I hope you had an amazing Labor Day weekend, and I trust you’re back into the swing of things after that 3-day refresher!

I spent the long weekend working, but I had a blast because it was all about choosing pictures (including so many inspirational photos + delicious food pics… yum!) for the next Beauty Detox book, which is coming so quickly it’s almost surreal! 

Still, I did take some time to get outside and enjoy the California heat — and that’s kind of what this blog is about: movement, especially getting outside and expressing the energy of your body. 

In a moment, I’m going to explain our assignment and how much fun it’s going to be — but before we do that, we have many people to thank and congratulate for their participation last week! 

Below you’ll see our new logo and branding, which is soon going to be implemented over the whole website. I hope you love it as much as I do! It’s a modern lotus, the symbol of the blossoming of one’s full potential, including increased consciousness and spirituality in life, nestled between berries, to symbolize the peak of nature’s perfection. 

In case you missed it, last week we did a simple-yet-savory recipe with a post called “Krazy for Kabocha” (my favorite squash, and a very ancient and powerful healing food in the Zen/Macrobiotic tradition). I was extremely impressed with the way everyone took this recipe and recreated it in their own unique way. 



These all look delicious! 

A. MARINA SANIN – – love the yummy-looking mash you did!
B. KATHI COCO – – the way you sliced and placed the squash is gorgeous!
C. KAREN MANNING – – you sure know how to plate your food — beautiful!
D. RENATA OLEJNIK – – perfect use of purple cabbage, makes your dish look so pretty.

Thanks again girls and to all who participated — each week, the recipes and presentation of each new recipe get better and better, you all will be pros at this before too long! 

And that is a big benefit of being part of this program we created. By doing the assignment each week, you’re pushing yourself in the kitchen, learning a valuable skill (blogging), getting healthier and spreading the Beauty Detox message to others who need it most. 

You deserve a big pat on the back for making the effort… and this brings us to the assignment for this week. 

Beauty Detox Assignment: Let’s Get Physical (And Take Pictures!)

No… I’m not talking about THOSE kinds of pictures! 

Instead, in this post, I want you to create a simple picture post where you share a physical activity that you love. It doesn’t have to be hardcore or intense exercise (though it can be!) — just think of it more in terms of movement. Whatever gets your body in motion is totally fine. 

It could be walking, or yoga, or dancing, hiking, playing with your kids, biking, surfing — you name it! Pretty much anything that gets your body moving and feeling good. 

The actual nitty gritty of the assignment is simple — all you need to do is just have someone snap a few pictures of you doing an activity, and then add your thoughts or feelings about that form of movement and why you enjoy it. 

I love my yoga self practice. I love to move in freely–whether it be on a beach, my living room (where I now practice 5x a week), in hotel rooms, wherever. I feel like I’m exploring my own energy and breath, and it’s exciting!

Here Are Some Possibilities: 

  • If you love walking, you can have a few pics and write about why you like to walk — perhaps it’s the peace and reflection, or the sights you see…
  • If your activity is yoga, discuss how yoga makes you feel inside and how your body evolves with practice… 
  • Hiking could be about connecting with nature and fresh air… you get the point. 

The purpose of this assignment is two-fold: 

1) To help you tap into the joy you get from moving your body, because this awareness and appreciation will make you want to move even more! And…

2) To connect to the additional energy you now have because you’re eating lighter, more nutritious Beauty Detox foods all the time. 

This will help you feel gratitude for how far you’ve come, how good you feel, and how great it is to have a body that can get out there — MOVE — and enjoy the world!

Here’s an example of some pics I would include in this kind of post: 






See what I mean? It’s just me out there having fun and moving! There is such a pure joy and beauty in how we humans can move in so many different ways. So I encourage you to let your post be a celebration of the types of movement you love most. 

Let’s Summarize the Steps… 

I like to give action steps at the end of each assignment post, mostly because we are getting new girls joining us each week and I want the process to be crystal clear for everyone. 

Here are the steps: 

1) Any form of movement will work! Walking, running, biking, hiking — there are no rules!  Just have someone you know take a few pics of you doing a fun activity, and above all, be yourself! Start with the goal of just 3-5 pictures, and then add more (only if you feel like it).

2) After you choose your pictures, briefly jot down your thoughts, feelings and experience — and finalize your post. Think of this like simple journaling/sharing — and recognize that everyone in this heart-centered community wants to know about your personal experience and perspective. You matter! 

Once you finalize your blog post and it’s live, be sure you share it — while linking back to this post, so others who come to your blog understand the process.

3) Be sure to also post your picture post into the Private Facebook group, so that we and others can see it. 

4) Also, email the link to Katelyn, our community manager, at beautydetoxgirl (@) gmail dot com with a link to your post so she can keep track.

5) Share your post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and tag me at @_kimberlysnyder— and be sure to hashtag #beautydetox so that others can find it.

Again, don’t forget again to link back to this specific blog post, because it’s important that you give credit to the original content that served as inspiration — just as any writer or author would. 

NOTE: remember to always use the hashtag #beautydetox as we do NOT want to miss your post. The hashtag makes it super easy for us to find you :)

So that’s it — I hope everything is clear. This is a simple but very fun and inspiring assignment, as you’ll see once you get out there and start snapping away while you’re being active. 

Really excited to see what you post. 

Talk tomorrow! 




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