On this week’s Thursday episode of “Beauty Inside Out,” I answer four questions from listeners, readers and fans of the Beauty Detox Community. This week’s most popular question was, “Is processed sugar the same as fruit sugar?” Are you curious to find out the answer? Tune in now to find out! Also remember, you can submit your questions for the show here!


  • Angie from Madrid, Spain – I would like to know if it’s okay to add spirulina or chlorella to the Glowing Green Smoothie. What about maca or matcha powder?
  • Avril in Scottsdale, Arizona – I know you’re an advocate of doing a home yoga practice. I have a very busy schedule, so what is the best way for me to get started and stay motivated?
  • Karen from Toronto, Ontario – I’m feeling conflicted. I combine my meals properly and have been eating this way for many years. But lately I have been finding recipes that are  not properly combined but sound super delicious. I know they are healthy and made of whole foods, and I am so tempted to try these recipes. But I’m not sure I can truly let myself eat these recipes without feeling guilt and beating myself up mentally. I’m so undecided. What do you think Kimberly?
  • Jamie from Los Angeles – Is eating processed sugar the same as eating sugar from fruit?

Inspirational Thought Of The Week:

Don’t confuse having less with being less or having more with being more. You are you regardless of your belongings.


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