I am so excited to share this video I made with my beloved Ayurvedic teacher Dr. Jay. We talk about a concern I hear from many of my clients as well as members in our Beauty Detox community. Today Dr. Jay shares with you a few tips on how to reduce bloating, once you are already experiencing it.

We are heading into the last weekend before the holidays, many of us may be going out more and eating differently then usual. When we add in sweets and gluten, when we are not use to consuming them it can lead to something we all hate…Bloating!

We all have experienced this feeling at one time or another and today we look forward to providing you with some tips to beat the bloat, once you already have it.

Use these Ayurvedic tips we share to help reduce bloating and feel better faster!

Some of the tips we mention today are:

  • Chewing thoroughly
  • Slipping on hot water
  • Eating fennel feeds (learn why!)
  • Eat ginger while eating

For more in-depth knowledge be sure to watch the whole video now! :) If you have any questions for Dr. Jay please comment below and Thank you so much Dr. Jay for sharing your knowledge with us today on the blog!

Love & Light,


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