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Please Note This Sweepstakes is now over.

How to Enter:

Buy (1) copy of The Beauty Detox Power

  • You will be entered into the sweepstakes and eligible to win one (1) of the $20,000 in prizes (prizes below)
  • You will be given instant access to the following:
    • 24/7 Fat Loss Guide
    • 10 New Unpublished Recipes from the book

Buy (3) copies of The Beauty Detox Power

  • You will be entered into the sweepstakes and eligible to win one (1) of the $20,000 in prizes
  • You will receive instant access to the following digital courses:
    • 24/7 Fat Loss Guide
    • 10 New Unpublished Recipes from the book
    • Yoga for Radiant Beauty Course
    • Blissful Prosperity 3-Part Audio Course
    • Natural Guide to Abundance in Wealth, Love & Life
    • Unshakeable Inner Peace Course: Healing Meditations 
    • 30-Day Detox Express Meal Plans

(No purchase necessary to win, see rules for details)


You can access Kimberly’s digital courses from any device!


Step 1:

Buy 1 or 3 copies of The Beauty Detox Power. You can purchase the book from any  of these retailers:


Step 2:

If you purchased 1 book:  THE SWEEPSTAKES HAS ENDED

If you purchased 3 books: THE SWEEPSTAKES HAS ENDED

That’s it!


Okay now the AMAZING Prizes….

That’s right! We are giving away over $20,000 in prizes…

There’s so much! We’re going to be giving away 15 Vitamix blenders, a gift certificate for a two night stay at the Four Seasons here in LA. They have an amazing spa there as well and this package also includes a Diamond Facial!

We’re also giving away two free nights at the Esperanza Resort in Mexico where I stayed 2 years ago to help add some gluten-free/health items to the menu. It is absolutely beautiful and I loved it.

We are also going to be giving away New Balance sneakers,  skin care products from Burt’s Bees and amazing makeup bags from two of my favorite lines, Vapour Beauty and Sally B’s, as well as clothing from Carbon 38 and Be Love Apparel. I have hand selected jewelry from K/LLER collection, which is one of my favorite jewelry companies as well! I am thrilled to be giving away cleanses from Glow Bio too.

What more could we add?  We also have packages from Sambazon, So Delicious Dairy Free, Pitaya Plus, Aura Cacia, Frontier, Simply Organic, Gaiam, Aurorae and Bob’s Red Mill.

It’s amazing. There are so many prizes that you chances of winning something are very, very high. I also want to emphasize that just from entering the contest you’re also going to get some really amazing guaranteed gifts that are valued at $535!

(15) 5200 Vitamix Blenders (Retail value $450 each)


Prize includes: Vitamix Blender* (15 available to be awarded): Each prize consists of a Vitamix 5200 Blender (Colors may vary and will be awarded at the sole discretion of the Sponsor). The approximate (“ARV”) of the Vitamix Blender prize is $450.00 each.

 Gift Certificate for a two – night stay at Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

with a Diamond Facial at their renowned spa (Retail value $1,600)

4seasons-26 copy

Prize includes: Two-night stay (single standard room, room and tax only) at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. Max Two people occupancy per room. Blackout dates include all Awards Season weekends and from Christmas to New Year’s Day.. Winner will have to pay for all incidentals, food, drink and any spa services besides the diamond facial. Airfare is not included. Hotel/Airport transportation not included. Valet parking for one car is offered. December 23, 2015 is the expiration date. Total ARV: $1600.00 [1 winner]

A two – night stay at Esperanza Resort in Mexico

(Retail value $1,608)

ESPERANZA copyPrize includes: Two- night stay at the Esperanza Resort in Mexico. Maximum of Two people occupancy per room. Blackout dates: Dates that have high or full occupancy levels, dates with resort exclusives (buyout) or special events & December 18th – January 3rd are unavailable – busiest date range of the year. Winner will have to pay for all incidentals, food, drink and any other activities preformed at the Esperanza. Airfare is not included. Transportation to resort is not included. ARV: $1,608.00 [1 winner]

New Balance Athletic Shoes

We are giving away 5 pairs! (Retail value $100 each)


Prize consists of one pair of New Balance Tennis shoes selected by sponsor from among available styles and sizes. [5 winners]

Skincare Bundles from Burt’s Bees

We are giving away 5 bundles! (Retail value $100 each)



Prize includes: Skincare Bundles from Burt’s Bees (5): Prize consists of a selection of Burt’s Bees products selected at sole discretion of Sponsor with an ARV of $100.00 each. [5 winners]

Jewelry from K/LLER Collection

(Retail value $133 – $153 each)

