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Hope you’re doing well with the Avocado Challenge — which started Monday! I’ve been seeing some great pics and I encourage you to keep them coming!

Today, we’re back with another weekly installment of Q&A — which we’ve been getting amazing feedback about! This week’s topic is about gaining healthy weight and also putting on extra muscle. These are questions we get a lot and so I hope you find the answers helpful and grounding for you.

Let’s dive into them now…

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Question from Melissa: I am also trying to gain weight and mass as a female. I would love to have this answered as well?

Hi Melissa! The first thing to understand is that weight loss is often a big part of the detoxification process. Much of the fat we have on our bodies can be due, in part, to the accumulation of toxins. And so, as those toxins are released, the body often sheds fat quickly. I say this because once you’ve slimmed down and achieved most of your necessary detox, you’ll find that your weight may usually normalize without any effort.

That said, there are some healthy ways you can add weight without compromising your health. The first is simple: eat more. While I’m not a big fan of focusing on calories, in general, adding more fuel, in the form of more dense foods, will likely help you gain weight. You can also add more nuts and seeds (though don’t go overboard on the fat so much that you feel sluggish), more avocado, more gluten-free grains/starches like quinoa and brown rice. Raw fruits and vegetables tend to be less dense, and full of fiber and water, and therefore less likely to add weight. Finally, you can add some protein in the form of a vegan protein supplement, to add a little more fat and muscle mass.


Question from Sara: Is it possible to gain muscle tone on the Beauty Detox program?

Absolutely! I’m the strongest I’ve ever been and I have Beauty Detox to thank for that. And I’ve met many readers who work out and get tone and strong on this plan. Not just over a month or two, but over many years and across many different countries in the world.

Some might be concerned that there isn’t enough protein to add muscle mass on Beauty Detox, but that’s not the case. When you eat enough food and a balanced diet that included Glowing Green Smoothie, vegetables, grains, nuts/seeds and shakes — you get plenty of easily-digested protein. If you’re very active or want to add muscle, you generally just need to eat more, or you can add a bit more protein in the form of a vegan protein powder. If you look on Instagram, you will see many fitness models who are very lean, tone and strong on vegan diets that are very similar to Beauty Detox. The same is possible for you.

Also, here is a post we did on gaining muscle with Beauty Detox — hope that helps!

Question from Stephanie: My husband really believes meat has to part of every meal what should I do?

The first answer is simple: do not fight or resist him. It’s human nature that the more you get pushed, the more you resist. So if you pressure or judge him, that will only increase the imaginary boundary between you — and strengthen his desire to eat meat even more. In other words, pushing or fighting is counterproductive.

The best way to proceed is to be your best and lead by example. If you’re thriving — and you feel happy, healthy and light — that is contagious. Others want some of that, and your husband will be no different. For instance, when I first met my husband John, he was not eating Beauty Detox by any means. But as he began to see how well I was doing (and how my clients we being helped!) he began to slowly adopt more and more… until eventually he became a full convert.

You can prepare meals which you can both enjoy, then if he would like some meat, you can prepare it separately so he can add it to his meal. But do try making some of the Beauty Detox veggie burgers, the Taco Gorilla Wraps and some other hearty dishes, and see if in his own time he is willing to incorporate those foods as meat-less meals.


Question from Andrew: What’s a healthy way to gain weight and consume a ton of calories from clean sources?

I’ve already covered this a little in this post, but I’ll elaborate a bit more. One of the challenges I often see when people try to add more calories is adding too much fat. This can help with natural weight gain, but it can also tend to clog up your system a bit — yes, even too much plant fat can make you sluggish and diminish your beauty.

So, the answer is to add a little more fat to your diet, including things like avocados that we’re focusing on in our challenge this week. Adding more Power Protein Smoothie can also be an easy way to bulk up on fuel. But do still definitely get plenty of raw and cooked vegetables, including the starchy ones like butternut squash, kabocha squash, sweet potatoes and so on. These are great sources of calories, easily digested and filled with nutrition.

Once you’re doing that, I encourage you to just eat freely! As I noted last week, many people are very surprised when they see how much I eat each day and at each meal. Beauty Detox is not about deprivation, it’s about abundance, so eat up!

Question from Susan: My boyfriend feels that he needs meat even when I make healthy Beauty Detox meals?

See my previous answer about . I know this can be frustrating, but remember that everyone is at different stages and levels of awareness. The surest way to push them away is through force or judgment. Focus on how you feel and shining your own light as brightly as possible, and then you will have done all you can do.

Power Protein Smoothi

Question from Chris: I’ve always been naturally thin and a smaller frame and I want to gain weight in a healthy way, should I eat nuts, avocados, dried fruit, protein shakes? I am confused what I am suppose to be eating?

Avocados are amazing, in moderation, and the same with nuts and seeds. I also think protein shakes can be great, and the same goes for my Power Protein Smoothie. Just be careful not to overdo fat, as that won’t help you build muscle but rather add body fat, which I’m guessing you don’t really want. As I mentioned in previous answers, some extra fat, larger portions of grains and some cooked vegetables (including sweet potatoes and squash) — combined with working out and lifting (rather than overdoing cardio) — will help you put on healthy weight in the form of muscle.

That’s It for This Week!

Thanks all for the amazing questions, I know this is a serious topic and something we all experience on our unique journey through Beauty Detox.

My hope is that you now see how possible it is to eat plenty of delicious fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, avocados and protein and gain healthy weight — without compromising your principles or health in any way.

We love to hear from you and support you! So if you have further questions, or would like to try and have your question answered next week — please email Katelyn @ and put Q&A in the subject line.

We’ll do our best to get to your question, if at all possible.

Have a beautiful day, and don’t forget to remind yourself that you  are great, and are doing a great job.

With love and gratitude,


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