Today is Day 3 of Yoga Week and the count down continues till The Beauty Detox Yoga Series DVD Releases!

I want to share with you a concept relating to yoga that you may or may not have heard of. Over the years and throughout my journey with yoga I have tuned into things that can help balance not only my practice but also my entire life.

I learned about being mindful of the Yin and Yang elements in yoga a few years back. In today’s infographic I am sharing with you how to apply Yin and Yang elements to your yoga practice.

Your balance may shift daily, weekly or monthly so it is important to tune into your body so you can adjust your practice to be the most fitting for your needs for each and every practice. This is a really wonderful way to make your home practice highly effective for serving your unique needs, which can not be compared to anyone else’s. Having the freedom to create the specific type of practice that is most suitable for you is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, because it will celebrate being authentic to yourself. The result? Greater support to feel your best in your body,  your energy and in alignment with your beautiful spirit.

Now on to the infographic…


Let me know what you think of the concept of bringing Yin and Yang elements into your yoga practice in the comments below!