As a way of supporting you guys in YOUR Beauty Detox Solution I am going to start featuring questions I think would help others in our Beauty Detox community. I’m getting tons of questions, and I know it can be hard to pick through all the comments in the blogs sometimes. So I’ll be picking one of your comments here on the blog or Facebook, and will feature it verbatim. Don’t worry, I won’t post anything sensitive or personal of course, and I’ll only post your first initial.  We’re all in this community to help and support each other!

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Here is the first featured question:

hi! I am currently a college student who is also a waitress and find it VERY hard to follow the diet plan..I am always on the go and in a pinch to eat the foods you suggest…i also am on a tight budget/ feel weird buying what most people consider such “out there” foods and bringing them back to prepare in front of my 4 other college roommates. Just curious what your thoughts were and if there was certain small important things I could do to at least start to help my body rid itself of toxins. I really am interested in living a more holistic lifestyle, but right now its very hard!

– H

Dear H,

Remember the idiom “Don’t miss the forest for the trees?” In other words, don’t get so focused on the details (trees) and intricacies of the plan so you miss the big picture and the main point (the forest), or in this case, the overall Beauty Detox philosophy.

The core of the program is about freeing up Beauty Energy to continuously cleanse our body, rejuvenate our skin, help lose weight easier, strengthen our immune system, grow younger, and increase our energy. Those of you that have read the book now know that a great deal of our energy is taken up by digestion, so we need to make to make digestion as efficient as possible to redirect as much energy as possible to the above beauty and health functions, to help us meet our goals.

Who said if you can’t find unpasteurized miso paste or raw tahini that you can’t apply the overall principles?? Use sea salt instead of miso, or skip some of the recipes. It is up to each of us how much of the philosophy we want to apply with specific foods. Some of us might have enough time to make Probiotic & Enzyme Salad every week, some of us might decide to just buy raw sauerkraut. Some of us want to make the GGS every day and make more salads, and some of us are just making a better effort at better Beauty Food Pairing combos… and that’s fabulous! You are still improving and are better off then you were before, when you indiscriminately ate anything in any order!

If you stop eating fruit for dessert and try to have more salads at the beginning of dinner, if you try to separate starches and protein when you can, if you started taking probiotics and know what they are now, if you cut back on dairy…you are still on your Beauty Detox Solution path! Forget about the specific foods, and know that they will fit in when/if it is right for you. But the point is now you have more knowledge, which you can apply in varying ways!

Here are 4 easy ways to apply your Beauty Detox Solution right now- no matter what situation you are in:

1)Try to limit all liquids with meals. Liquids dilute digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid in the stomach and make digestion slower and harder. Hydrate in significant quantities between meals.

2) Only eat fruit on an empty stomach, and never for dessert. Remember the Ferrari analogy? Fruit digests very quickly out of the stomach, and if we eat it after heavier foods it may cause a “traffic jam”, and we may become bloated and we may create more toxicity in body, in the form of fermented (rotted) matter.

3) Try to keep protein and dairy out of your mornings. We’re in cleanse mode at that time and our bodies haven’t started digesting food yet…forget calorie counting. This is about cleansing your body on a daily basis. Having animal protein twice or more a day- ie  an omelet in the morning, then chicken at lunch and dinner, is too acidic (aging). If you like eggs have them later in the day. Instead, have the Glowing Green Smoothie, or if you can’t have that try the suggestions for Blossoming Beauty. Also,  fruit followed a bit later by oatmeal, or by almond milk and a quality granola is not “wierd.” If you can find gluten-free bread, have a piece of that with some avocado. Again, that isn’t too hard or weird!

4) At lunch and dinner try to separate your proteins and starches. Have one or the other. Simpler meals with fewer food groups digest easier. For example, at a restaurant order fish with veggies or brown rice with veggies but not fish with brown rice. You can also try making my tabouli salad recipe to save some money and eat greener!

We can all do these 4 things right now! Keep your eyes on the beautiful, radiant forest ahead…and don’t worry about each individual tree!