Today’s post will be just a quick, but important update.
You see, it’s only been about 7 weeks since we launched my Probiotics supplement—a full spectrum SBO-based formula unlike any other available.
During that time, we also created a special page on the site for those who have tried the product to share their results.
You can see that page by CLICKING HERE.

Some Uncensored Reviews From Real Probiotics Users:

Again, you can see the full list of reviews and even place your order ON THIS PAGE if you’d like to try them.
With customers telling us they’ve experienced…

I ordered them that same night of the “Sneak Peek” into your new project, I received them a few days later & began taking them immediately. I noticed a difference within the first week if taking them! I started having so much less bloating, nice flatterer Tummy, better Digestion, & what really surprised me was the way that my eyes began to look! I had remembered reading the info about them & that being one of the possibilities that you had mentioned was clearer eyes.” – Cindy Louise Giannotti 

Working with people in the healthcare field, I try everything myself first before recommending to clients. A BIG thumbs up for this product! Beyond pleasantly surprised–does everything it claims. Thank you ♥” – Sheryl Menah

As of today I have been taking Kimberly’s Probiotics for 3 weeks without fail. I am extremely satisfied with the results and noticed a difference within the first 24 hours of taking them! I have struggled with digestion issues most of my adult life and since adopting the Beauty Detox principles into my life things have really turned around, but with the addition of the probiotics I took my feelings of well being even further than I thought was possible! I am now completely bloat-free, and I no longer get gas from eating things that historically gave me problems! (to include some fresh raw veggies). I’m losing weight easier and my skin is crystal clear and digestion very regular! I no longer looked like I have a baby bump and am really looking forward to what the next couple of weeks and months bring with the consistent use of the probiotics. Thank you Kimberly for such an amazing product!” – Desi De Lu Lu

Loving Kimberly’s probiotic! Yes, it’s a little more expensive than some out there, but well worth the investment into your health. I have been taking it for 2-3 weeks now and I noticed changes in my body immediately…. Flatter tummy, more efficient digestion and less bloating. I dropped about 3lbs right after I started taking it, which I can only assume was excess water weight, but I haven’t gained it back and my tummy hasn’t been this flat in years. Especially after having kids.” – Lindsey Brasch

  • “Clearer eyes”
  • “Slimmer waistline”
  • “Flatter stomach”
  • “Less bloating”
  • “Feel a difference in my digestion”
  • “I’m amazed!”
  • “Most amazing probiotics I’ve ever taken”
  • “Sleep has been more restful”
  • “Smooth digestion”
  • “Horrible feeling in gut is gone”
  • “Helped me tremendously!”
  • “Feel the difference”
  • “So happy to finally be regular!”
  • “Differences in skin, hair, and energy”

Yes—these are all just real excerpts from THIS PAGE. It warms my heart to see so many people experience such amazing results with this product—this is truly all the reward our team could ever want for doing what we do.
Before I conclude this brief post, I wanted also to wrap up with…

A Few More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About Probiotics

Here are some more questions and answers we’ve gotten since launching the product:

Can pets take probiotics?

Probiotics are safe and can be excellent for pets, especially animals not actively living in natural environments (urban dogs and cats, for example.) In terms of quantity, it’s best to start slowly (i.e. half a capsule or one capsule) in the beginning—especially if you have a small dog. Larger dogs may be able to take two capsules daily, similar to the recommended dose for people.

Why are the probiotics dark/brownish in color?

The capsules can vary from brown to near black, as they are not milk-based (as in “white”) probiotics. Rather, their origins are in the soil and even though there is no “dirt” in the final product, these SBO’s do retain some of the natural color of the soil.

Can I take Kimberly’s Probiotic & Enzyme Salad in lieu of her Probiotic pill?

While the probiotic and enzyme salad contains l. plantarum and other important bifidobacteria strains, it does not SBO’s (soil based organisms). Currently, there are only three ways to get SBO’s in any significant amount: 1) Unwashed organic or wild food eaten directly in nature (organic supermarket vegetables don’t count)… 2) Other SBO probiotic products with far fewer strains than our product… or…  3) Probiotic, which is the most complete SBO formula available today.

Would it be too much quantity if I took the pill 2x/day in addition to the Enzyme salad daily?

Not necessarily. It depends on your body. Some people have noted a strong reaction to Probiotic and thus had to be careful about consuming too many probiotic rich foods along with it. But others can comfortably have kombucha, raw sauerkraut, Probiotic, miso and other foods high in beneficial bacteria with no problem. It all depends on your body and how it responds.

What if I’m experiencing gas or cramping?

A very small number of individuals have told us they experienced small amounts of discomfort after consuming the product, though usually noting it passes after a few days. Many others note positive results almost immediately and for weeks after starting on the product. Everyone is different. If you do have what seems to symptoms of “accelerated detox”—we recommend reducing dosage and easing your way into the product more slowly. Of course, best is to get to the guidance from a licensed health practitioner, especially if discomfort or issues persist, but this is rare and our reviews have been largely positive for most users from day one.

Can the capsules be opened and added for food or smoothie instead of swallowing the capsule?

Yes, but it’s likely that a little bit of potency would be lost. The reason being is that the SBO’s (soil based organisms) within the formula remain in a “dormant” state while dry, but become activated when they come into contact with moisture. The capsules do a good job of keeping them dormant throughout the digestive process, and so they become activated at the best possible time. Still, because we evolved consuming SBO’s directly in nature and they pass through our digestive process intact, if you are more comfortable consuming the product in liquid or a smoothie, that is fine as well.
If you have any other questions about the product, you may email us by CLICKING HERE.
We’re here to support you in this journey and to be of service in any way we can.
Thanks so much for being part of this community—we couldn’t do all this without you.
In Love and Health,
Kimberly Snyder
P.S. — Pay special attention to a blog post coming from me very soon where I announce a huge new recipe contest and all new gift we’re very excited to share. Stay tuned!