When the weather heats up in the summer, it’s especially important to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated will give you energy in the heat, and keep your skin looking radiant and beautiful. Obviously water is the best source of hydration, but there are lots of foods you can eat that will help keep you hydrated in the summer months. Here’s a list of some of my faves to help get you started!

1. Cucumbers:
Like most fruits and vegetables, cucumbers are made up of mostly water. But they also has a lot of other nutrients that will hydrate and nourish the body. Cucumbers contain vitamin C. They’re also rich in caffeic acid, which helps soothe the skin. They are great to eat plan, or on top of salads. You can even add cucumber to your water for a refreshing summer drink!

2. Coconut Water:
For centuries, people in Southeast Asian and Pacific Island countries have been drinking the water from young coconuts for hydration. It’s one of the best ways to replace the water and electrolytes the body gives off in hot climates. Coconut water contains vitamins, minerals and electrolytes that perfectly replenish the body after a long day in the sun. These days coconut water is easy to find. Most grocery and health food stores sell it bottled in the beverage section.

3. Watermelon:
Watermelon is one of the most hydrating foods out there. It’s made up of mostly water, but it also has essential hydrating salts, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. It’s perfect for those hot summer days when you need to replenish your body. Just remember, like all fruit, eat it on an empty stomach! If you want an explanation see my previous blog post, I explain in rule #5.

4. Glowing Green Smoothie:
Many of you have tried my glowing green smoothie, because I write about it so much on this blog and in my book. But that’s because it has amazing health benefits, and its packed with many of the other items on this list. It’s hydrating, and it’s absolutely packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber to keep your body refreshed and your skin glowing. I recommend drinking a GGS first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. That way the body can absorb all of the amazing benefits first thing!

5. Cabbage:
Cabbage is an amazing vegetable to eat anytime. It’s known to lower cholesterol, and its packed with tons of vitamin C, making it an amazing beauty food. It also helps repair the body from the inside out. Incorporating cabbage into your diet can help you lose weight because its packed with fiber and natural probiotics, and it will make your skin look beautiful and more radiant. The best way to eat cabbage is raw, in a fresh salad, or on top of a green salad. It makes for a great appetizer or lunch! Try also making Probiotic & Enzyme Salad.

6. Iced Rooibos Tea:
If you get thirsty, but want a little more than water, iced rooibos tea is a great option. It’s a full-bodied, caffeine-free tea that’s very refreshing and hydrating, plus, it’s packed with antioxidants. It’s also filled with minerals and vitamins C to keep you refreshed and hydrated all day long. Its great hot or iced, and if you want to add some extra sweetness, I recommend using stevia. To learn more about the benefits of stevia instead of Splenda, see my previous post.

7. Green Salad:
Most lettuce contains more than 90% water. So not only do green salads make for a delicious appetizer, snack, or lunch, but they also keep you hydrated in the summer weather. Lettuce also contains fiber, which will help keep you fuller longer. Eating salad will keep you healthy all around, just make sure you use a beautifying dressing, like Kim’s Classic Dressing or my Basil Lover’s Dressing.

8. Apples:
Apples may seem like a basic, everyday fruit, but there’s a reason behind the old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” The juicy fruits are a refreshing food to eat year-round. They also have been linked to lowering cholesterol levels, weight loss, and preventing cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Green apples are lower in sugar than red apples.

9. Red Bell Peppers:
All bell peppers are hydrating sources of some of the best nutrients for the body. They contain vitamin C, thiamine, vitamin B6, beta-carotene and folic acid. Red bell peppers are even better because they contain lycopene. Add red bell peppers to your salads, or eat them plain, they make a crunchy and refreshing midday snack!

10. Pineapples:
Pineapples are a delicious summer fruit. On top of the hydrating elements of pineapple, it is packed with bromelain. Bromelain has many health benefits, mainly helping with digestion. Pineapple is a great fruit to eat to help the body naturally detoxify itself and lose weight.

11. Grapefruit:
The juicy, sometimes sour grapefruit has lots of health and hydration benefits. They are known to help control appetite, which help keep you on track if you’re trying to loose weight. Grapefruits make great snacks in between meals. Just remember to eat them on an empty stomach! I tried to put one once in the GGS at it was not so good…so I don’t recommend that however!

12. Celery:
Celery gets a reputation for being “negative calories.” That’s because it’s almost all water, and it takes a lot of energy to crunch and swallow! But the refreshing veggie also provides lots of mineral salts, vitamins and amino acids. Celery is a great snack to rehydrate and rejuvenate the body and the skin.

13. Water with Lemon:
It may seem like a no-brainer that water would be one of the most hydrating food and drinks, but I cant stress enough the importance of drinking water. Many people spend hours out in the sun, at the beach, hiking or playing sports. The heat will cause you to sweat out even more water, so its vital that you nourish the body with water. Adding lemon to water adds vitamin C and citric enzymes. Drink water close to room temperature so your body doesn’t have to expend energy stabilizing it to your body’s temperature.

14. Berries:
Also packed with water, berries contain high levels of antioxidants, which can help the body naturally detoxify itself. Berries also deliver tons of fiber, which can help you stay satisfied in between meals. Be sure to stock up on ripe, organic raspberries, strawberries blueberries and blackberries for the summer months when they’re in season!

15. Carrots:
Carrots may seem like a dense vegetable, but they are actually very hydrating. They are almost 90 percent water. And they have tons of beta-carotene, more than any other vegetable. Beta-carotene helps the eye sight, along with helping to protect against cancer. I like to julienne cut carrots into my salads.

Whenever you are feeling sluggish or slow, you may also want to try a water cleanse to rejuvenate yourself!