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Hot water with Lemon

This is a simple yet powerful practice to help cleanse and detoxify your system. Lemons supply vitamin C, as well as liver-regenerating enzymes.

Heat some water, pour into a mug, squeeze in the juice of half a fresh lemon, and have an awesome day!

SBO+ Probiotics

Create harmony in your gut & body for ultimate wellbeing, immunity, and beautiful skin.

We offer a powerful formula featuring clinically researched soil-based organism (SBO) strains in the proper ratios, as well as prebiotics and post-biotics.

The Glowing Green Smoothie

This is my signature elixir (that I’ve made everywhere from Dr. Oz to Good Morning America and beyond!), which gives you an incredible amount of energy and nutrition as it detoxifies toxins.

The Beauty Detox Solution

My first book baby , this is our classic community read that lays out our foundational dietary principles, including food combining and eating Light to Heavy.

We guarantee reading this book will change your life in some way!

Feel Good Circle

Feeling Good is about feeling comfortable just being ourselves in our messy, perfectly imperfect lives.

The FEEL GOOD Circle is our community offering dedicated to nourishing the emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects of ourselves, in order to live truly happy, healthy lives.


The One Day Cleanse

  As I’ve always said, cleansing should be considered a verb, not a noun. What I mean by that is […]

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As I’ve always said, cleansing should be considered a verb, not a noun. What I mean by that is that you should incorporate long-term shifts in your lifestyle, which are far more affective in cleansing the body on a continual and deeper basis rather than short-term “detoxes.”  That being said, this “one day cleanse” is about helping you jump-start the process of getting on track with long-term lifestyle changes, or getting back on track, for those of you who have already been changing aspects of your lifestyle

For someone new to the program, incorporate these guidelines below and those outlined in The Beauty Detox Solution slowly and over time in order to avoid any drastic side effects. If you do too much too fast, your eliminating organs (liver, colon etc.) will be totally overwhelmed and overworked. This fast approach could lead to nausea, headaches and breakouts as your body begins to circulate the toxins that were previously tucked away and protected in fat. Short-term programs don’t really get out the deep toxicity anyway- think of how long you’ve been eating a certain way. Can it all magically leave the body in 3 days? No! Eat right to pull the toxins out of your fat, shed the fat, and feel fabulous for the long-term!

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Cleansing is one of the post powerful instruments we have in our toolbox to bring our bodies (and our minds) back into alignment. After all, balance is one of the most important things in our lives, right? The important thing to remember about this “one day” cleanse is that is is meant to instill long-term habits, which I want you to keep doing after the one day is over. Most cleanses don’t teach you how to shift you long-term habits, which is really the key to looking and feeling your best.

Get your Lemons: Lemons are a powerful fruit that pack a kick. They are filled with flavor, while delivering an extra blast of vitamin C and enzymes to your diet. Lemon has been associated with boosting liver’s function and tissue regeneration, which is helpful while cleansing as the liver is our main detoxifying organ. Coffee dries out your skin and dehydration is a major energy-sapper so skip your coffee to avoid energy loss. 

To maximize cleansing benefits, get into the habit of drinking one hot mug of water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed in first thing in the morning. Refresh yourself throughout the day with cool lemon water. Something sweeter more your speed? Feel free to throw in some stevia or xyitol for a lighter taste with the same benefits. To really cash in on the goodness of lemons, spritz a mix of lemon, apple cider vinegar, stevia (and sea salt/pepper to taste) on all your greens for the day.

Glowing Green Smoothie (GGS): Ensure that your first meal of the day is a Glowing Green Smoothie. It’s the core of the Beauty Detox program for a reason: it is the most efficient way to supply a vast assortment of vitamins and minerals into your system, while simultaneously cleansing your system with its high content of fiber and enzymes.

Making your morning ritual centered on the GGS is truly a daily detox. I miss it tremendously on the rare days I don’t have access to it. Over time, you will get “addicted” to feeling so good and energized from your morning GGS. I was actually in a bind this morning as I had meetings in midtown, and I got a green juice instead. It was okay, but I was so hungry afterwards and I missed the fiber. It didn’t feel the same at all. I dropped it off for a client passing through town at her hotel last night at almost midnight, so she could have it first thing this morning, and I’m doing the same tonight. I’m not the only GGS addict.

Detox Tea: Try out my signature Detox Tea over a traditional snack for your mid-morning snack.  Detox tea consists of lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper. These three foods all work together to create a powerful cleanse, to help break up mucus and toxins in the body, while creating a shield for unwanted bacteria in your system. For step-by-step instructions on how to make Detox Tea, click here.

Dark Leafy Greens and Vegetables: You don’t have to starve yourself to cleanse, there are foods that you can and should eat. Dark leafy greens are the top of the list. They have loads of fiber, cleansing water inherently contained in them, enzymes, antioxidants and so many phytonutrients that scientists haven’t discovered them all yet. Some of my faves are kale, arugula, collard greens and spinach.

If you feel for a midday snack, sliced vegetables will give you the same crunch of a potato chip without saturated fat, sugar or having to eat something “bready”. Dip carrots, bell peppers and celery some of Sally’s Salsa or Green Miso Dressing to fill the tummy with complex fibers and feel like you’re really eating- though you’ll still be detoxing.

Spice it up: Cayenne pepper literally fires up your digestive system and indirectly helps you burn more calories while rebuilding tissue and stimulating your metabolism. It also helps to break up mucus and toxins. Could we love it more? Cayenne pepper curbs cravings as well so stock up! Dash some of this powerful herb on your salads and mix it into your dressings to ensure you reap the beauty benefits. I add it into so many recipes.

No Meat: Okay, you’ve made it this far, don’t give up! Dinner should be something light, without cooked oils (yes, even olive oil). Make or order steamed vegetables with a large green salad. It’s just one day- you will live. Add an array of color through adding your favorite raw vegetables (for me it would be avocado and tomato) and dress it up with something light and oil-free like my Asian Miso-Carrot Dressing. Nixing the avocado for a day would help speed cleansing even more, as eliminating fat makes for faster cleansing. Again, this is just one day! Go back to the avocado tomorrow.

