So last night I ate at a Vegetarian Thai restaurant and had my favorite soup of all time: Tom Kha. The base  of this soup is coconut milk, and it is traditionally and usually made vegan (you could ask if you’re not sure at a particular restaurant).

When I do eat some cooked food, this type of soup and some other Thai dishes are top of my list!

So now that cold weather is coming upon most of us- although no sign of that here in Southern California- soup sounds awfully tasty. It just calls to us on cold days, doesn’t it! And non-cream based soups can be great!

I don’t recommend having any soups with any dairy (so be careful of even seemingly innocent old tomato soup), but clear soups like vegetable and miso can be great, easily digestible options.

But here’s the thing with soup: Make absolutely sure that you eat it at the beginning of your meal! If you haven’t already, you should check out my blog called, “The Easiest Weight Loss Tip Ever.”

It discusses how consuming liquids and water with your meals only serves to dilute the hydrochloric acid in ours stomach, as well as other digestive juices. What does that mean?? It means that our food doesn’t digest as easily, and it encourages weight gain. Yikes!!!

So while we often remember this with drinks, sometimes we might forget that it also applies to soup. But it absolutely does!

So have your soup be the first thing that you eat at a meal as an appetizer, and ideally there will some at least 10 minutes before anything else goes down the old hatch.

So, along with that…

– Don’t eat a salad with your soup as an appetizer. Be clear with your waitress that you want your soup delivered first.

– If you are having a soup and sandwich lunch, have all of the soup before you eat the sandwich! Don’t go half and half as far as a bite of this, a bite of that. Uh uhh!

– If you’re going to have a big entree soup, like a huge Thai Tom Kha soup, it would be best to skip the appetizer altogether. Otherwise you will get bloated and not feel so great.

So happy soup eating!!! And remember soup on an empty stomach is best. Oh and try out my cauliflower soup recipe when craving soup at home!

Happy Blending!