Everyone wants to look their best, and skin products can help you to do that. Unfortunately, so many beauty products contain all kinds of ingredients that just aren’t conducive to good health, and I believe they actually can keep you from looking your best. Many conventional products contain petroleum-based ingredients, and others may use plants that are grown conventionally with pesticides and other chemicals. How can that be healthy?

Lip products have always presented a conundrum for me. Like all of us girls, I want pretty lips, but most lipsticks and glosses contain petroleum-based ingredients, which can break down collagen over time. Since your lips are part of your skin, collagen is essential for keeping them plump and youthful looking. Not only that, but given the proximity of my lips to the rest of my mouth, ingesting a little bit of the product I use on them is a given. There is no way I want to swallow petroleum or other toxins, even to keep my lips looking pretty.

That’s why I was so thrilled to stumble on Sally B’s B Glossy Lip Gloss. I discovered the gloss when I was dong a film in Atlanta. It was in a gift bag they gave to the actors in the film, who often ask me to try products to see what I think. It turns out that this stuff is absolutely amazing – it’s almost become a daily obsession for me. It comes in four gorgeous colors: Ruby’s Red, Copper Penny, Every Blond’s Pink, and Primrose. Not only are the colors pretty, but this lip gloss moisturizes my lips, as well. My favorite color is Ruby Red, which I use almost daily. I also really like the Copper Penny.

The lip gloss comes in liquid form with a wand. The cost is $18 for a 7-gram wand, which will last you quite a while, even with daily use. It contains organic, natural ingredients including organic beeswax, vitamin E, organic castor oil, organic shea butter, organic carnauba wax, organic lecithin, micas, and organic essential oil of peppermint. A full 95 percent of the ingredients are organic, and they contain no chemical preservatives or artificial colors that will diminish your natural beauty.

Sally B’s has a whole line of “Skin Yummies” utilizing organic, natural, and wild-crafted ingredients that are non-toxic, gentle, and paraben-free.

Check it out here Some of her other products I adore  are her Shea Butter Bars and Solid Perfumes, which are non-toxic, and which I like to put on before/after yoga class.

I also love the Antioxidant Skin Boost,which is pure powdered vitamin C and resveratrol that you mix into your cream or serum for maximum anti-aging efficacy. Who can’t use the brightening boost? I love it. I also really love her Get Even Finishing Powder, which is one of the best mineral makeup powders I have ever used. Her Sugar Scrub is absolutely fantastic as well!

Don’t miss out on these non-toxic, organic makeup brands! Wonderful products which I truly love and personally use.

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