Today, we have a really fun, informative gift for you!

It’s an infographic about the best path to take through the supermarket so that you’re always “shopping slim”.

Get it right here:

Click image to see a larger version

As a Beauty Detox reader, you may already be doing a lot of the things you see on the graphic. But still, reinforcing that “aha” that you’ll get from actually seeing and reading it means you’ll never look at the supermarket the same way again (and never ask yourself, “Why is my stool green?” :-)

Besides, I’m sure there are plenty of people you know who aren’t (yet) walking the Beauty Detox-approved supermarket path—so definitely share this with them!

It could help them increase their consumption of health and beauty foods, change harmful habits, and totally improve their life.

Again, just click the image above to get the infographic now.

And remember that eating healthy doesn’t always have to be expensive…many ask how to eat healthy on a budget and it’s simple: plan ahead!

In Love & Health,