No Oil: Cutting fat, but especially oil helps you cleanse faster. For the long-term, cook with coconut oil, which is a cholesterol-free, medium chain fatty acid that has so many benefits, likes supporting thyroid function and having anti-bacterial qualities. It is much more stable, since it is saturated, than olive oil, for cooking at higher temperatures. I suggest limiting your daily oil intake in general, and instead choosing dressings that are more filling and nutritious like my Oil-Free Basil Lover’s Dressing (probably my fave, that my clients love), or Oil-Free Red Pepper and Cilantro Dressing.

As with all things, there is never an “overnight fix.” Take care with incorporating these suggestions into your diet and be responsible… after all, you know yourself best. Following these guidelines will be sure to get you right back on track if you are feeling, bloated, unbalanced, or your skin is freaking out!

Work the lemon water, GGS and the other suggestions into your long-term lifestyle for maximum benefit and so you experience true, ongoing cleansing.


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  • These are all great tips Kim! I am slowly transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. While it is hard, I do have more energy. I’m just trying to figure out what works for me! I have a couple of questions. For your Blossoming Beauty phase, is it okay to have the same dinner twice in one week? I have leftovers! Also, do you meet with just celebrities or can we do a consultation with you? Thanks for all of your wonderful tips! :)

    • Of course you can! I often have the same dinner more than twice a week, if you want to know the truth. I personally eat really simply. Stay connected here for more support, as well as on FB and Twitter. ☺ xx Kimberly

      • Hi Kim, have you ever had anyone experience hair loss while transitioning their diet? I’ve started to cut way back on meat and have been losing a ton of hair… and I don’t have much to lose! I don’t know if the two are related but I’m starting to freak out a bit… don’t know how to make it stop :(

        • i have been losing a lot of hair (and i mean a lot – handfulls and handfuls at a time) for the last 2 or 3 years. turns out it is part of having low thyroid function. you might want to ask your doctor to check your thyroid.

    • Hi! Would it be okay to have cold water with lemon for the first thing in the morning drink? I just really don’t like warm drinks… But if I have to, I’ll do it :) Thanks!

  • so i been slacking lately bt not tht bad! so i decided to make this my diet challenge as i do them weekly now and i was running out of ideas on what to do for a week tht will help mi with my long term detox healthy living lifestyle and i think this is excatly what i need! i am going to follow these guidelines straight for 5 days and will keep a journal and let you know how i got it!

    its a great post and i absolutely love it x

  • When I click on the Detox tea instructions the message is error 404 not found. Is there another way I can get those instructions. I like your suggestions and plan to revise and have the ggs first.I did it that way for the first couple months. I have been having the glowing green juice first the last several weeks. The reason I was doing that is it has to be drunk within 15 min after making. When I am away from the house for 10 hours then I never seem to get the juice in into the program.
    Any suggestions you might have will be most appreciated.
    Also I have not received your newsletter yet.

    • It’s up now, just in case you missed it here is the link. One of the key advantages of the GGS is that is stays well for a few days, rather than 15 minutes. If you want to have the GGJ in addition to the GGS, it can be a snack right when you get home, or while you are preparing dinner, but I wouldn’t eat for at least 30 minutes after you drink it.

  • Hi Kimberly,

    I will try this for tomorow!!
    I love your blog and your book.

    But I’m not happy with me tonight… and kind of discouraged…
    I’ve been trying to follow BDS (radiant beauty) since I finish reading your book, about a month ago. But I’m doing good for a couple days, and after I get huge cravings for chips, chocolate, cookies, cheese…and I can’t resist…that’s why I’m mad at myself…I don’t understand why I can’t control me and resist…It’s like I forget everything I read in your book and blog. I need to loose weight and belly fat from my 3 pregnancy… and definitly need more energy to take care of my 3 young kids!
    but I feel I’m not getting result because every 2 or 3 days, I’m eating in the evening all those bad foods…so it can’t be good for my health and my wish to lose weight, right?
    I’ve read your post about cravings a couple days ago, so I hope that will help… but this afternoon I forgot about it and eat milk chocolate with almonds and a coffee, and I feel so bad after… and ashamed right now, not to be able to stop that cravings.(And I’ve been eating bad all week-end.) I wonder why I’m so weak and why I lack of will… because I really want, so much, to loose weight (I’m constantly thinking about that…)
    Also, with my 3 kids, I do not have a lot of time to exercise and to sleep, so that’s not helping either I guess…?
    Do you think it is a good idea to do only about 15-20 minutes of yoga right in the morning or berfore I go to bed ?

    anyway, I was just sharing my thought with you…
    Is it just me who have difficulties? is it suppose to be easy?
    why can’t I just stick with the BDS plan…

    SO I guess it’s time to get back on track, and try again…
    and I will achieve my goals!

    • Hi Emilie, try to be gentle with yourself! Check out my previous post on how to quell cravings. If you are very intentional with your goals you can accomplish pretty much anything. Try to take it a day at a time and make baby steps. I think it is a really good idea for you to focus on your morning times, so you start the day off feeling really strong and good and are less likely to go completely off later on. It is easier to control the mornings. Start with your hot water with lemon, then do your yoga in the morning, and be sure to have your GGS. Even as you transition the rest of your diet, if you keep the mornings really clean and good you will be far better off, and you will see your goals start to come into fruition easier. Xx Kimberly

      • Thank you very much for your answer.
        It means a lot to me…
        That’s good ideas you’re suggesting.
        And I’ll keep following your blog for even more!

  • Hi, I agree do you give consultations. I live in Chicago and love seeing the tweets between yourself and Leann Rhimes. I am having knee surgery and scared to gain weight for the next 4 months. Any ideas??

