I had a rather harrowing morning. I got stuck with a taxi driver that did not know how to get to JFK airport via the highway (I mean really???). So we took Queens Blvd, full of stoplights every few feet. I wasn’t paying attention until I was like – “What?? How come instead of going 80 mph down the highway I’m seeing strip malls and condo complexes in Queens??” I told him about 5 times I was going to JFK, when I got suspicious of his route, but he still took me to Laguardia!!! It was only THEN that he decided to pull over on the side of the highway and pull out his GPS, which he had the whole time! Unbelievable. Once I knew we were actually going to the right airport, I decided to tune it out and not let it annoy me (Yogi Puifier Breath!!). To make up for it, there were no lines checking in or getting through security though. :)

Anyways…I’m actually eating my Hunger-Killer Combo on this plane, which I started eating often when I started traveling often. It goes like this: 3 (give or take) clementines, or an apple and an orange, or any similar fruit combination, chased by a whole avocado. You can but you don’t have to worry about waiting 20 minutes after the fruit to follow with the fatty fruit of the avo, since that combines pretty well (esp. if you are starving). The fruit acts like the quick water to put out the hunger fire, as you can gobble it up immediatey, then the avocado acts like the anchor. All the healthy, creamy fat and fiber really settle you down, and signal your brain that you just ate something very satisfying. On this flight, they did not have knifes, so I peeled the avocado like an orange and ate it like an apple! :) Of course, napkins are a must!!

Sometimes people are scared that avos have a lot of fat and calories. But we have to understand that this type of raw fat digests very easily by the body, and much easier than even raw nuts or raw, healthy oils. It still contains water, and is not as concentrated as the first two. However,  I wouldn’t recommend eating lots of nuts and avocado at the same time- that is a combination for weight gain. But not the Hunger-Killer Combo!!

This is so much better than any alternative you can find on a plane. The Hunger-Killer Combo is full of minerals, vitamins, and beauty fat. You won’t screw up your diet so when you are in a bind, such as on a plane or stuck at the office and resort to less than ideal alternatives, you already feel heavy, crappy and fat.

Incidentally, you can also use the avocado to chase your Green Smoothies, if you get hungry afterwards. That would be a good, easily digestible combo to get you to lunch without snacking.

Have a great start to your weekend!!

Lots of love, Kimberly