All of nature is supporting you in cleansing and cleaning house, right now. Literally. We see the newness in the budding flowers and perky new leaves out in nature (or in the local parks, if you’re a city person!) all around us. Ayurveda teaches us this is the season to cleanse.  And it all lines up so intuitively with the natural urges you might have been feeling the past few weeks to bust out, clean out and be your best!

Even if you eat perfectly (and who does?! Certainly not me, who has been wolfing down chocolate bars and coconut ice cream the last few weeks like a food contest-eating champ), you would still need to cleanse in order to feel and look your very best.

Lil Bub is a GGS champ!!!

Why? Because toxins come in two types: exogenous toxins, which come from the outside world, from everything from pollution to pesticides to chemicals in our skincare and cleaning products and more. But even if you live in a bubble and somehow were able to avoid all of those kind of toxins, there are still the…

Endogenous toxins. These accrue in our bodies as the natural byproducts of metabolism.  The breaking down of cells and matter still creates toxicity in our bodies.

And so, for most everyone (excluding our Pregnant Goddess Beauties and other special conditions/cases), I do recommend a highly effective, strategically designed cleanse to help you burst into spring like nobody’s business…feeling/looking/BEING your most amazing!

And of course, the cleanse I most highly recommend is one of the Glow Bio cleanses I’ve designed, which are unlike the others out there. I created the cleanse I think is the most powerful and results-oriented, and I do it myself! ☺ My personal fav is the Set, Level 1 Cleanse, which is a 3-day cleanse.

The Glow Bio 100% organic cleanses are so very special, and made for you with so much love from Lauren and Diego and the rest of our awesome Glow Bio team. You start and end with the fiber-filled Glowing Green Smoothie®, which helps you maintain your blood sugar levels and also chelate (bind to) heavy metals and toxins and actually escort them out of your body. Because the definition of cleansing is that toxins actually have to leave your body!

And the Glow Bio cleanses also include strategically place booster shots (like the Debloater, so you can clear out water weight and work more deeply to detoxify), and all of the cold-pressed juices you consume are infused with a special blend of probiotics. Give it a try for yourself and get an amazing spring cleaning for your body. Reset. Rejuvenate. Glow!

Here are other reasons about what I’ve personally experienced with proper cleansing and why I highly recommend doing a cleanse right now:

Glowey Skin (Oh yeah!)

When you shed more toxins, both exogenous and endogenous, from your body, your blood becomes more clean, your digestion and gut work better, and there is more optimal oxygen and nutrient flow to your skin, your largest organ. Therefore, your skin keeps looking more and more beauteous!!

Beauty Woman Face Portrait. Beautiful Model Girl With Perfect Fresh Clean Skin

Energy/Focus (Where it counts!)

Deeper cleansing can help cleanse your GI tract of old waste, and we know that there is a connection between your gut and your brain. Thus, I’ve found that ongoing cleansing paired with seasonal, deeper 3 or 5 day cleanses can do wonders for your energy and focus- ‘gettin stuff done!! I output more quality work, run around with Lil Bub, and still have time and energy for loving at home and all ☺.

Active sporty woman run along ocean surf by water pool to keep fit and health. Sunset black sand beach background with sun. Woman fitness jogging workout and sport activity on summer family holiday.

Better Bod (It’s not all there is to life, but yes, we do care!)

Cleaner body, more beautiful body. It’s as simple as that. More space, more oxygen, muscle tone tends to be easier to maintain. Cleansing also helps to rid our bodies of heavy metals that can be stored in our fat cells and contribute to the appearance of the dreaded cellulite!

Spiritual Highs/Deeper Meditation (The best of all!)

This to me is the best part, because when we start to go deeper into connecting with our True Self, we feel great no matter what (even when we go over a few pounds here or there or we get a huge zit on our nose or whatever life brings!).

Serene young woman with hands together in prayer pose in the desert in China

Ideally, I recommend you try doing a cleanse seasonally, in between your daily ongoing cleansing practices like drinking your Glowing Green Smoothie® and taking your SBO Probiotics, to get the very best results.

Try a Glow Bio cleanse now or in the next few weeks, for the ultimate spring cleansing experience! And you can get 5% off with the coupon code “SPRINGGLOW2017” at checkout :).

Organic, strategically designed to be the most powerful and beneficial cleanse experience, and created with so much love from yours truly…I put my heart into creating these cleanses for you to get the best benefits and set yourself up for long-term success!

If you do try one, please let me know how you do.

Have a wonderful day. I hope your spring is going great so far…enjoy the sunshine, getting outside more, and dusting off your favorite spring dresses!

With love and gratitude,