    • I love LeAnn so much, as well as all my other clients, and all my readers, like you! Start each day off on a really strong foot. I always meditate in the morning, and I recommend starting a meditation practice so you stay really present and focused on what your body needs, and when you are really hungry. Stick with your daily GGS no matter what, so your body heals optimally from all the nutrients and you are supplied with the nutrients you need to help stay balanced during the whole process. I believe these things happen for a reason, and it can be a really beautiful time to let yourself reground and reflect, if you look at it that way. xx

  • While finding myself off track due to vacation, family bbq’s and company over the summer I knew I had to do something. On Friday I was getting my hair colored at an Organic Salon and picked up your book they had sitting with the magazines. I didn’t want to put it down, it seemed to be just what I needed. I went home and ordered your book online. I haven’t received it yet, but have been reading your blogs in the morning and have started with some of your great tips. Can’t wait to get your book and getting back on track. Thank!

      • I had a similar experience with the book! I went to Target to get laxatives, completely desperate because my digestive system was so stopped up and I just happened to wander through the book section, which I never do, and found the BDS. It has changed my life! :) Thanks for all you do Kim. Hopefuly all of us that are reading your book and blog can help you spread the word!

  • I have your book & have started making the GGS most mornings. I have some issues with blood sugar as I am 62 & overweight. Would it hurt cleansing to add a little avocado to the GGS to help keep blood sugar nomal? I am not sure if it will interfere with the liver cleansing. I have fatty liver and don’t know how to get a healthy liver back. I am a non drinker and non smoker. Would you have any suggestions for healing fatty liver? Thanks for your help.

    • i make my green smoothies ann wigmore style with half and avocado and i find it helps my blood sugar stay stable and keeps me full longer.

      other than that i follow food combining and don’t have fruits with fat…but it really helps me! if i use a banana instead i get a sugar rush and crash.

    • Hey Sandi, adding about ½ an avocado is okay with your condition. I always tell people to personalize their GGS, but remember that the GGS has a ton of fiber, which is also stabilizing. You can also try cutting the banana out and maybe just keep green apple in, and adding stevia in to sweeten. To help heal fatty liver, it is a good idea to limit fats in general in your diet, particularly polyunsaturated vegetable oils (canola, soy, etc.). Turn down the heat and cook with veggie broth or just steam your veggies. Eat fibrous greens and the grains I suggest, such as quinoa and millet. Checkout some of my recipes. Eat veggie wraps, bean burritos, brown rice veggie rolls, etc- I want you to explore your veggie/low fat options. Really try to limit your animal products right now especially, and cut out dairy, red meat and pork completely. Have the lemon water in the morning and throughout the day. Your liver can heal!!! Love, Kimberly

  • Hello! I love reading your blog and learning new ways to be healthy! I was told the other day that rinsing your mouth with baking soda in the mornings and taking a little bit diluted with water at night is detoxifying because it makes your body more alkaline. But, I wanted to ask you if you think this is safe and if you believe it works.


    • Hey Roxanna, I’ve heard about some things with baking soda but I personally prefer to stick with whole foods. I recommend water with the juice of half a lemon for alkalizing your body morning and night. Xx Kimberly

  • HI Kimberly,
    great post, like always! thanks for those great tips.

    I was interested to make the detox tea, but it doesn’t work when
    I click on the link…do you have this recipe somewhere else?

    Also, I’m totally addicted now to GGS, I’m having it every morning and it’s great.
    But before, I was always having a grapefruit first thing in the morning, and it’s one of my favorite fruit. So do you think I could put a grapefruit in the GGS?



    • Hey Helen, the link is fixed now, here it is. Grapefruits are great. You can have it first, then have your GGS if you like. I tried putting it in my client Channing Tatum’s GGS once and he thought it was absolutely nasty. ☺ So no, I don’t recommend it!

  • Kim, that was so helpful as well as clear, concise and organized. Now I feel like I could do one day cleanse for sure. I have read your book which I love but I get confused on the different phases. Especially after the cleanse……how do we continue on day to day diet? If you could do more post like this it would be great. PS…….are we allowed Ezekiel sprouted cereal with oat milk? Thanks

    • Hi Mike. Sorry for the confusion. I am working on a much simpler version which I think will be helpful for you! To keep it simple, have your lemon water in the morning, your GGS in the morning after that, and possibly some fruit. For lunch try to have a big salad and keep it animal-product free. You could have your sprouted cereal with oat milk in the afternoon as a snack or try my chia seed recipes or a smoothie with it. For dinner have veggies and either some animal product if you like or another grain, bean or veg-based meal. Try to eat veg dinners at least 3-4 times a week, to start. Hope that is helpful. Xx Kimberly PS- no dairy

  • I’ve been following all of your tips religiously and just feel amazing. I used to get sick all of the time, and my husband commented yesterday that I haven’t gotten sick in a while. I’m 100% certain that it is all thanks to you. I just hope that I still crave the GGS when the weather get colder. Any suggestions?

  • Kim, i enjoy the Glowing Green Smoothly thoroughly and it does seem to unlock a lot of energy but i tend to be more hungry throughout the day after my GGS and i feel less full as well as munchy. Is this normal of maybe psychological? Also, what kind of Protein can i add to my smoothie?

    • Corina, if you are still hungry after the GGS, wait at least 20 minutes and then have a small bowl of rolled oats oatmeal. The other option is to keep chia seeds and almond milk at work, and make a pudding or a smoothie with them. They really help kill hunger!!

  • I have been having one quart of green smoothie every morning, sometimes a second in the afternoon because i crave them and feel great, focused, energized.

    But in the evening I start getting severe detox symptoms: anxiety, headaches, inability to concentrate, sometimes low fever. Some days I will try and feel better by eating something cooked, other times a heavier raw meal, and sometimes nothing at all and just ride it out. But the only thing that seems to work is sleeping it off. I love how I feel in the morning but I hate the rollercoaster and anxiety! Will this get better with time?

    • Hi, how long have you been on the GGS for? Usually these are short-term symptoms that will decrease over time. To help you along, it is really important you are cleansing and expelling a ton of waste. Colonics, enemas!!! Xx Kimberly

  • Hi Kimberly,

    I discovered you while browsing through InStyle’s September 2011 issue. I was recently diagnosed with lymphoma (at 27!) and want to start living healthier and using nutrition to supplement my treatment/healing process. In the article, you recommend the Vitamix 1321 Professional Series blender; however, the picture shown is the Vitamix CIA Professional Series Blender. Before I invest in a Vitamix, I want to be sure it’s the right one. Can you please advise and also point to especially helpful recipes/practices to fight cancer?

