There is a definite correlation between consuming dairy products and experiencing chronic acne.

Some of you requested I write on this topic, which I have covered before in bits and pieces, but here goes!

You’ll see if you investigate my blog, that I am strongly oppose the consumption of dairy. There are many reasons why, but I’ll stay focused and stick to the topic on hand: acne.

First, let’s take a step back. What is dairy anyway? It is the baby food of another species- cows! It is not fit or meant for human consumption.

In fact, it is not fit for any adult consumption- even adult cows. When was the last time you saw a grown cow suckling on another grown cow. Ewwww!!

Well that is what is going on when we adults eat dairy products. We are eating the food that is meant for babies- and baby cows at that!

By the time we are 3- 4 years old, most of us have stopped producing the enzymes of lactase and rennin- the enzymes used to specifically break down lactose in milk. Again, nature knows best!

The reason we don’t produce these enzymes anymore is because we really aren’t supposed to be having milk anymore.

That is the reason we don’t digest diary fully or comfortably. To make matters worse, all dairy sold commercially has been pasteurized, which means it has been heated to such high temperatures that it is even harder to digest, and very acidic in the body.

Since our bodies don’t have a natural relationship to dairy or cow’s milk- and it will take our beauty DOWN. Our body tries to get the dairy OUT since it is so unnatural to the body, and this could be in the form of coughing it up as phlegm, pouring it out through our noses as mucus, packed as extra weight onto our breasts, hips, bellies- and yes, excreted out of our skin in the form of zits and pimples.

Besides acne, chronic runny noses and colds, allergies, menstrual cramps, infertility, kidney stones, obesity and breast cancer could represent the results of our continued dairy consumption despite our lactose intolerance.

Dairy is cloudy, acidic poison for our skin, bodies, brains and spirits. Our skin, chakras, and organs will develop a layer of cloudiness that inhibits higher vibrations from permeating our being, and us being sensitive to the subtleties of healthy, living foods. It will slow you down, and impede clarity.

Think you need dairy for the calcium? Read my blog, “Calcium Myths Debunked.

Dairy is a huge, politically motivated business. The dairy industry pays millions of dollars to protect their interest and market it as “health food.” Think for yourself, and see what makes sense to you. If we eat a food that is totally unnatural for our bodies to break down- how can we not expect to have repercussions? Acne is one such repercussion.

Acne is not fun for anyone, and can bring down our confidence and make us not feel and look our best. I urge you to take the “no dairy” challenge for at least a month, and see what happens to your skin. If you really want to up the ante, also increase your intake of greens and have some Green Smoothies for breakfast! Your skin will start to be more clear and look more radiant.

Some of you have already told me how your skin cleared up after giving up dairy. I’d love to hear more of your stories and experiences!

Lots of love,

PS: I know this question will come up so I’ll answer it now- yogurt is still pasteurized cow’s milk dairy and not recommended!!!!!