Today I’m going to share something I’ve never done before…

My friend Natalie—who hosted a show with me last Tuesday on Beauty Detox Foods Launch Day—got me to open up my fridge, pick 5 foods at random, and then come up with a brand new recipe on the fly.

We filmed the whole thing, and I must say, her “challenge” was an absolute blast!

And as you’ll see at the very end, we named the recipe after her—The Natalie!

Watch it below now:


Here is also another quick and easy recipe to try! Check out my simple salsa recipe here. :)

In love and health,



P.S.—While Beauty Detox Foods is now available in bookstores everywhere and will continue to be… there are just TWO days left to enter the big contest, if you get 3 or more copies. (Remember that we just added another prize—we’re giving away three 20-minute 1-on-1 consultations as part of the package as well!)

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Thanks to everyone for showing so much support and love—and to all who sent me positive feedback, thanks and personal pictures of the book. :)