    Thank you!!!

  • Hi Kimberly,

    I’ve recently been plagued with acne around my chin area. It started about 2 months ago. Not sure whether it is caused by stress or hormones or simply my diet. I am in my mid-20s and have always had great skin. All of a sudden this is happening and its beginning to stress me out even more. What can I do to prevent and reverse this acne?

    • Hi Rachel, make sure you are getting a lot of P & E salad which not only supplies probiotics, but B vitamins which can be a factor with that issue. Try a liquid multi, which can be good insurance to get everything you need. Don’t stress! It will aggravate it. Be sure you are cleansing- enemas or colonics, Mag07, etc! xx

  • Hi Kimberly ~ I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I am probably the only person who has gained weight transitioning to this lifestyle. I thought I ate healthy so went straight to the Radiant Beauty phase. I felt great at first but then started to break out and feel bloated. I went back to Blossoming Beauty and have been here for over a month and have gained weight. I have been taking the digestive enzymes and probiotic but not the magnesium oxygen supplement. I am hoping this could be why – but doubt it’s that easy of a fix. Any suggestions.

    • Hi Kerry,

      Take the magnesium oxygen supplement–it helps clean out your colon, which will help you lose weight. You also might want to think about getting a colonic. I was having issues with bloating and after two colonics that problem was solved. They’re really not that bad :)


    • Hi Kerry. Absolutely- you need to expel waste!!!! That is the whole heart of the program! Remember what I said- eating well is only half of the program. If you are not releasing like crazy you’re keep it all in. Please reread Chapter 6 and implement!!

  • Kimberly, I purchased your book about 2 weeks ago, and have been trying to follow the plan and recipes as best as i can for the past 1.5 weeks. I truly feel so much better, have more energy and seriously saw tremendous improvement in my skin. When i purchased your book, I had never heard of you, but was intrigues by the cover because i was desperate for some health relief. I have a 13th month old and found myself gaining all my weight back that I had lost while breastfeeding, my skin was breaking out (not to mention eczema flare ups), I felt super tired and irritable, all of which made me feel like a bad mom and wife. I love your book, however, as a mom of a busy 13th month old, I am finding hard to make the meals since it seems as if it consists of some time. So my question to you is, since your recipes call for many servings, can I freeze these dishes and defrost them when I need them, with out compromising the nutritional content or taste? And also, I need to take bites of my daughters food (which is pastas, rice, potatoes, cheese, meat) at times to make sure it tastes ok, will that compromise my efforts too bad? I too also enjoy eating meat, so I am one of your readers who is finding it hard to omit it from the diet, but in your book, you give many examples of clients of yours who still gained much from your plan with out having to give up meat, is this really possible, and if so please tell me how. I feel I have so much more to ask you, I just don’t know where to start…How much does it cost to be your client? LOL.

    • MB, you don’t have to follow all the recipes. Just keep the meals simple, and stick to the basic principles and upgrades like quinoa instead of rice, avoiding agave, dairy, etc. But you can freeze the recipes. You can also taste your daughter’s food, which is totally fine. You might want to think about giving her quinoa pasta and brown rice too. The meat is okay, but have less than you were having. Try to have no more than once a day.
      Remember that it is not all or nothing- just make small steps, and upgrades!! Xx

  • Hello,

    I’m French and thanks to amazon, I could buy and read your book. But I have a question: when I started reading your blog, I started taking one GGS each day but I saw in your book in the Blossoming Phase that you don’t recommand to eat fruits. So do I have to stop eating fruits and GGS or not?
    Thanks a lot for all your good advices.

    • Hi Charlotte, you might be a Radiant Beauty from the start. You don’t have to start BB, unless you feel that Candida is an issue, etc. xx

  • I have been trying to stick to the BB but sometimes fail miserably. On mornings that I do stick to the GGS, I feel low energy and get headaches. Can drinking GGS late morning (10am) be the reason? I don’t eat anything before. Also, can the GGS be replaced by wheatgrass? Thank you.

    • Detoxing may be the reason. Try having the GGS followed 20 min. later by something heavier, like oatmeal, while you are transitioning. Wheatgrass is supplementary, but not a replacement for the GGS. xx

  • Hi Kim!

    Hope you’ve been doing great! I have a couple of more questions for you ;-)

    The first is regarding women’s daily calcium requirement which is about 1,000 mg/ day. I know you mentioned in The Beauty Detox Solution that romaine lettuce and spinach are great plant sources of calcium. So I was wondering if you knew about how much is in the GGS? Since giving up dairy, I just want to make sure that I’m getting enough calcium :-)

    Also, I was wondering what are your favorite Yogi brand teas?

    Thanks <3

    • Hi Nicole, it’s ironic because long-term studies show that the more dairy that is consumed, the higher the rate of osteoporosis. The net result of consuming dairy is less calcium, since dairy is so acid forming and calcium is leached from the bones, and expelled via the urine. By cutting out dairy you are reducing the acid load in your body and are holding on to more of your calcium. Dark leafy greens, sesame seeds, Brussels sprouts, etc. are great sources of calcium. You can also take a multi-mineral/vitamin if you are concerned. Xx

  • Kim,

    Thank you so much for this post. I read your book over and over but have been slow on making changes. This “cleanse” is just what I need to push me fwd.

  • Hi Kim

    Please what your thought on goat products? I am vegan (high raw) but have read Natalia Rose book detox for women where she advice eliminate nuts seeds grains (even oats) and says that it is lighter for body goat products than nuts seeds and grains. For me I love nuts seeds grains (quinoa millet amarabnts oats, they are whole foods for me. I know you advice( read your books love it) to eliminate dairy food all kind just want you know your thought about if goat products are lighter in detox meaning for body or not. Other question I do not have acces to gravity colonic is it enough to take mago7 or can I go to colonic that is not gravity one? Many thansk to you

    • Meghan, you can have detox tea in moderation (2-3 cups a day). I drink it during winter especially to keep my immune system strong ☺ xx Kimberly

  • Hi Kim,
    I bought your book 8 weeks ago and have been on the GGS ever since. I have naturally weaned away from meat and don’t miss it at all!