Rose Gold Plated Brass Pyramid Box Chain Thin Bangle $133

Prize includes one of the following items: A custom picked piece by Kimberly from K/LLER Collection: K/LLER Collections Jewelry Rose Gold Plated Brass Pyramid Box Chain Thin Bangle (1): ARV value of $133 , K/LLER Collections Jewelry Cast Chain Ring – Size 6, (1): ARV value of $133 and K/LLER Collections Jewelry Porcupine Quill/Brass Quill (1): ARV value of $153. National shipping only. This is one of my favorite jewelry companies EVER! I adore and wear their pieces constantly.  [3 winners]


Beauty Products from Vapour Beauty and Sally B’s Skin Yummies


(10) Vapour Beauty Makeup Bags

(Retail Value $231 each bag)

Bags include: Vapour Beauty Makeup Bag* with (1) Aura Multi-Use Blush – Eros,  (1) Siren Lipstick – Madam, (1) Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss – Tickle or Flutter, (1) Mesmerize  Eyeliner – Viper, (1) Replenish Nail and Cuticle Oil –  100% Organic , (1) Lux Organic Lip Conditioner & (1) Essence Restorative Night Treatment. Prize Pack with an ARV of $231.00 each [10 winners]

(10) Sally B’s Skin Yummies Bags

(Retail Value $124 each bag)

Sally B’s Skin Yummies Bags (10): Prize consists of a bag to include: Sally B’s Skin Yummies Bag with (1) Lip Gloss – assorted colors, (1) Antioxidant Skin Boost, (1) A Sugar Scrub – assorted scents, (1) Healing Hand Butter – assorted scents & (1) Solid Perfume – assorted scents with an ARV of: $124.00 each [10 winners]

Gift Bundles from Pitaya Plus, So Delicious Dairy Free, Sambazon and Bob’s Red Mill


 (2) 6 month supply of  100% RAW Organic Pitaya Plus Packets

(Retail Value: $100 each bundle)

Bundle Includes: 6 month supply of 100% RAW Organic Pitaya Plus Packets: includes 76 packets. (Coupon Form) [2 winners]

(2) 6 month supply of Sambazon Unsweetened Smoothie Packets

(Retail Value: $100 each bundle)

Bundle Includes: 6 month supply of Sambazon Unsweetened Smoothie Packets: includes 46 packets. (Coupon Form) [2 winners]

(1) Stock Your Fridge Bundle by So Delicious Dairy Free

(Retail Value: $150)

Bundle Includes:  Assorted So Delicious Dairy Free Products retailing up to $150. Bundle is shipped at one time. Winner will be able to select from a broad array of dairy free delights including beverages, frozen desserts, coffee creamers, cultured products and more. [1 winner]

(2) 3 month supply of assorted So Delicious Dairy Free Products

(Retail Value: $120 )

Bundle Includes: 3 month supply of assorted So Delicious Dairy Free products: includes 6 VIP coupons [2 winners]

(1) A $50 gift card along with $50 of assorted products from Bob’s Red Mill

(Retail Value: $100)

Bundle Includes: 3lb bags of the following Bob’s Red Mill  products: Tri Color Quinoa, Steel Cut Oats, Millet, Bulgur, 10 Grain Hot Cereal, Muesli, Spelt, Cornmeal, Whole Wheat Flour, Scottish Oatmeal, Whole Wheat Pastry Flour and a $50 Bob’s Red Mill Gift Card. (Please note: Products can vary and may not be exactly as listed) [1 winner]

Assorted Gift Packages from Be Love & Carbon 38


(6) Be Love Eco Fleece Sweatshirts

(Retail Value: $100 each)

Prize includes: (1) Be Love Eco Fleece Sweatshirt – assorted colors. We will accommodate size and color requests based on availability. [6 winners]

 Carbon 38 Gift Cards

(Retail Value: $250 & 3 x $75 )

Prize includes: One Grand prize winner of $250 gift card to be used at Carbon 38. [ 1 winner]

Prize includes: Three lucky winners will also get a $75 gift card to be used at Carbon 38. [3 winners]

Assorted Gift Packages Aura Cacia, Frontier & Simply Organic


 (1) Frontier Co – Op Gift Bundle

(Retail Value: $240)

Gift bundle includes:  Frontier Co- Op Gift Bundle with (1) Organic Honeybush Tea (1 lb. bag), (1) Organic Rooibos Tea (1 lb. bag), (1) Chia Seeds (1 lb. bag), (1) Organic Cacao nibs (1 lb. bag), (1) Goji (1 lb. bag), (1) Organic Nutritional Yeast flakes, (1) Organic Spirulina, (1) Bentonite Clay Powder, (1)  French Green Clay Powder & (1) Mineral Bath Salts [ 1 winner]


