Today’s blog features some of my favorite products. I personally use all of these items and I wanted to share why these are some of my top beauty staples- plus a few bonus jewelry staples of mine! These companies are all conscious about how they create what they put out into the world, and are doing great things. I wanted to share them with you so you can check them and get the benefits for yourself!

Let’s introduce them:

1. Sally B’s Skin Yummies: Antioxidant Boost

skin-boost-w-seal_1024x1024I fell in love instantly with this brand when I discovered it while working on a film in Atlanta a few years ago, and by far their favorite product of mine is the Sally B’s Skin Yummies Antioxidant Skin Boost. 

No matter what serum or moisturizer you use, I highly recommend you use this product along with it, as I do every single day. Why? A study presented by the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery found a statistically significant improvement of using topical vitamin C to repair photo-damage, increase collagen formation and improve hydration [1].

This amazing Antioxidant Skin Booster (which I started using a few years ago) delivers more vitamin C per ounce than what was used in this study on topical vitamin C application. Vitamin C seems like such a basic ingredient- and it is! But is time-tested to be one of the most effective ones out there. And even if your skincare regime has vitamin C in it, it can dilute over time when mixed into some solutions. That is what makes this product so effective for younger, more beautiful skin! It is in its full potency (vitamin C doesn’t dilute at the same rate in a dry, powdered form) right as you put it onto your skin.

It’s pretty much pure vitamin C. All you have to do is squirt some of your serum or moisturizer into the palm of your hand. Then scoop a tiny amount of the Antioxidant booster (with the cute little spoon it comes with), right into your product, mix them together, and apply right to your beautiful face. That’s it! This little bottle will also last for ages, so the beauty benefits versus the cost are not even comparable. Give it a go! It is truly one of my favorites that is a long-term staple of my daily routine.

2. K/LLER Collection: Small Scaled Choker Brass and Quill Burst Bib Brass Necklace

I don’t think you need to get a lot of jewelry, but a few staple pieces make you feel amazing, confident and can change your whole look (take it from someone who used to load up on junky jewelry! Now I’ve learned that less is definitely way, way more).

Rare is the day that I don’t wear one of my beloved pieces from the K/LLER Collection. These super unique, beautifully crafted pieces are handmade in Brooklyn from eco-friendly materials. They are solid-feeling and will elevate just about anything you put on.

Here I’m wearing the Small Scaled Choker Brass.


And this is the Quill Burst Bib Brass necklace.

Kller Collection

3. The Wonder Seed: Hemp Hand Cream

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.40.37 PMI recently was introduced to The Wonder Seed by a fellow member of our community that created it! This hand cream has pleasant lavender and hemp seed oil, which has skin-nourishing omega 3 fatty acids. It’s particularly great for this time of year, when the wind is picking up!

4. Indu / Nectar of the Moon: Soap


I am obsessed with the aroma in my shower that is created when I use Indu Soap. This is a natural soap, blended with essential oils and then it is hand shaken with a sacred mantra. It feels good knowing the products I am using to cleanse my body have been created with such care and balance. I love knowing this product is full of love…and again it smells amazing and is non-toxic! Great for the skin and the mind.

5. Aura Cacia: Organic Chakra Roll-Ons


These Organic Roll-Ons are one of my favorite creations from Aura Cacia. I love that they crafted specific aromatherapy blends to help balance your chakras- which I now use as my primary fragrance (unfortunately commercial fragrances are loaded with chemicals).  My personal favorite is the Root Chakra Roller (the red one), and my second favorite is the Heart Chakra Roller (the green one). I roll them on my wrists and behind my ears, before I go out into the world and also every time I sit down at my computer (as I keep some on my desk), so I can smell them and their mind-soothing properties while I am working!

6.  Cheeky Maiden Soap Co.: Deodorant

clary sage and lemongrass deo


I’ve been on the eternal quest for a non-toxic, aluminum-free deodorant for years. I’ve tried just about every product at Wholefoods and other natural markets in the personal products section. I haven’t found any of them that really work, at least not all day.

But now I’m happy to introduce to you the Cheeky Maiden brand! They are a small artisinal brand I found at a local market in Atlanta. There aren’t many ingredients in their products, and they include some of the basic ones the others use- such as coconut oil- but something about their formula (or their ratios or whatever) makes it actually work all day long! You can make your own too, but if you are looking for a good ‘ole stick that you can just have and use, then this one is a great one. I love the Lemongrass scent the best.

7. Philip B: Sulfate Free Shampoo

Philip B Shampoo

Many of you have written to me about hair care over the years. We help our hair grow strong and full by incorporating the Beauty Detox Lifestyle into lives, and cleansing wastes that can build up and congest your hair follicle. What we use to wash our hair is also just as important. I switch shampoos around a lot, but I truly love using Philip B’s Gentle, sulfate-free Shampoo. This is a mild shampoo that gives your hair awesome shine while being paraben and sodium lauryl sulfate free! It smells amazing too. It makes my hair hair body while taming the frizz, which is a delicate balance with shampoo.

8. Ayurveda Pura London: Organic Herbal Tea


When I was in London for a few months last year found out about Ayurveda Pura. It was created by one of my Ayurvedic teachers, Dr. Deepa Apte. These teas are not only organic, but have truly unique, delicious tastes. I relish every cup! They have different Ayurvedic spice formulations to balance each dosha (based on your body’s constitution)- if you find you are stressed/full of fire right now, try the Pitta Tea. If you are feeling spacey, try the Vata tea (what I definitely need sometimes at is my favorite!).  This is a London based brand- but don’t worry, they do ship to the States and worldwide!

9. Asha Patel Design : Arjuna Vermeil Cuff



I am in love with this creation from Asha Patel Designs.  This is an empowering piece of jewelry that you can wear daily. This bracelet is “the arrow of truth” of Arjuna. Arjuna was the warrior Krishna had the whole conversation with in the epic Bhagavad Gita, which was really a metaphor for how to win the battle of life. It’s a little reminder to be true and focused, every day!

I love the gold and the pop of labadorite (in case you are wondering, the white string also on my wrist was tied on me by a Buddhist monk over a year ago in Thailand and you are supposed to let it fall off on its own… but it’s still hanging in there!).

10. Vapour Beauty: Aura Multi-Use Blush / Courtesan

Vapour BeautyI strongly dislike makeup that is obvious or just feels like it sits on your face as in “look at me! I put on blush today!” That’s why I love this blush that you rub in, from Vapour Beauty. I only apply a tiny dot and blend it in. It’s non-toxic and natural, and I love the Courtesan color of this Aura Multi-Use blush because it’s pretty universally flattering and gives a nice, natural-looking flush. No clown look!! :) Be the natural beauty that you already are!

Hope you enjoyed my little roundup! If you try one or a few of these great products let me know…I truly hope that you love and enjoy them as much as I do! I want you to feel your best and be the healthiest you can be.

Have a great rest of your day :).

Namaste and love,



[1] American Society for Dermatologic Surgery




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