    Thank you for your insights and sharing your knowledge with us!


  • Hello Kim!
    How long do I stick with the oat groats if I have candida? before I can have the GGS for breakfast. I am having many detox symptoms. Why do I keep reading some say with candida NO grains, while other recommend it? if I have candida real bad even the green apple in the GGS is not a good idea for now right? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

  • Hi there! My father unfortunately has Stage 4 colon cancer that has spread to his liver. His tumor has shrunk in the colon due to radiation. Chemo has helped the spots on his liver not grow. But chemo is so tough on the body. I’m always looking for ways to help him feel better and get stronger and help his liver. I bought him a nice blender and have my mom making him glowing green smoothies. Any other advice you have for him. he is staying with a vegetarian diet with no dairy or soy as well. I love your book and I feel so much better since I have been doing the GGS and food combining! as well as my yoga and dance! Thanks so much for YOU!!! ooooxxxooo

    • Sharon, I’m sorry to hear that about your dad, but that’s so incredible what you’re doing! Besides the GGS, you should add the GGJ. His body needs quadruple the amounts of nutrients to rebuild and get strong. Keep in touch!!! Xx Kimberly

  • I dropped 15 lbs following the book, and don’t want to drop any more. I have felt very good on the plan in general, but recently felt somewhat weaker. I also got some serious wrinkles under my eyes, and tried botox, with success, don’t want to be afraid to smile, I have lot to smile about! It was a nurse who did it, was very kind, had a lot of info, and thought the weightloss was related. Please share your thoughts, Kimberly! Thanks!

    • Hey kdot, we need a certain level of well placed fat in the body and also throughout the face, to keep looking our most beautiful and keeping supple skin. Be sure to keep beauty fat in your diet- coconuts, coconut oil, avocados, seeds, nuts, etc!

      • Thanks, Kimberly! Trying to balance the need for fat with need to control acne- how can I have so many conflicting needs on one face? trying to eat even better for candida and definitely feeling detox this week- hopeful to balance everything eventually! Thought I ate healthy pre- Beauty Detox Solution, but I doubt I could go back to the way I used to eat.

  • Hi Kim!

    In this kind of “one day cleanse” you recommend to give up from all fats (avokados, nuts, seeds, oils). So how this kind of fat-free day can be healthy and connive cleansing?

    I hope you have time to answer. Have a wonderful day! :)

  • Hi Kimberly,
    I am wondering if using a lime instead of a lemon would work just as well in the morning drink? Limes treat my stomach a little better with respect to causing a burning sensation. I believe I read that you did some study of Ayurveda and being a vata-pitta, limes are better for me. Thanks!

    • Hello Jan, Limes and Lemons are both super alkalizing substituting a lime for a lemon is okay if it is gentler on your body. Xx Kimberly

  • Hi Kim,
    I have been reading some advice posts, and feel a bit confused. I’m still in the BB stage and I did not know you were able to drink the GGS during this stage, yet I see posts of individuals saying they are in this phase drinking it. Am I missing something? Am I able to drink the smoothie during BB phase? Thank you for your time. I’m loving the results of my new diet, even just after 2 weeks. It’s amazing!!

    • Hi Mb, many are anxious to get on the GGS! Since you are a BB, you can drink it, but use only green apple for the fruit and sweeten the rest with liquid stevia. Or you can wait and have the Rolled Oat cereal with the veggies before…it’s up to you! See if that version of GGS works for you. ☺

      • Thanks Kim,

        One more thing, can I alternate having rolled oats one day and GGS (the version you just told me that is) the other day while in the BB? I’m finding that eating the rolled oats every morning for breakfast is getting a bit tedious..

  • Kim,

    I love the Beauty Detox solution and I find the more I am shifting my body to an alkaline state – the better I feel. I have far more energy and don’t have the afternoon lows where I need a sugar pick me up. I saw one of your interviews online and you had mentioned what’s the point of being a size 6 or 2 if you look older than you are! SOO true. So I have started slowly with my breakfast and lunch including the GGS all vegan. But it is hard after dinner when I have a sweet tooth – what do you recommend for sweet treats?

    Also, sushi replacements? (we don’t eat out too often but I love sushi)

    For any of your readers who want their hubbies to get more involved there is a video that is on Netflix now- Forks and Knives – it is awesome! It talks about the China study that you refer to. My husband and I watched that and it was a perfect segway to introduce him to your book. Your book lays it out so logically how the body utliizes the food we ingest. So he is transitioning to a predominatley plant based diet. He is an ultra runner(100 mile trail runs) and he thought that he HAD to have meat for protein to keep him healthy. It was great to have tools to show him so we can start to transition to a better cleaner way of eating together.

    Thanks so much! You rock! Keep spreading all the great information
    (we have three friends now reading your book now too…)

    Happy Friday!

    • MaryK, You’re welcome! Stick with the GGS, after time you will find your cravings are greatly reduced and eventually disappear! For the time being, check out my previous post titled “Indulgent Desserts: A healthy twist on classic ingredients.” (Usually I nibble on a square on organic dark chocolate). Stay connected! Xx Kimberly

  • Hi Kim,

    I just wanted to thank you for all this information :). I read the book and while I haven’t followed any of the phases, I have incorporated a few things here and there and it is definitely working! As you mentioned in the previous post, I can’t live without GGS either I have to have it every day, I feel so much different and healthy when I drink it, it’s incredible. Keep up the great work and informing us with new info.


  • Hi Kimberly,

    In your book you list dandelion greens as a green to eat. Do you have any advice on how to prepare them or which kind to eat.

    My grandomother actually told me that you can eat them and I have been curious about them since she told me that.



