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We all need to stay hydrated to keep our skin and hair looking its absolute best, and to keep an optimal energy level. The question is: what are the best beverages to beautify us and help with this process?

Let’s start first with a few drink categories to avoid.

1. Tap water: I rank tap water pretty high upon the avoid list, since it is full of chlorine, heavy metals and contaminates, and trace prescription meds that aren’t all filtered out at the water processing plants. Get yourself a good water filter!

2. Artificial sweeteners: We should also avoid beverages that contain any type of artificial sweeteners. Besides aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame potassium and saccharin, also look out for chrystalline fructose, which is derived from corn. No artificial sweeteners are in line with promoting our natural beauty. Period!

3. Heavily pasteurized beverages: These include most every beverage that comes in bottles. Orange juice and those Odwalla smoothies are among the first thing that come to mind. I do not recommend them. They are high in sugar, acidic and their enzymes and natural nutrients have been destroyed by the high temperatures. There are different levels of pasteurization, and some products are more gently pasteurized than others, which is better b/c some of the nutrients are preserved. Coconut water is an example of a product which is gently pasteurized. It holds up pretty well, and coconut water contains important minerals versus vitamins; vitamins are more susceptible to high heat damage from pasteurization.

Now here are 6 great beautifying, hydrating beverages. These ideas are also featured in  the current People Stylewatch over 2 pages (very exciting!), and I thought I would be great to share with you as well!

1. Hot water with lemon: Start the day off right, with a mug of fresh water heated up and some lemon to add a punch of Vitamin C and to help flush out your system.

2. Glowing Green Juice: Thirsty? If you have a juicer you can follow the same basic recipe as the GGS for lots of liquid packed with the bonus of antioxidants, enzymes and minerals!

3. Coconut water: Contains lots of potassium and minerals, and very hydrating. Comes in convenient recloseable cartons also!

4. Iced herbal teas: Right now my favorite is peach rooibos, which I have been drinking a ton of here in hot New Orleans during this film! Herbal iced teas add great flavor, antioxidants, and doesn’t have the caffeine of iced green or black tea. I drink mine unsweetened, bu you could sweeten yours up with stevia if you like!

5. Watermelon: At around 92% water, watermelon is so juicy! Remember you can hydrate with fruit! But in keeping with our blog heading, the way to  make this is a drink is to simply blend it with a bit of cold water, then you have a great watermelon smoothie to sip on at your desk!

6. Last but not least….the GGS!: Glowing Green Smoothies are incredibly hydrating, and the fiber keeps you full and energized, so you won’t need so many dehydrating caffeine-filled beverages. Some of my clients are  doubling their amount of GGS in the heat, and they have a lot of energy and look even more fantastic!

Stay hydrated my beauties!

Love to all,


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