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There’s one thing that’s part of my (nearly) daily practice that is crucial to living my happiest and healthiest life possible. It brings me an abundance of joy, rejuvenation, and vitality. It helps me focus my mind and body on what I need to accomplish for the day. To be honest, it also helps to keep me sane with the swirl of stuff I’m juggling on a daily basis!

My practice is something I dedicate time for in my life because I have found the benefits to be tremendously helpful.

This peaceful yet powerful daily practice I am talking about — is yoga.


Yoga connects all branches of the Beauty Detox lifestyle together in a very fluid way. Our minds and bodies are connected and it is so vital that we treat them that way. It is easy to put everything in it’s own little box, like perhaps the “work” part of your life, the “friends” or “going out” part of your life, the “food” part of your life and so on…but that never really works. Every part of your life affects all the other parts.

We are complex beings and the more we tune into our bodies and minds the more grounded and centered we will feel. How you move your body affects your overall energy, and I would contend, your head space. This in turn affects your relationships, including your relationship with your food and your body.

The benefits of yoga could easily fill this screen ten times over and is something I put many hours into understanding and applying in my life.

I have found it’s actually better to ask, “What can yoga NOT do?”

You, my dear reader, can expect more writing, teaching, and focus on yoga here on the blog and my social channels over the coming months. I’ve shown you a bit of my yoga practice, but there is still a wealth of tips, techniques, and guidance I’ve yet to share.

Starting with this…

I’m super excited to account a major release happening next week – my yoga DVD is finally here!


Yes! The first DVD in the Beauty Detox Yoga Series will “drop” next Thursday 7/17.

 To gear up for the occasion, next week will be Yoga Week here on the blog as well as my social media channels!


I know there are many of you who have yet to dive into yoga and may be unsure of exactly what it is or why you should take up the practice. That’s why next week we will share tips, poses, infographics, and stories about yoga.

So if you’re curious about yoga but still a little hesitant to get started, just wait. Next week will be a fun learning experience.

Are you excited for Yoga Week too?

Leave a comment below and let me know your #1 question about yoga. I will do my best to answer it next week.



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