    • Hi Odessa! They are quite bitter, and I just put a few in my GGS, or a little in a salad. I definitely use a little at a time though! xx

  • Hi, I just purchased your book 2 days ago and im supper exited about starting a new way of eating. also a little nervous. my question is: in 4 days I will be done with EJUVA 4 wk cleansing system although I have not followed every instruction I have seen results specially on my energy levels! I would like to know what should I do right after im done. i don’t want to go back to having no energy again. can you recoment something.

    • Hi Genesis, it can be a little tricky to make the right diet choices coming right off of a cleanse. I really want to emphasize the importance of ongoing cleansing versus doing something with a start and end date. It’s so much better for your body in the long term to gradually (and persistently) cleanse. Once you are done start with simple foods, and reintroduce other foods slowly. Blended soups, fruit, then some salads, etc. xx Kimberly

  • HI .
    Thank you for these amazing tips. I have a question about the Glowing greens smoothie. When i follow the recipe to the T the batch yeilds 4.5 cups of smoothie. Should i have all of this or just one cup? Am I doing something wrong to be yeilding so much? Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Shah, each batch is unique and difference because of the veggies, sizes, etc. You can save some- start with about 16 oz and build from there. Xx

  • Hi Kimberly,
    I understand that fruit should be eaten on an empty stomach, however in your book you say that the Acai Smoothie is a favorite dessert. I was curious if some fruits are okay for dessert. Would a lemon sorbet be okay?

    Thank you,

  • Thanks for these tips, Kim! I read your book and lost about 10 pounds — and it was effortless! It really changed my mind about food. I kind of fell off the wagon for the past couple months though so this is a great kickstart to get me back on the program! I travel and work a lot so it’s sometimes hard for me to keep with healthy choices…..things like this are reminders for me to stay with it though! Thank you!

  • Hi Kimberly,

    I want to make the Glowing Green Smoothie but only have a juicer (and can’t afford a blender at the moment). Is it ok to use the same ingredients and make a juice instead?

    Sometimes I will even scoop out of the juicer some of the fibrous parts that are removed in the juicing process and add this into my juice so there is some fiber in it. Do you think this helps?

    Thank you so much!

  • Hi Kimberly,
    I tried the Detox Tea.. It is tasty,,never thought I would like it with the cayenne pepper, but am surprisingly pleased with the taste and the results are quick…Looking forward to trying the Glowing Green Smoothie..Thank You for all your tips.. I am so glad to have found your website..

  • hi kimberly,

    is magnesium oxide the same as magnesium oxygen? and where do you recommend purchasing these supplements? your help is appreciated! thanks for your awesome blogs

  • Hi Kimberly,

    I drink tea everyday (green, white and rooibos) and am wondering if there are any spices (or other ingredients) I could add besides honey, lemon or cayenne pepper to increase the health and detox benefits I’m getting?


  • Hi Kimberly,

    I’m a new reader of your book The Beauty Detox Solution and I am enthused about the prospect of daily cleansing “for life” and using nutrition to help beautify, lose bulge and feel better overall. I have 2 questions for you which I hope you can help me with.

    Firstly, I live in a colder climate so as winter approaches, I find it too chilly to drink a cold smoothie in the mornings. Is there anything “warmer” that’s similar to the green smoothie or at least when eating my other meals?

    Also, I’m really addicted to chocolate. I find myself strongly craving a piece of chocolate daily! What does this mean and what can I do to stop?

    Thank you for your time and for this great resource.

    • Hi Lucia,
      First of all, cravings are normal. Admittedly, I used to eat chocolate daily for a few years. This past summer, I gave it up completely (except for special events) and now I don’t miss it at all. If you keep cleansing and having more greens, your body will work towards a better balance.
      If you are cold in the mornings, you can warm up with some hot tea or hot water with lemon first. You can have the GGS more warmed to room temperature, but it really is important all year-round. You’re whole day will be better, and your body will be more balanced and equipped to deal with the cold. xx

  • Your website is fabulous! I am obsessed with it and read all of your posts over and over again. I purchased your book from amazon last night. I am preparing my grocery list and I was wondering if the detox would be just as effective if i did not use organic produce? Are there some produce that should definitely be organic and others i could substitute? Let me know! Thanks so much cant wait to start! xoxo Ashley

    • Hi Ashley, fantastic! I have a section in the book on most important organic items, and what is not as important. xx

  • Hi Kimberly, I’m really enjoying your blog! Thank you for putting it out there. Just wondering where I can find your dressing recipes that you talked about and your miso recipe and the sally salsa etc. I couldn’t find them and I’m very interested.
    Thank you so much!

  • Dear kimberly
    I have a poblem since i just started healthy foods and start exercising specialy when i start detoxing jucies i started to have food allergies almost from everything i have skin rash and itching on my body and my face looks horrible is that normal? Should i stop detoxing! Or what ? I mean if i have allergeis from most of what i eat then what should i eat?? Can detoxing cure food allergies??Please help

  • Hi I just found out about you from one of my fav you tube vloggers. She showed how to make your acai smoothie. I couldn’t find acai so I used fresh blueberries and drank 2 glasses last night and swear I had more energy than I usually do. and this morning I feel awake not tired like normally. I probably shouldn’t have had 2 glasses but it was so yummy. I got your book on my kindle and plan to read it and try to follow it. I really do want to feel better and be healthy again.

  • I have an allergy to Cayenne Pepper, along with several other hot peppers. How effective will this be without it? Is there a substitute?

      • Thank you so much! I just bought your book yesterday. My daughter has been following your suggestions for about a month and the change in her is incredible. She has three young children, and even though they don’t let her get enough sleep, her energy is way up, the dark circles under her eyes are gone, and she feels so much better. I ordered my Vitamix this weekend and can’t wait until it gets here!

  • Hi Kim,

    You’ve mentioned previously not to have water and meal at the same time. Should I begin my day with a hot mug of water w/ lemon first…wait half hour… and then the smoothie? Or, other way around?


  • This cleanse sounds great! The part I’m most excited about is the detox tea. I love tea of any sorts. I feel like it’s a great mid-day relaxing moment or before bed way to wind down. The cleanse seems very clean and pure. Right after Christmas this is one I would love to try!

