Kimberly on a spring day

Chances are, no matter where you are in the country and in the world (at least in the Northern hemisphere), you can feel the collective shift of nature that has so recently taken place. It’s actually warmer (yessss). The birds are chirping more. The grass is growing in beautifully. The light is increasing day by day. Yep, spring is most definitely here!

 I can tell the difference in the seasons in my own body for different reasons. One reason is that I’m really into coconut water again. It has great cooling properties, and even though it’s not “cold” per se in LA for the winters, I still experience a shift of not wanting it at all for a few months in the winter.

Well now I’m back into it again, for sure. I can also feel my yoga practice shifting also- I have found myself popping up into more inversions lately naturally, and really wanting to move. I’ve been feeling like a little puppy dog on my mat.


 Spring is an amazing time to focus on detoxing in different ways. There is built up stagnation from winter, which can accumulate from not moving as much, eating heavier foods, being indoors more, wearing lots of heavy clothing that keeps our skin from breathing as much…many, many reasons. The spring is the onset of release, the celebration of re-balance. And yes, I’m so excited it is here! I’m sure you are also.

The stagnation of winter, including all the things I just mentioned, can contribute to a sluggish lymph system, which is responsible for removing toxins and waste products from our entire bodies, including from our muscles and tissues.

The lymph system consists of lymph nodes, lymph vessels, and organs. The lymphatic system performs many functions, including helping us fight infections, absorb excess fluid, fat and debris from our bodies. These excess materials build up in the lymph system, contributing to congestion and blockage, which of course hinders ongoing cleansing and detoxification.


Here are some of my favorite ways I recommend to you to clean out your lymph system. The time is now!


1. Clean up your diet.

Kimberly chopping up veggies for the GGS

Well, I had to start with this one, didn’t I? I couldn’t help myself. You’ve heard me harp on and on about the importance of beauty from the inside out, and supporting ongoing cleansing. Now is an even more important time to really focus on this and be on point.

Only you know how far you have strayed from feeling/eating your best. No judgment, just be honest with yourself and be conscious of where you currently are!

Did you indulge a lot in the colder winter months? The past is the past, but start to make your diet more Beauty Detox approved again. Dust off your copy of The Beauty Detox Solution and make the Raw Zucchini Hummus or some of the oil-free dressings to start taking to work, especially the ones that contain raw apple cider vinegar, which is great for cleansing.

Try to reserve more time on Sundays or whatever day works best for you for making some larger soup, quinoa, etc. dishes for a few days. The more you can prepare a few things on your own, even if super simple, the better, because you will have more control over the oils and other ingredients within them. And you will feel better. Period. Get thee to thy farmer’s market!


2. Trade in those skinny jeans for flowy maxi skirts

 Kimberly at the beach with flowy dress

Huh, you may have said to yourself when you read this one. But I am serious! And I am seriously probably the most happy of all about this awesome point #2 because I really don’t like wearing tight jeans.

They make me feel too restricted. But yes (sigh), I admit that I still wear them here and there when I go out sometimes, but they are definitely not my fave. I give them the stink eye in the closet!

When I don’t feel like squeezing into them but like to blame an inanimate object for my wardrobe woes. I am beyond thrilled that it’s getting warmer and warmer, and I can rock skirts and dresses even more, as I always prefer.

But what does this have to do with your lymphatic system? Tight clothing is said to restrict your lymph system and can contribute to blockage. Who knew?! That corset like- top may look super hot but it’s blocking your lymph nodes gosh darn it! So keep it only for special Saturday nights, and bring on comfy, flowy maxi skirts, sun dresses and flowy summer tops. Comfy and better for detoxing. Take that!


3. Breathe deeply

Anytime you remember, breathe not only into your chest, but down into your belly. This is a great practice just when you are practicing yoga, but all day long, as much as possible. This one is a double duo also.

It will help you remain more in a yogi-like status, calmer and less reactive, and deeper breathing will also help your lymph fluids stay moving. Now inhale for 4….and exhale for 4…. Right here, right now. And keep going on your own, super slowly!


4. Drink lots of water, and the right kind.

lemon water


Hydration is key for the optimal cleansing and detox. To optimize your water cleansing, don’t add ice to your water. Keep it room temp or cool, so it’s closer to your body’s natural temperature. You can add some lemon to it as well, which has a flushing, cleansing effect.

Keep water around on your desk and in your car, purse, etc., and ditch dehydrating and beauty-squashing poisons like Red Bull and diet sodas.


5. Jump! Jump! Brush! Brush!

dry brushes


Bouncing on a rebounder is amazing for your lymphatic system. Maybe there is a mini trampoline/rebounder at your local gym that you have access to? Mine is still stuck somewhere in no man’s land, with the rest of my packed up stuff from my NYC apartment that is still in storage out east, so hasn’t seen the light of day, let alone a bounce from me in months (with no firm plans to reconcile how to organize/get all that stuff out here to LA, but that’s another story).

But I do hope for your sake you get jumping sooner than me. Seriously, it’s a great practice, so go for it when you can find a mini (or large!) trampoline!

Dry brushing is another great practice to work into your life. Just get a dry brush for about $6 at a health store and stroke your limbs and body in long strokes towards your heart for a few minutes before you shower.

I admit that I often forget to do this, but I keep my dry brush now physically closer to my shower (it seems to annoying fall off the hook a lot into another kind of no man’s land, the basket of towels directly underneath, which might be contributing to my forgetfulness of using it!) and I do declare here to you that I will be making more an effort to use it more regularly throughout this spring especially.

Can we work on that together? Please remind me/ask me about it if you remember to!


I hope these 5 tips helped inspire you to really help support your lymph system this spring. Get going with them, and start making them more and more a part of your life, to feel and look like a Spring Beauty Goddess.

Happy internal spring cleaning!



PS: If you want to do a structured cleanse that I designed, we are having a Spring Cleanse Special at Glow Bio that includes my new Cheesy Calcutta Kale Chip recipe and a cooler tote xx