Today I discuss with you the importance of creating an evening routine, and top tips on how to do it. With babies (including Lil Bub when he starts to get older), we can see that creating an evening routine is important in helping to get them into regular sleep patterns.

It’s the same thing with us as adults— having a regular routine signals to our bodies that it’s time to start chilling out and moving towards bedtime, reinforcing regularity and making it easier for us to fall asleep, resulting in a higher quality of sleep.

Why do we care about that? Peak Beauty sleep (as I call it, and a whole Pillar in my upcoming book, Radical Beauty!), is crucial for our health and our beauty. When we sleep better our skin cells rejuvenate, we look younger and fresher, and our hormones are balanced.

We also tend to make better food choices since the hormones, ghrelin and leptin, that control appetite and hunger are more balanced with better sleep. And we tend to be in a better mood with less irritability. So in that way, better sleep is important for everyone around you also! :)

An evening routine for babies can involve a bath, lullaby, reading them a book. This regular pattern helps get them into a regular routine for knowing sleepy time is right around the corner. The same is true for us! An evening routine helps to soothe our nervous system and allows us to drift towards better and regular sleep (so key to help avoid the frustrating hours of tossing and turning in bed, which we all know is the worst).

I go into more detail about this whole routine that we need in my new book Radical Beauty, which releases September 20th. I am so excited to share this new book with you! You can learn more about Radical Beauty by clicking here.

But for now let’s go over a few tips on what we can do for a more peaceful night’s rest…

Lil Bub sleeping.

Lil Bub is starting to be more regular in his sleep routine (sort of!), after cuddles, singing and rocking. :)

Regular Dinner Time

As you’re going into the evening, try to eat dinner at a regular time— that way your body becomes more regulated in all it’s different functions from eating, exercise, and sleep times. This habit will ensure that every area of your life becomes more regulated.

Eating dinner around the same time (every night) is ideal.

Evening Elixir

It’s always nice to be able to sip on something that is hot and comforting at night. I choose an evening elixir, such as the Nourish Your Nervous System Elixir. I like to have hot hemp milk and I stir in different spices such as cinnamon— something that feels a little warming and nice. You can also use a little bit of saffron or cardamom. These spices are really warming and soothing for us “adult babies”!

Nourish Nervous Elixir

Nourish Your Nervous System Elixir

Read Up…But the Right Stuff

I’m a huge fan of printed books and I love carving out time in the evening to read (even if it’s just a few minutes). It’s important to avoid being over stimulated by what’s on TV, especially right before bed. E-readers, which are electronic, can also over-stimulate us, so it’s better to use printed books in the evening time.

Instead, you will want to start taking it down a notch, and what I mean by that is, to take down any artificial lighting and creating a calm atmosphere. Having good books that you love, that are fun and totally unrelated to work, like novels or spiritual books. Even if you only get to read a few pages— it’s the process of slowing yourself down and getting prepared for a good night’s rest.

Picture of one of Kimberly's favorite books.

I personally love my guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, who writes yogic lessons. Here is a list of some of my other favorite books. Choose whatever you like to read but make sure it’s relaxing and feels good to you.

Quick Rinse

I often take a quick rinse in the evenings just to feel like I’m washing away the day, and it helps to prepare me for sleep. I energetically imagine that all the stress and everything that happened in the day I’m washing all away.


Lastly, I always meditate. This is the ultimate way to clear out the day and to get re-centered. A lot of times we don’t fall asleep easily because our minds are still racing.

Picture of Kimberly holding Lil Bub and mediating.

Meditating while Lil Bub! He’s already sat through thousands of meditations with, while I was pregnant and up until now.

Start meditating and at least begin to focus on the breath. I have some free meditations that you guys can check out, if you want a bit of guidance to get you started. Otherwise, just simply listening to your breath starts to bring you to the present and helps you to now worry about everything that happened (or will happen tomorrow!).

A racing mind is really not conducive to deep sleep. It’s important to establish at least a simple meditation practice to start. Hopefully the more your body gets used to this evening routine, the more it’s easy to just shut off and start going right into your sleep.

In Closing…

The goal is to get the best beauty sleep you possibly can- your Peak Beauty Sleep!- to see your overall health and beauty benefit, more and more.

Thank you to all of my Beauties for such great questions. Remember, I also answer four questions weekly, on my Beauty Inside Out podcast (#askkimberly), and would love to answer yours. Don’t forget to enter your Beauty or Health question, HERE!

Sending you lots of love,

Picture of Kimberly and Lil Bub at the beach at sunset.

Spending a day at the beach will also contribute to a good night’s rest. Enjoy being in nature’s magic whenever you can.