I hope you’ve had a great week so far Beauties! Today’s topic I want to share with you is my Immunity Tea, also know as Detox Tea. This is something I’ve been making for myself and family members a lot lately, since the running around and changing weather can really give our immunity a run for its money.

This tea is really spectacular to drink throughout the winter. It works when you are already sick, when there are sick people living in your same house (or tiny apt!) or at work, OR when you feel the beginnings of a pesky cold coming on…

This tea boosts immunity because the combination of the lemon and ginger will promote circulation of the blood and lymph and help remove stagnation. In other words, it will help toxins that constantly circulate to exit the body. And did you know that an organic lemon is packed with over 200 enzymes that will help restore the liver, one of our big detoxifying organs? So don’t forget the lemon! The ginger in this tea has amazing warming qualities, which will help burn out harmful bacteria. And on top of all that, the cayenne pepper works to break up mucus in the body as well.

However, the ORDER you make this tea makes all the difference. For instance, you do not want to pour your lemon juice into boiling water, which would destroy the enzymes…and the whole effectiveness of the tea. So here I’ve broken it down for you, step by step: 

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Immunity Tea with Cayenne Pepper: Step by Step Instructions
  • 1 heaping tablespoon fresh ginger
  • 1 cup water
  • ½ lemon
  • Dash cayenne

  1. Step 1: Peel and chop ginger into chunks. For 1 cup, aim for about 1 heaping Tbs. You want to slice it up so the properties of the ginger will seep into the tea, but don't make the pieces too small- otherwise you'll get a bunch of "floaters" that will keep coming up to the surface.

  2. Step 2: Heat up water. It can boil, or if you can catch it right before it starts to boil that would be great. Turn off the heat, and let the water cool down for a minute. Pour the hot water over the ginger pieces, which you've placed at the bottom of a large coffee mug. Let the hot water steep over the ginger by itself for about 2 minutes. The ginger needs longer time for its flavor to fully unleash.

  3. Step 3. Cut a lemon in half.

  4. Step 4: After waiting at least 2 minutes, the ginger and hot water should be cooled down enough that you could pick up the mug with your hands and start to sip it. At that time, squeeze half a lemon into the mug. If you have a hard time with lemon, do at least ¼ of a lemon, and build yourself up. But ½ would be ideal!

  5. Step 5: Give at least one good shake of cayenne pepper right into the tea. If you can handle spice, like me, you can try 2 shakes! Don't overdo it though.

  6. Step 6: Sweeten with a packet of Stevia. Another choice is xylitol. Stevia is the best, as it has 0 effect on our blood-sugar levels. Above all, do not use Splenda or any other fake sugars!!!
  7. Step 7: Mix with a tea spoon...and you are ready to go...and ready to start giving your immunity a big boost. :)
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Enjoy and let me know how you do with it!