I want to talk to you a little bit about my pregnancy supplement routine now that I’m pretty far along… We’re doing very well! I am currently in week 35 now, so I’m very, very deep into my 3rd trimester.

I posted another video on my social channels a few weeks ago while I was in Costa Rica and many of you had more questions! I created this blog to share a little bit more about what I have been taking and what I recommend during pregnancy, especially.

Even if you’re not pregnant, it’s good to think about these things going into having a really healthy pregnancy in the future. I always tell my clients that it’s never too early to start preparing your body for pregnancy.

My Pregnancy Supplement Routine…

SBO Probiotics

The first thing that I want to share is I think is really important every day to continue taking my SBO probiotics. When you are pregnant you really need every little bit of nutrition. What the SBO probiotics do is mimic the soil that grows healthy vegetables. They are able to help our guts heal and keep them really healthy and balanced.This probiotic is special as it is a type of probiotic that can get through to your gut, and really nourish it which makes a huge difference.

Many of you have written in and  said it helps with bloating, which it does. When you’re pregnant, it’s also helping reduce bloating, and keep digestion functioning at its best. It’s important to get all the nutrition needed – and SBO probiotics can help you absorb more nutrients. Vital nutrients like iron absorbs through your gut. Having a healthy gut is extra important when you’re pregnant.

I do take 2 every single day. I consider that essential!! I can’t state that enough.


My Pregnancy Supplement Routine

Also, everything is getting compressed in my belly now! You don’t want toxicity to build at any time in your pregnancy. I do take the Detoxy+ very regularly. It keeps me regular. It adds nascent oxygen to your colon and helps to ensure healthy bowel movements. I haven’t experienced constipation for a long time, but during the pregnancy, I do find myself needing more of an aid to go regularly. Detoxy+ is not a laxative, habit-forming or an herbal formula like Senna.

Whole Food-Based Prenatal Vitamin

My Pregnancy Supplement Routine

I also take a whole food-based prenatal. It has folic acid in it. It has some iron, vitamin D and it has some calcium. You don’t want to take a lot of calcium at the same time you’re taking iron because it can inhibit iron absorption, but there’s some.

It is important when you are taking a prenatal vitamin to be sure it is whole food-based. Also, your doctor may give you a special prenatal depending on your needs.

I’ve had blood work done during my pregnancy. My doctor informed me that my blood is very balanced. get a lot of calcium from my plant-based diet, from greens, both raw and cooked, tahini, sesame seeds and Brussels sprouts, etc. All the different greens have omega-3 fatty acids, as well. Your doctor might prescribe calcium for you to be taken at a different time from your prenatal.

A good prenatal is good insurance during pregnancy for sure.



My Pregnancy Supplement Routine

I also take an algae-based DHA, EPA. This is a really important supplement as it is critical for the babies’ brain development. Algae-based forms don’t have the rancidity issues as fish oil supplements, which I clearly avoid. This is also a great supplement for smooth skin!

Then, besides that, I’ve have still been having my Glowing Green Smoothie every day. Of course, you want to wash every thing really well, as it is an unpasteurized product. It provides a chock full of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, antioxidants and more.

For me, I feel good having some raw foods. If your doctor, of you don’t feel comfortable having anything raw, it’s up to you. The Glowing Green Smoothie has been an amazing source of nutrition for me and baby.

I have also been having The Power Protein Smoothie. When you are pregnant you do need a larger amount of protein and an easy and easy to digest way on the body to get this is through my Power Protein Smoothie. I have also been putting in lots of nutritious chia seeds. I’ve been having this every day to get all those nourishing, healthy omega fats in addition to the increased protein.

These are some of the basic things to look for. Again, depending if you have a specific condition, your doctor may prescribe some separate, more specialized prenatal supplementation that you may need, or need to avoid ( please be sure to check with them on all these items).

I’ll be talking more about food in another blog soon. I haven’t been craving anything really out of the ordinary, or unusual. I’ve just been eating more of the nutrient-dense foods that we eat on the Beauty Detox program. So much more to say about that – soon!!! Hope this was helpful.

I’ll send you guys progress soon. Every week, we’re getting bigger, we’re feeling great, and having lots of energy!

With love and gratitude,




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