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All the pics in this post are taken from right around the home we’ve been staying at in London, England. This magnificent Redwood is in Kew Gardens, which is very close to where I live, and where I walk to and visit a few times a week, whenever I can! I always instinctively touch the trees- I feel so much respect for them and feel they have really grounding, earth energy.

As you know, I’ve been traveling and working through Europe over the recent months, and it’s been the journey of a lifetime. 

I’ve shared each week because my hope is to inspire you with new sites, sounds, foods and thoughts about what’s possible on this incredible path and lifestyle. Ever since I first began adopting the principles of Beauty Detox, life has been getting better and better — and I know the same is possible for you. 

In fact, that’s what this week’s blogger assignment is all about. I want this to be a light, fun, inspiring exercise — so that you can get in the habit of sharing positivity. This is especially important giving the overwhelming amount of negative news shared across social media and general media. It doesn’t have to be that way! What you put out you get more of, so by adding more positivity into the world, more will surely come back to you.  

Before I get into that assignment and the instructions, let’s keep our weekly ritual of celebrating those who did amazing work on the previous week’s assignment, remixing my new Spirulina Power Protein Smoothie Recipe!

Fabulous job ladies! Here they are: 


Great job ladies! And amazing participation, effort and creativity from everyone who participated! 

Walking along the Thames River, just a 5 minute walk from our home.

Now, For This Week’s Assignment… 

Normally, I post a graphic with the recipe guidelines, but since we’re not preparing food this week, I’m just going to explain the assignment in a bit more detail and give you some simple parameters that should help guide you. 

As you’ve probably seen me do many times, I routinely do posts that are largely just pictures, captions and some words of inspiration from places I’ve visited on my journey. Sometimes pics convey so much more than words ever can!

I get so much positive feedback from these posts, and I think it’s because they’re fun, uplifting and they give you a flavor my experience in a particular area. 

Now, the cool thing is, you don’t have to be traveling or checking off something from your bucket list to make a picture post worth sharing — you can do that with pretty much any experience you have! There is beauty and uniquely interesting moments in each day, if you look for them. 

Sunset view from our kitchen window. What a joy to prepare dinner each night and watch the sacred sunset in awe and reference!

So This Is the Precise Beauty Detox Blogger Assignment: 

1) Share pictures (at least 3-5 but more if you want) from a recent experience you’ve had, or a future experience you have over the course of this next week. Doesn’t have to be an earth-shattering, life-changing event… can be simple and fun, perhaps something that just made you happy. 

2) Some possible ideas for this: Walking through your neighborhood, going to the local farmer’s market, visiting a park, sharing a Beauty Detox meal, playing with your children, practicing yoga or being outside/active, picking out organic veggies from the store…you get the point. 

3) In addition to the pictures you share, add some personal thoughts to tell us about your experience. You have an audience now through this blogging process (yay!), and your audience wants to know what you think, how you feel, what inspires you or makes you happy, and so much more. 

And that’s it! 

Remember: This Is Your First Big Photo Opp!! ;)

It’s so simple and fun, I know you can do it and I absolutely can’t wait to see what you post. 

Here are a few more pics from right near our London home, to share what my life living there has been like, and as an example of what you might share:  


Yoga in the park on the other side of our house. We are surrounded by greenery!
Here’s part of a simple dinner for hub and I. Big salads filled with farmers’ market fare, squash soup. Yep, just a hand towel down on our outdoor table as we don’t have (or couldn’t find that night?) any table cloths! :) Use what you can. xx
Hub and I walking outside.
I am so happy and joyful to be in nature as much as possible. I am so grateful we live in a place in London (Richmond), with so much nature! We looked at Kensington and other places, but in the end…nature resoundingly won! I hope you can feel how much inspiration I have gleaned from being in these woods and along the river and in the mighty Kew Gardens…and more so with the publishing of the third book this upcoming March, which was edited in this amazingly natural, free space. I would bring my manuscript/laptop to Kew for many days and work there. Truly grateful to be there for that. OM Shanti!

Now, I’ve done many of these posts before with a lot more pictures than I just shared, but I wanted to give you a sense for just how easy and fun it can be to do this, even with just a few pics. 

I hope that’s totally clear, and of course, let me re-summarize the weekly action steps so you can move forward with this assignment: 

1) Remember that any happy or positive experience will work! Don’t feel pressure to impress others, like I said earlier, keep it simple, fun and just BE YOU! Start with the goal of just 3-5 pictures, and then add more only if you feel like it. 

2) After you choose your pictures, add your thoughts, feelings and experience — and finalize your post. Remember, this is a safe place, with a community who loves you and wants nothing more than to support you. So feel confident that whatever you choose to share will be perfect and beautiful to us all. 

Once your blog post is live, be sure you share it — while linking back to this post, so others who come to your blog understand the process.

3) Be sure to also post your picture post into the Private Facebook group, so that we and others can see it. We’ll do our best to like or share or comment on all posts that you send our way, to support you and show the community your amazing work.

4) Also, email the link to Katelyn, our community manager, at beautydetoxgirl (@) gmail dot com with a link to your post so she can keep track.

5) Share your post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — and be sure to hashtag #beautydetox so that others can find it.

Again, don’t forget again to link back to this specific blog post, so we can find you and also because it holds the integrity of the process; and be sure to use the hashtag #beautydetox as we do NOT want to miss your post, we look at every single one! :)

I honestly can’t tell you how unbelievably eager and excited I am to see pictures of you, hear your thoughts and watch as you continue to grow as a blogger within this amazing Beauty Detox movement. 

Again… can’t wait to see what you share!

Happy picture posting! 

With great love,


P.S. — Be sure you follow me on Instagram (@_kimberlysnyder) for more inspiring daily pics, and if you post a sample pic from your post on Instagram, feel free to tag me in addition to using the #beautydetox hashtag. This is going to be so great! xx 


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