(1) Aura Cacia Gift Bundle

(Retail Value: $218)

Gift bundle includes: Aura Cacia Gift Bundle with  (1) Grounding Root Chakra Balancing Roll Ons, (1) Sensual Sacral Chakra Balancing Roll Ons, (1) Empowering Solar Plexus Chakra Balancing Roll Ons, (1) Opening Heart Chakra Balancing Roll Ons, (1) Expressive Throat Chakra Balancing Roll Ons, (1) Insightful Third Eye Chakra Balancing Roll Ons, (1) Enlightening Crown Chakra Balancing Roll Ons, (1) AC Awakening Grapefruit and Lavandin Yoga Mist, (1) AC Motivating Sweet Orange and Peppermint Yoga Mist, (1) AC Purifying Tea Tree and Lemon Yoga Mist, (1) Organic Sweet Almond 4 oz., (1) Organic Castor Oil 4 oz., (1) Organic Rosehip, (1) Lemon Tea Tree, (1)  Organic Lavender & (1) Organic Eucalyptus [ 1 winner]

(This is a particularly awesome bundle!!!)

(1) Simply Organic Gift Bundle

(Retail Value: $108)

Gift bundle includes: Simply Organic Gift Bundle with (1) SO Turmeric, (1) SO Nutmeg, (1) SO Cinnamon, (1) SO Cumin, (1) SO Cayenne Pepper Organic, (1) SO Red Crushed Pepper, (1) SO ginger ground organic, (1) SO Black Peppercorns (whole), (1) Pumpkin Pie Spice, (1) Cardamom, (1) Cloves (whole), (1) SO Almond Extract 4oz., (1) Vanilla Beans, (1) SO Non-Alcoholic Vanilla Flavoring 4oz., (1) SO Peppermint flavor 2 oz. & (1) SO Lemon Flavor 2oz. [ 1 winner]


 Assorted Gift Packages from Gaiam and Aurorae

(1) Gaiam Gift Bundle

(Retail Value: $75)


Gift bundle includes: Gaiam (1) Citron Sun Dial Mat, (1) Citron Cargo Mat Bag, (1) Thirsty Yoga Hand Towel (gray/citron) [1 winner]

(1) Aurorae Gift Bundle

(Retail Value: $100)


Gift bundle includes: Aurorae (1) Aurorae Yoga Mat – 5mm Thick, 72″ Long. Non Toxic, Toxin Free, Biodegradable Patented PER. Highest Rated Customer Service. Slip Free Rosin Included with each mat, (1) Micro-Fiber Yoga Sports Towel & (1) Soy Wax Pledge Candle. Colors and scents may vary, will not be same as image above. [1 winner]

 Signature Prizes from Glow Bio and Kimberly Snyder

(3) Glow Bio 1 Day Cleanse

(Retail Value: $60)


Prize includes: Glow Bio 1-Day Cleanse* (3): The prize consists of a Glow Bio 1-Day Cleanse with an ARV of $60.00 each. Please note: National Shipping only  [3 winners]

(10) GGS Lover Bottle

(Retail Value: $16.95)


Prize includes: A custom GGS Lover Bottle. This custom BPA and phthalate-free bottle is the perfect container to drink your Glowing Green Smoothie! The wide mouth lid is perfect for drinking the GGS, and the twist off top is super easy for cleaning. National shipping only. [10 winners]

(10) Realize Satya/ Truth Necklace

(Retail Value: $98)


Prize includes: (1) Realize Sayta/Truth Necklace. This special necklace is meant to serve as a reminder to you along your journey, to keep Realizing your True Power that comes from within you. Under “Realize” is the Sanskrit writing for the word Satya, which means “truth.” Realize the truth of your unlimited potential. I am honored to offer this very special piece to you, which I infused a lot of love into as I wrote the word “Realize” in my own handwriting. Whenever you wear it, you will feel more powerful! This is my very first jewelry design, co-created with Asha Patel Designs.  [10 winners]

Entry is now open to The Ultimate Beauty Detox Power Sweepstakes ! Electronic entry is open ONLY from Wednesday March 18th, 2015 – Sunday April 5th 11:59pm PST! For more information please click the link below with the official rules.

And don’t worry — if you’ve already pre-ordered books in the past with our other promotions, you will be automatically entered and sent emails on how to proceed! We’ve got you covered! Make sure to check the email you signed up with last time for further messages.



Again a huge Thank You to all of our contest sponsors:

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