Today let’s talk about some more meditation tips to help make your meditation practice more efficient and more effective. I want to share ways to make meditation something that becomes part of your life so you can get all the amazing benefits of meditation, which include inner peace, greater focus and greater clarity, while feeling more in touch with your creativity and natural joy. The benefits of meditation go on and on and on.

One thing that I would say is that as the day starts, you know all of us find ourselves pulled in different directions, so one thing that’s been really effective for me is to go to bed and put my phone in airplane mode.

That way when I wake up, it’s much easier to make the commitment to get into the rhythm of a meditation right away, first thing before I put my phone on.

In our busy world, we have to pave the path to make our commitments consistent.

If your emails wait 3 or a few minutes, no one will notice the difference. But if you don’t have your phone in airplane mode, it’s quite easy for you to casually check your phone and get sucked into dealing with an email and then a text…and there goes the meditation practice (or you’ll be trying to sit while already thinking about work!).

You may have to wake up a few minutes earlier, but it’s worth working out in your schedule. Believe me, I have a lot of texts that come into the night from different clients, different time zones, but I honor my meditation practice so much that it’s something that needs to be prioritized.


Because of that, I get up a little bit earlier. My phone is still in airplane mode and then it’s easier for me to sit because nothing has yet started to pull on my mind. Nothing yet is competing for my attention. We all have so much going, so much coming at us, so it’s helpful not to switch that back on just yet.

Just sit, even if it’s a minute to begin, even if it’s just three minutes. A little bit of time in stillness, before the world rushes in, is an amazing morning practice. It’s a way to get really centered and to feel really focused and strong in yourself and it will make work or being a mom or anything else that you focus on even more effective as you go out into your day.

Give it a try! You’ll feel less reactive in your decisions and interactions throughout the whole morning, and possibly the whole day.

So back to this: try putting your phone in airplane mode so you wake up with more clear space! By the way, this is also a good practice if you charge your phone in your room, as it can help reduce some of the EMFs. Put your phone in airplane mode and then wake up, go right into your meditation practice.

One minute to begin is awesome or three minutes. I have some guided meditations and pranayama breathing practices that I am going to be offering in the very near future in case you need more resources.

In any case, a good meditation practice is an amazing way to start the day, refreshed, focused, and centered. I hope this helps.

I am so excited to share these meditation tips with you today as a sample of my third book, The Beauty Detox Power!