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Hope you are having a great week so far!

First I wanted to share some good news with you! This Saturday I will be returning on Good Morning America to do another segment. :) The producers told me that the first one I did was one of their most popular segments ever, with thousands of people coming on their website and leaving comments. So Yay!!! It will be around 8:45 am, so if you are up please do tune in. :) :)  I promise I won’t be in my jammies sans makeup, like I am here in these photos! 

 Now let’s talk about an easy way to increase the elimination of toxins out of the body. Many of you have been writing me that you have been making changes and improvements to your diet, and most especially Green Smoothies, which is just awesome!! So along with that, we want to be sure that we are removing as much of the toxicity that has “awakened” as possible, for as you change your diet you will wake up some of the older impaction in your body. This is great….provided we get it out!

So this is what I call the CASTOR PACK DETOX. What the heck is that?? Well it’s easy as can be, and highly beneficial. It involves the use of castor oil, which is a thick vegetable oil derived from the castor bean, which is grown mainly in Brazil, India and China. It has been used for centuries in many cultures.

 With the CASTOR PACK DETOX, we place the castor oil directly all over our bellies and digestive tracts, where the castor oil has the ability to soak through the skin to improve the elimination of toxins and and stimulate circulation. 

There are a couple of ways to do it, but basically this is how I do it, and find it the least messy. Because castor oil is pretty thick!!

Step 1: You rub the castor oil all over the belly area, over to both sides. (Some people like to soak the castor oil in a cotton cloth, which is another option.

Step 2: Now ladies and gentlemen…I present the saran wrap!! Voila! Take the saran wrap and cover your now rather sticky, castor oil-ed  up belly!

Step 3: Cover the saran wrap with a towel!


Step 4: This is the best part!!! You cover the whole thing with a heating pad or a hot water bottle, sit back, and CHILLAX!! Now you can kick it and read a book or watch TV. You should keep the heat on for at ideally 45 minutes to one hour.

The CASTOR PACK DETOX is best practiced right before bed, a few hours after you’ve eaten dinner. It will help loosen the toxicity up and any obstructions in the digestive tract. It can be practiced 1-3 times a week. You can get pure, cold-pressed castor oil at health food stores and markets.

Have fun!! You will feel like a little kid playing with finger paints when you stick all that oil on you. :)



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