  • Hi Kimberly
    I’m in my first trimester of Pregnancy and having extremely difficult digestive problems. To the point where only a juice cleanse for a few days would probably help as I’ve done before- but Is a cleanse for me safe? I’m very conscious about what I put into my body to begin with. However I’ve read conflicting arguments that toxins released in blood could harm baby so how do I cope with this now? I’ve also lost my appetite for salads and green juices bc I’m naseuous allll day! Would you suggest cutting out completely animal meats (I do eat sparingly but maybe I have to cut completely) ?

    • My suggestion would be this: The best diet for any expectant mother is the mucusless diet. It allows you to eat plentifully but strictly on wholesome foods such as raw fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, seeds and grains. This will rebuild your strength, and health and take perfect care of your growing baby. :) On this diet you will naturally and consistently cleanse, which is safe for you while pregnant. I don’t know what other cleanses you may have looked into, but this diet is perfectly safe for expectant mothers. There are herbal teas to help with hormones, nausea, and morning sickness while on your way to a consistent, comfortable health from this optimal diet of wholesome foods. I suggest you purchase “Every Woman’s Herbal” by Dr. John R. Christopher and Gileadi. It is excellent and addresses your concerns directly.

      About the herbal teas. I would suggest these two to any expectant mother: Sarsaparilla, and especially Red Raspberry leaf tea. These both regulate female hormones, strengthen and rebuild female organs, and Red Raspberry leaf is also a natural anti nausea aid. :)

      My sources: I study health regularly, as well as Kim’s book, and I study Vitalistic Herbalism (health) at Dr. Christopher’s School Of Natural Healing.

  • Hi Kimberly,

    Thanks for your brilliant book! I wanted to get your opinion on something I’ve been reading about lemon juice and tooth enamel. A lot of people say it wears down the enamel over time. Trying to reconcile this with drinking
    my lemon water every morning…have you heard this debate? Thanks again for sharing your wealth of beauty/health knowledge!

  • So is steamed veggies okay or low fat suops. Even though its not in the raw dogma is it cleansing. Cuz since going all raw I have bloated and not gone my bowels have stopped working and I feel sick even though I do daily enemas and 1-2x weekly colonics.

    Steamed vegggies, soups,green juices, miso soup just feel better. Advice? PLEASE!

  • Hi Kimberly,

    Thank you so much for all your brilliant guidelines, you are such an inspiration. Thanks to you I have started to change so many things about my life and, although it is sometimes very hard (to resist those bloddy cravings) I feel much better about myself.
    I amdoing the Cleanse Day today and was wondering if I could have a home made smoothie for dinner, with my salad (mango and banana) or do you recommend to not eat fruit during the detox day?

    Many many thanks,

    All the best, always

    • Fruits are naturally detoxing foods so eating them on a cleansing will be just fine :)
      And in proper food combining fruits and vegetables do mix well, so you should be fine to
      have your fruit smoothie with your salad. Just be sure that your salad and smoothie only contain
      fruits and vegetables :)

  • You have talked about probiotics and digestive enzymes- which ones would you recommend and can you take them daily -fi so how many.
    I love your book!!!

  • Hi Kimberly!
    I have been reading your blog a little for the past few months and would really like to try the Beauty Detox Solution. But I am worried that cleansing and eating minimal calories may be more detrimental to my health than beneficial since I am extremely active, very competitive athlete, and am only 16 and possibly still growing. However, I have started making and drinking the GGS in the mornings and have found that I have more energy and perform better athletically, but I’m afraid to go any further than that. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Try Primal …. Mark Sisson at Mark’s Daily Apple – check out the FORUM….

      Good luck. And your concerns are very valid. If you live in a bigger city, you might want to try finding a paleo mentor.

      Don’t stop eating meat, protein and healthy fats. You ARE growing and need healthy fats, protein from hormone free, grass fed animals, clean veggies and fruits – ie: NO GMO’s if you can afford to avoid – which you should be able to as I assume you live at home and have no to minimal expenses.

    • The great thing about the dietary habits Kimberly suggests is that the foods she guides you to are wholesome and complete. Fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, seeds, and whole grains are all complete foods. Together they contain every kind of nutrient that the human body needs no matter what their circumstances or pursuits. They even contain healthy calories. So on this diet your health will not suffer as an athlete. It will actually improve and you will find greater strength to accomplish your activities. :)

  • Protip from a scientist: Anyone who tells you something will “cleanse your body” is either stupid or trying to scam you.

  • Hi Kim,

    I have your book and get your great emails. I am planning on starting a brand of a cleanse with cayenne pills in a couple days and going to follow your diet for this cleanse with their program. I am starting this because I felt I needed something more structured to help me focus on cleansing.

    My question is, a lot of the this cleanse focuses on the Blood Type Diet. I am type A which says I should avoid bananas, mangos, tomatoes, peppers (red, green, yellow) which I normally eat. I know I am allergic to melons so I haven’t eaten those since I was little but I eat all the other fruits/veggies.

    What is your opinion on this blood type diet and eliminating things like bananas, mangos, peppers, tomatoes, etc?

    And, with regards to “Food Pairing” all we can think about is “fruit on an empty stomach” but I also read that fruit and greens can be eaten together. Does this mean I can eat a salad with strawberries on it?


  • Hi Kimberly! Someone above mentioned Ezekiel bread and I have been wondering about it too since they sell it at our local health food store. Can you tell me which (or if all) of these products are OK to eat? Here’s a link :):

    Ok and also, would it be possible to change the format so when you reply we get a notification in our emails? :) Not a huge deal, but just curious!


    You’re the best :)

  • Hey Kimberly,
    What you have done is amazing and inspiring and am hoping you can get me out of this rut. I used to be extremely healthy and cleansed once a week, and now after the holidays I am stuck in this disguisting mess of a diet (from green tea and GGS for breakfast to chips and dip for breakfast) I have no idea what the heck is wrong with me but always seem to give up after breakfast. This is really unusual of me, do you have any advice? thanks alot and God bless.

