When it comes to diet and eating habits, many feel constricted by habits, which they have stuck to for years. Then of course there’s the temptation to indulge in fast foods, sweet treats, and unhealthy drinks. Your diet has a huge impact on your overall health, and learning about nutrition is the first necessary step in achieving your full potential of superior health and beauty.
In my book, The Beauty Detox Solution, I talk about the nutritional value (or lack thereof) of many foods. Not only that, but I also go into detail about the importance of Beauty Food Pairing and proper food ordering. A diet based primarily on green vegetables and plant foods like the green smoothie diet is how you will build a healthy, beautiful body. Fresh greens and vegetables are packed with chlorophyll (almost identical to human blood), enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to build healthy cells.

Part of breaking bad habits is starting to build new, better habits. Start with the habit of making sure greens are included in every meal in some form. In the morning this would be in the Glowing Green Smoothie, and have a salad as part of lunch or dinner, or at the very least add more greens to a wrap or sandwich you might be eating. You will start to feel better, and it will help minimize the heavier foods you are eating. Over time, the greens in your meal should become larger and larger, so they become the biggest part of your meal. But baby steps will help heal bad habits.

Another thing that is key is learning about your body. This may seem silly because you may think you already know yourself well, but many don’t take the time to realize that some of the foods you eat every single day are actually making you feel sluggish, bloated and fat. Just looking at the calorie content of foods and trying to stick to a regimented plan of calorie restriction will never break bad habits, because you will just feel deprived and miserable and not really understand why it is so “hard” to be healthy.

Most people have sensitivities to foods like gluten (wheat), and dairy is not ideal for any human to digest. These two foods are two of the top foods consumed in the United States! If you eat these foods you may be holding yourself back in a vicious cycle, and you don’t even know it. Your system will be backed up and loaded with toxins, which will create more food cravings, and your bad habits will be extremely difficult to permanently overcome. The cleaner your body becomes, the easier it is to overcome cravings.

Gluten is in just about every pastry and bread product, and dairy, as you know is in everything from coffee to mashed potatoes to yogurt. Gluten is highly allergic and difficult to digest, even for those who are not gluten intolerant. Dairy contains a protein called casein that is impossible to digest. I suggest eliminating or limiting those foods from your diet altogether. If you consume low calorie versions of these foods it doesn’t really help your cause because of how unfavorably they digest.

Instead, try millet bread, quinoa and brown rice. There are also lots of dairy alternatives out there too, you just have to seek them out. Instead of milk, I suggest drinking almond or hemp milk.

Another habit that should be broken is eating a protein and a carbohydrate at every meal. That’s what you’ve been taught to believe makes a “square meal.” However, constantly eating concentrated proteins and starches together at every meal wastes a lot of digestive energy, and is not ideal for nutrient assimilation. Afterwards, you are more likely to feel lethargic, and more likely to crave sweets or caffeine later on.

If you want different results, you have to try to eat differently. Pair your protein or starch with greens instead. A piece of chicken on a salad is a whole lot better than a chicken wrap or sandwich. Plus you’ll be developing the good habit of eating more greens, as in my first point.

Perhaps the most important bad habit to break is with breakfast. I go into much  more detail about why the first part of your day sets you up for failure or success, cleansing on a continual basis, and losing weight for the long term in The Beauty Detox Solution. Change over to having the Glowing Green Smoothie for 2 weeks instead of your egg white omelet with whole wheat toast. Just by that, you will change your energy, your body and your life.

Finding your way to better health is a journey. The first step is learning about nutrition. Then it’s important to discover your own body, and become conscious of how certain foods make you feel. Once you raise your awareness, you’ll see what a huge impact food has on your entire life. Eating a diet rich in greens, other vegetables, seeds, nuts and some fruit creates radiant, beautiful skin, works to prevent disease and helps raise energy levels.

Once you free yourself of old habits, you will be on your way to improved confidence and better health.