I want to talk to you today about this concept of the healing properties of nature. I’m on this beautiful hike here in LA, which is about five minutes from my house. Hiking has become one of my favorite activities to do in LA. I feel really great when I hike, and I try and hike as often as I can. Usually it’s a couple of times a week when I am in LA. I know it might be really cold where you are…I totally get it! I’m from the East Coast originally so I totally understand!

So you may currently not be outside so much if you live in a colder region. But you can still get out into nature by going for a  quick walk (even in the snow), or going skiing or ice skating. There are so many different ways of being in nature, but this whole concept of feeling good in nature is something that has always really interested me. I’m diving really deep right now into some Ayurvedic studies, and I was fascinated to learn that there’s actually a term for this concept, which is called Prakruti Sukha, which is the happiness that comes from being in nature.

One of the fundamental reasons for feeling this deep contentment in nature is that the five elements that are found in nature, namely air, space, water, fire, and earth,  are the same elements that exist in our bodies. The microcosm is part of the macrocosm, and the same elements in our body are the same elements that are found in nature.

This whole concept goes into deeper layers. We all have different constitutions, and different concentrations of the various elements.  This in turn creates different doshas, or different body types, which we’ll talk about in future blogs and videos.

For the purposes of this video, I simply want to cover this basic idea of the healing powers of nature. When we tune into it, we can truly all experience feeling joyful and peaceful by being in natural environments.

The Ayurvedic perspective is that being in nature helps to create balance, because the elements on the outside are the elements that are also on the inside. There’s also a natural magnetism, a pulse that comes from the earth and a natural giving off of negative ions from the earth’s surface. Earthing is a concept that studies how touching the earth’s surface has healing properties, due to the negative ions that help balance free radicals and electromagnetic radiation. Again, beyond just calorie counting or trying to measure the numbers around our work outs, being truly balanced and healthy involves living more closely in accordance with nature…and being in nature as much as is possible!

Whenever possible, try to go biking outside instead of taking a spin class. Try taking a walk, jog or a hike outside instead of being on the treadmill… at least some of the time! You’ll get all these amazing benefits from nature that will help to nourish not just your body, but also your spirit, your mental and emotional well-being, and your entire, holistic being.

Again, depending where you are, you may have different ways of enjoying nature. I’d love to hear from you, especially with spring rolling around, and not so far in the future. What are your favorite ways of being in nature? Can you feel the (pretty immediate) difference when you get outside? 

Thank you so much for coming with me and enjoying my hike!

 I’ll see you back here very soon. Take care and be well.