I wanted to share some of my personal videos and the amazing lessons I learned on my recent gorilla trek in northern Rwanda. Gorillas only live in the volcanic mountain jungles Rwanda, the Congo and Uganda…so it was quite a journey we took to get to them. Sometimes, videos and photos say so much more than words, and this is one of those times. As you can see in this first quick clip, after our tracker found the gorillas, we were a few feet away. Not caught on camera, but two gorillas touched both my husband John and I!

This adorable clip of a few of the juveniles will make you a gorilla lover if you are not already. It clearly exemplifies just how human-like and playful they are. Humans and gorillas share about 98% of the same DNA.

This mother gorilla let us get within about 4 feet of her. She was so sweet and proud. Look at her baby, estimated to be only 20 days old!


Here are those sweet juveniles again! I love this picture. Look how the one on the left look like an Ewok. :)


We had a charismatic tracker guide named Edward, who could speak gorilla language. Check this out!!

Here you can see the Silverback just from this quick clip – his sweet face and the way he cups his head in his hands. Silverbacks get up to 450 or 500 pounds, and are among the strongest animals on earth. But they do not eat meat- their natural diet is around 200 different types of plants from the jungle, plus some ants and other insects. So keep drinking your GGS and eating your Raw Gorilla Taco Wraps and you will get strong also!

It was scary, but exhilarating to be with the gorillas, and one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had! We were lucky to see them on a patch of flat land and be able to get so close to them. That is not always the case. Our tracker said sometimes people hike all day in the volcanoes and don’t see any of them, or only see them from the distance. So we incredibly grateful for our experience.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my gorilla videos and pics.

Stay tuned for more inspirations from my amazing journey through Africa!