Can Fermented Foods Replace Probiotics?

Many kinds of probiotics— including those like l. plantarum— can be found in fermented foods like cultured vegetables. Along with soil-based probiotics, fermented foods like sauerkraut, cultured vegetables, kimchi, and kombucha can help keep your gut health at its best, just as nature intended.

I love cultured vegetables and highly recommend them for a healthy diet. I’ve been eating them for years! 

And while probiotic foods are rich in good bacteria that can aid your digestion, they can’t replace a good SBO supplement.

Without the presence of soil-based microorganisms, we have far less protection against the pathogens floating around as well as less defense against the inner bacterial imbalances. 

Bacterial imbalances in your gut result from consuming— or having consumed— processed foods, additives, antibiotics, and other substances. All of these kill friendly bacteria indiscriminately. Unfortunately, this is something that happens all too often in the modern world we live in. 

But you can fix that!

Improve Your Wellness with SBO Probiotics

Solluna developed a soil-based probiotic supplement because we understand just how beneficial these microorganisms are for your gut health. This unique formula contains soil-based organisms (SBOs) to improve your ability to digest food, mimicking what we find in nature for a natural, healthier digestive process. And as an added bonus, you don’t have to refrigerate it!

These hardy strains of soil-based organisms can not only survive in your gut, but they interact with the strains already present in your gut, creating a strong bond to keep you feeling strong and beautiful. 

Our Feel Good SBO Probiotics formula is also really special because of the ratios of the SBOs. We only took the clinically researched most effective sbos and we put them together in a formula that’s really synergistic with the strains themselves and with our bodies. 

We also added in prebiotics, made up of very powerful turkey tail and chaga mushrooms, which act as food for the probiotics.

We also added mineral-rich shilajit, which acts as a postbiotic. Shilajit is an ancient compound that’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. And it is very powerful in boosting our immunity as well as helping to support the colonization of the bacteria. So when you take this every day, you are getting a powerhouse of benefits.

For smarter gut health, I recommend taking not only my SBO probiotics, but also my Feel Good Digestive Enzymes, and my Feel Good Detoxy supplements. These three supplements work in harmony with each other to help your body digest food easier, absorb nutrients more efficiently, and give you the energy you need to fuel your perfectly imperfect life. :)

Soil-based organisms may be tiny, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore them and their health benefits! There are a lot of probiotics out there, but I hope I’ve convinced you to give SBO probiotics a try if you’re looking for the right probiotic for your unique health needs.

In Love and Health,


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