In today’s VLOG, I wanted to share with you how to Reduce Stress With These Healing Tips.

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Hey Beauties,

Today we are going to talk about how to heal stress and really reduce stress in a long-term way. We can do this by way of how we talk to ourselves and how we create our space, we hold in the world.  

There are external levels of stress in the world that we can’t control. Things like traffic or deadlines at work can all be stressful that is out of our control. But we do have a lot of control beyond those external things in how we choose to live and how we interact with others.

In my latest book, Radical Beauty, Deepak and I spoke about ways to reduce stress with various healing tips and using things like adaptogens. Today I want to share with you these 6 tools you can keep the top of mind when you are looking for ways to reduce stress in your life.

6 Ways to Reduce Stress

#1. Create a Dignified Environment

To create a dignified environment we must hold a high level of energy of what goes out of our mouths and what we allow to come into our space. That means we don’t engage in gossip or negativity. This helps to keep a higher level of positivity in our space.

Being mean doesn’t feel good deep down inside and can result in stressful energy. So we can let all that go by letting go of the gossip and negativity around us.

#2. Be Giving in Personal Interest to Others

When we expand our heart it actually feels expansive and loving. By paying attention to others, and remembering that there are others around us, we don’t give into this smallness that is a quality of stress where we can feel isolated.

Ways we can practice this is by asking people about their lives. We can give genuine compliments. We can take the emphasis of our small self. Offer appreciation wherever you go, and give praise generously.

#3. Be Present in Life

All the multi-tasking of everyday life can make us feel frazzled and not efficient. We can reduce stress by giving one-pointed attention to all areas of life.

When we are eating, it is best to focus solely on your food and try not to get distracted by your phone or a tv. Try looking into the eyes of someone speaking to you and follow through if they are asking something of you to really be present in your conversation.

#4. Back Off From Perfectionism

I can say from experience that it is hard to let go of being a perfectionist, but it can reduce stress to sometimes let things be messy and not being totally perfect.

Spend some time really releasing the pressure of not being so critical of yourself and others. By practicing not being so critical of yourself or demanding of others, you can reduce stress immensely. 

#5. Don’t Offload Stress Onto Others 

Offloading stress onto others can be called displacement or projection. When we lash out at someone because we are not feeling good, we end up feeling really guilty and shameful. We know deep down that isn’t in alignment in our heart.

If we can pause and breathe and admit we aren’t feeling really good, it will eliminate the stress that you might pass onto others. Instead acknowledge that it is your issue,  deal with it yourself as quickly as you can and then move on.

#6. Never Criticize in Public

There is something energetically that happens when we speak poorly in front of others. It can create a lot of shame and embarrassment for you and for that other person.

If you are harboring a bad feeling, acknowledge it and move past it, but don’t speak of it out in the open.

Thank you so much for tuning in beauties. I hope you think about these 6 points and really take them into your hearts. Tune into my podcasts for more inspirational tips. 

I send you so much love! Thank you for being a part of our community. You are a gift to the world. You are unique. There is no one else in the world like you. 

Take care & lots of love,