. There never is enough time in the morning is there?? With everything bagged and washed the chances of you going “Nah, I’m not going to bother with that this morning. Too much work! I’m just going to eat some cereal instead,” go way down. Yay!

2.   Turn your freezer into your emergency survival kit.
Enzymes are destroyed by heat but hold up pretty well in the freezer. You can make some extra batches of Green Smoothies and freeze them in individual-sized glass trays or containers.
The night before a busy day, you can just thaw one out in your freezer.

I also keep emergency sprouted bread (millet bread is the best) in her fridge also. That way, if we’re really in a bind with shopping and produce I can always grab the bread and toast it, and run to the corner and grab an avocado, and make a fast
and easy sandwich with some butter. If you keep some of this handy bread in the freezer you don’t have to worry about it going bad, but you know it is there in case you didn’t have time to go shopping, or don’t feel like making an elaborate meal! You are miles ahead of settling for that falafel on pita sandwich or chicken sandwich you were considering resorting to for dinner.

I also keep frozen packets of Acai in my own fridge. If I’m in a bind, I can always make an easy smoothie out of it with coconut water or almond milk.

3. Pasta cravings! Keep quinoa pasta stocked in your pantry.
Quinoa is an amazing grain that digests to leave a slightly alkaline residue in our bodies. It is also gluten free, and has a lot of great protein and minerals. When you want a nice, cooked dinner sometimes (and we all do!!), you can have a salad followed by some quinoa pasta with a great marinara sauce with vegetables. This is sooooo much better than buying some other processed, commercial pasta as “a treat.” You won’t feel deprived because you are eating some of this delicious, dense pasta once in a while and you’re not setting yourself back in your health goals! I am thrilled that my client likes quinoa! I am not so lucky with other foods I wished she liked…

4.     Soak some almonds in your fridge when you are leaving on a trip.
Simply cover the almonds with water overnight, and the next day rinse them off a few times. This is the really easy and fast way to remove some of the inhibitor enzymes on the outside of them, and help them digest faster. Put them in a dry bowl, and store them in the fridge. Now you have a great travel snack on planes, so you do NOT have to resort to the weight gain traps of roasted cashews made with refined salt that they serve on planes! Or…I shudder to think of what else. :)

Hope these help…or if you have some of your own time saving tips please share with us!

Lots of love,