Food Tips That are Applicable For Any Time in Life!

Remember prom? Getting your hair done, booking a limo, lots of fun pictures, dinner, the afterparty, the stress of finding the perfect dress, the drama of finding the perfect date… ah, fond memories! We had a junior and senior prom in my high school, plus I went when to them when I was a freshman and sophomore, plus maybe to a few other towns’ school proms as well. Sooooo maybe, just maybe, I had a few proms in my day! :) I’m quite happy that those days are firmly in my past. But I do hope the absolute best for the all the youngins’ out there getting ready for the special night!

But at any phase of life we have events where we have to get our hair done, take a lot of pictures, find a perfect dress, go to dinner… So my tips in this feature will definitely work for you too! BTW I have my own “prom-like” event coming up in a few weeks- my book launch party! I’ll be sharing more tips soon on how I’m getting ready for it. :)

One thing I will tell you, is to never skimp out on your post workout snack, curb your hunger!

In the meantime, check out my feature in Teen Vogue   HERE!

Take care and see you soon!

Love, Kimberly