    • If I may, I have some suggestions. :)

      First, I encourage you to pray and ask God for His help. He gave you your body and more than anyone else He wants to see you enjoy it in optimum health. He will give you strength and guidance as you try to make the necessary changes to improve your health. I can testify to that from personal experience :)

      Second, have someone to be accountable to. I used to have the exact same trouble as you with giving up quickly. I remembered that when I make promises to others I keep them. So I made a promise to one of my sisters I that I wouldn’t turn back on my eating plans. Not because she needed me to eat better, but simply because I keep my promises, and after promising something to her I knew I would do it. And I did. :) Having someone to be accountable to, helps a ton.

      Third, try making meal plans, if you haven’t already. Having a layout for the next few days, can help a lot because you can see your goals in sight and you feel more comfortable knowing how you’ll get to them. :)

      Fourth, it’s similar to second, but slightly different-find someone you can count on constantly for encouragement. Have someone you can call or go talk to when you feel like giving up who will give you a loving pep talk and renew your strength. I’ve even seen bloggers do this for each other over the internet.
      It really helps! :)

      Another suggestion, have an “I’m throwing all my junk foods out!!” celebration. Make it a little party even. I did this with my sister and her husband when we all decided to eat better. We actually packed up all of our junk foods and marched them right out to the dumpster. It was very empowering! And we recorded a video of it with some short messages about why we were doing this and our new found conviction for eating better.

      Lastly, keep a record of all your strong moments. The moment you beat the chips and dip, record it in a journal, video, or audio format of some kind. Having these records to refer back to reminds of how strong you can be, and empowers you to do better as you continue :)

      Good luck to you! I know it’s hard sometimes, but you can do it! You were meant to succeed!!! ;)

  • I want to ask I get sick on cayenne pepper and Kale. Do have any suggestions? I do love drinking the drink I find you are so right about having this for Breakfast, I find it is very filling and helps making better choices. thanks for the help.

  • Hi Kimberly! (By the way, I love your name!)
    I wandered, what am I supposed to eat after lemon in hot water in the morning?
    I’ve been drinking it for two days, but as i woke up in the middle of the morning I didn’t have my regular breakfast. Then I ate just a banana (that made me heartburning! I really don’t love cold stuff in winter!)
    In my regular breakfast I eat rice or buckwheat porridge, but I didn’t have the courage to try a nut or cereal milk as they have sunflower oil in it and it doesn’t look appealing to me… Anyway, even without using milk, is it right to have something sweet (even if honey or dried or sweet fruit) after water and lemon? Or may it look like a crash to our poor stomach?
    I hope you may help me!


  • Hi Kimberly,

    I recently purchased Body Detox Solution and started with the Radiant beauty phase. I have been drinking GGS around 8-8.30am and I felt an increase in energy and my skin get smoother. However, by 10.30 am, I am really hungry and start having a headache. Post lunch (12-1pm), I also have cravings for food by 4pm and I feel famished. What should I be doing differently?

    Love the book and the impact on my skin – but it would be great to eliminate cravings and the headache. Please help!

    Thanks, Satya.

      • I found that snacking on nuts, like almonds, walnuts, pistachio and sunflower seeds helps with the hunger, and usually just a handful eaten slowly.

  • hey guys there is this diet that really cleanses your body of toxins and is really not that long…2 weeks, look up lemon diet or cayene pepper diet… if you do so, you cleanse your body and can lose 20 lb in 2 weeks… and you dont need to sit on these diets for forever waiting for results….highly recommend it :)

  • Hi,
    What about pineapple? Doesn’t it have enzymes? Why don’t u talk about pineabble at all in ur book? Can I put it in my GGS? Also is magnesium oxide the same?

    • All foods contain enzymes. :) Pineapple is an excellent food. It’s nutrient rich and has great cleansing properties. It shouldn’t be a problem to use it in the smoothie :) She may not talk about pineapple because its only one of TONS of wholefoods, and it’s hard to cover everything one book. Magnesium oxide is related but not quite the same. :)

    • Hi Shannon. Kimberly does talk about Pineapples in her second book Beauty Detox Foods. She is a fan of pineapples but not sure about adding them to your GGS though.

  • Hi Kimberly,

    Love your book! Love the recipes :) Quick question about spinach/kale. Is it ok to buy them prepackaged? Trader Joe’s sells organic cut up kale and spinach (it’s washed, cut and ready to go). I find that this saves me a lot of time in the mornings- is this ok?

    Thank you,

  • I am really loving the theme/design of your website.
    Do you ever run into any internet browser compatibility problems?

    A couple of my blog visitors have complained about
    my blog not working correctly in Explorer but looks great
    in Chrome. Do you have any recommendations to help fix this problem?

  • Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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  • Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Dear Kimberly, I have been following the BD Lifestyle now for 3 years in Feb. 2014z I am absolutely addicted to the GGS. I never thought that I would love a green drink so much. I have done extremely well with my weight loss & have 5 more lbs. I would like to lose. I gave up everything according to your principles immediately & never looked back. I do eat a mostly raw veggie & fruit diet & I feel like I really thrive on tons of greens. I keep my sugar intake very low even with fruit. Is that ok to do? I know that fruit has so many health benefits but I just enjoy vegetables so much. I also from time to time do 3,5. or 7 day cleanses just to really give myself a break from the everyday lifestyle. Is that a good thing to do since I really am doing an ongoing cleanse everyday with BD. I do not eat a lot of cooked foods that much anymore since so am loving a raw diet. How important is it for me to get at least some cooked foods like Quinoa, Millet, Brown Rice, etc? Just wanted to make sure that I am getting the most out of this way of eating. Thank you so much for this as it really has changed my life at 47. Also with 5 more lbs. off I will have lost almost 70 lbs!! You are an angel.
    Sincerely, Cindy:))

  • Hi! I was just wondering if I could add a little bit of berries to the GGS for sweetness. Not very much only a couple, not even enough to change the color? If not that’s kk :) Thanks!!!

  • Hi…im havin a bit of a problem with gas. Ive been on bb for almost two months and only recently have been belching a lot….what can I do to stop this….Also my skin gets breakouts during my period

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