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As women who live fast-paced lives, we require a tough immune system and a balanced mind to tackle whatever comes our way. 

Overall health has been directly linked to our gut, which is why it’s so important that our digestive systems are firing on all cylinders. Billions of bacteria work hard to break down our food, detoxify our system, and regulate our hormones (among other important bodily functions). However, processed foods, toxic chemicals like pesticides from fruits and vegetables, prescription drugs, and sugars have been wreaking havoc on our digestion.

How do we overcome this? With probiotics! 

Probiotics replenish the gut’s beneficial bacteria for optimal digestive health. With so many options to choose from it’s hard to know what probiotic is best. I’m often asked if there are better probiotics for women to take, and although women’s and men’s bodies are so different, we have the same gut flora needs. 

There are, however, key differences to consider. Here, we are going to examine “regular” probiotics that are cultivated from dairy, as well as SBO or soil based probiotics, which are non-dairy probiotics that originate in the soil.

Issues with “Regular” Dairy-Based Probiotics

The majority of probiotic supplements contain mainly the lactobacilli and/or bifidobacteria strains. These strains come from dairy, often found in products like probiotic yogurt and kefir. Many of these probiotic supplements require refrigeration in order to maintain the integrity of the bacteria. Don’t assume that these brands are superior because they need extra handling. In fact, more resilient bacterial strains do NOT require refrigeration to keep their quality.

There are a few issues with the countless “regular” probiotics out there that you should consider when selecting the best probiotic for you and your body. 

Issue #1 – Lack of Diversity 

As Jinato Hu once said: “Diversity in the world is a basic characteristic of human society, and also the key condition for a lively and dynamic world as we see today.” The same idea applies to probiotics and gut health.

In the case of “regular” probiotics, there is little variation in the strains they deliver. Mostly comprising of just two strains—lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium—the benefits are limited.

Issue #2 – Dietary Red Flags

Regular probiotics are not vegan. While some claim that they remove all dairy by the time the product is on the shelf, there is a risk of reaction for people with a dairy allergy. Allergy sufferers need to be careful here.

Issue #3 – Livelihood of Strains

Regular probiotic strains may actually “die,” or become ineffective by the time you take them. Meaning you could end up wasting your money on a supplement with bacteria that isn’t surviving past your stomach. Our stomachs are full of hydrochloric acid, which will kill and neutralize most of regular probiotics. 

In order for a probiotic to be truly impactful to your health, it not only has to be resilient but also properly formulated with a balance of diverse strains. Getting an array of strong strains into your gut is the best way to find balance and noticeable results.

Luckily for us, there’s a more robust probiotic option found in the plant kingdom!

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Benefits of Soil Based Organisms (SBO) Probiotics

There’s a new kid in town, and she’s been playing in the dirt! Soil Based Organisms or SBO probiotics are completely different probiotic strains than those found in dairy. SBOs are actually spores found in soil. A spore is a reproductive cell that exists in plants and comes from bacteria.  

Benefit #1 – Mother Nature Approved!

SBOs are in alignment with Mother Nature. It was only natural for our ancestors to eat fragments of soil in their diet. This is how we were actually meant to live.

Back in the day, we got plenty of these helpful microbes naturally found on our fruits and veggies. But now, with the overwhelming (and frankly scary) use of chemicals and pesticides, we can’t reap their benefits by consuming fresh produce alone.

Benefit # 2 – They’re just better!

SBOs have even more amazing health benefits of their “regular” counterparts. They populate the gut with beneficial microorganisms and enhance immunity, digestion and overall health. Your beautiful hair will thank you too! 

SBOs also trigger antibodies within the gut to defend us from illness. Because the spore is reproductive, these bacteria multiply rapidly, acting quickly to heal a sick digestive tract.

Benefit # 3 – They’re vegan! 

Another plus side to non-dairy probiotics is that there are no allergy concerns.

Benefit # 4 – They combat illness!

A study found a definitive link between regular SBO probiotic intake and relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). IBS, like Crohn’s disease, is a digestive disease stemming from an unbalanced microbiome. SBOs work to balance the bacterial ecosystem, and consequently relieve everything from IBS to high cholesterol levels to generalized anxiety.

Finding the Best SBO Probiotics

Of course, not all SBO probiotics are equal. Rather than guess and end up testing products on yourself, make sure from the outset that the probiotic you take has undergone testing and safety studies. The ratios and harmony between the strains and the formula overall is important to consider. Prebiotics, which are food for the bacteria and support proliferation, and postbiotics, which help support colonization of the bacteria, are also essential factors that make up an excellent probiotic formula.

Take a look at my Feel Good SBO + Probiotics! This formula contains harmonized ratios of SBOs along with prebiotics and postbiotics to improve your digestive health and overall wellness from the inside out!

Not all Bacteria were Created Equal

This is obvious in our categorization of the “good” bacteria in our probiotic supplements versus the “bad” bacteria like salmonella which cause illness. Or, for example, the natural, good belly bacteria found in fermented vegetable foods (like my Probiotic & Enzyme Salad). That bacteria, called L. planktarum is beneficial, but until SBO probiotics, is not resident forming. That means that the results will be temporary. Just as the food digests and you’re hungry again, the bacteria will leave your system.

It’s very important that SBOs are “resident forming.” When they get to your gut, they STAY there. They reproduce and become a resident of the intestinal ecosystem.

Part of the reason for this is the virile and robust nature of SBOs. They are heartier organisms much more likely to survive the journey through the stomach.

“Compared to the widely used lactic acid bacteria, bacterial spores offer the advantage of a higher survival rate during the acidic stomach passage and better stability during the processing and storage of the food product,” reported researchers in a study published in the Beneficial Microbes journal. 

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The Bottom Line: Which Probiotics Should you Choose?

The main undercurrent of the nutritional movement today is a historical one. That is, we are trying to get back to the way we used to eat, before the factory farms, before the GMOs and pesticides.

SBOs are an EXCELLENT way to get back to our nutritional roots!

Before the dawn of modern agriculture, we consumed tons of them. They were THE first line of defense in our immune systems. Our ancestors didn’t have running water, and so used to consume a bit of soil on washed fruits and vegetables pulled right from the earth. That soil contained the perfect mix of the bacterium to grow healthy soil, and also balance our guts.

And while a good, strong probiotic strain of any kind will do your gut a whole lot of good, the verdict is in:

SBOs are the way to go!

They dominate their “regular” competition in so many areas:

  • They’re the most natural. The human body was made to thrive on these.
  • They’re more resilient.  No refrigeration.  No special handling.  SBOs are heartier and are more likely to actually make it to your intestines.
  • They’re resident forming.  Once they’re in, they’re here to stay.
  • They multiply faster.  You’ll reap their rewards quicker.
  • They’re vegan.  No dairy needed.

Instead of automatically going for the “regular” probiotic, try this excellent SBO supplement with the proper ratios and harmony instead. I created this formula for you with love, and extensive research and testing, and I wholeheartedly do believe it is the most effective probiotic out there. It is all about the correct ratios and harmony between the clinically researched strains, and similarly to proper food combining, the power is often in the combinations. It also contains the pre and post-biotics of turkey tail, chaga and shilajit.

As with any new probiotic, you can start slowly, taking just one per day until your body becomes more accustomed. Or you can go right to the recommended 2 a day amount if you feel ready. And get back to REAL wellness and balance, the way of our ancestors and the way it’s supposed to be.

So that’s all I have for you today Beauty! I hope this helps you better understand which probiotic you should choose when you are seeking out a new brand.

Sending you and your microbiome so much love!