Brides glow. That’s just what they do because they’re so happy. But if you want your skin to glow as much as possible for your wedding day, there are a few extra things you can do to ensure you—and your skin—look your best on your big day.

1. Clean Up Your Diet (and Your Gut)

Here I am, in my first round of wedding dress shopping!

See what happens when you give up dairy for a few weeks, and cut back on your other animal products (like fish oil capsules) so that you’re only having them a couple of times per week (if at all). Minimize or eliminate processed and refined foods, too, and eat a more natural, plant-based diet. What the meats, dairy, and processed and refined foods do is clog up your intestines with acidic toxins that can contribute to acne. Those toxins overwhelm your organs and alter the balance of good and bad bacteria in the intestines.

My secret (well, not so secret anymore!) weapon against acne that has really helped me on my own journey has been the Probiotic & Enzyme Salad, which replaces the good bacteria you may have lost through poor dietary choices in the past.

2. Exercise!

When you exercise, you help flush toxins out of your body. You also improve your circulation, bringing more blood to the surface of the skin. This not only gives you a healthy glow post-exercise, but it also keeps your skin cells healthier in the long run.shutterstock_124962236

Try yoga, hiking, biking, running—whatever feels best for your body! Do something that you love so you’ll feel as if exercise is something you get to do, rather than one more chore. If wedding planning is stressing you out, you need the exercise to release some of that anxiety. You’ll get glowing skin, boost your mood, and be able to think more clearly with a little physical activity. All of these things will help you look beautiful, calm, and happy on your wedding day.

3. Drink (and Eat) More Water  

Your body needs plenty of water to function well and look youthful, and though you want to make sure you’re drinking enough so that you’re not dehydrated, you shouldn’t forget to eat fruits with high water content, either! They come with additional benefits beyond the enzyme-packed water. For example, watermelon’s high water content is accompanied by the antioxidant lycopene, plus calcium, magnesium, and sodium; and cucumbers have B vitamins, electrolytes, vitamin C, and fiber.

Speaking of cucumbers, they’re one of the best Beauty Foods for your skin in general, used inside or outside. Their vitamin C brightens your skin while they caffeic acid inside reduces inflammation. In addition to eating them on your salad or as a snack, try a couple of slices on your eyes in an at-home spa treatment or even use them on other parts of your body you’d like to tighten up.shutterstock_72516694

A study found that eating more foods rich in carotenoids, like tomatoes, bell peppers, mangoes, watermelons, and even leafy greens can actually shift your skin tone for a positive effect, so that it appears to be glowing even more. The slight yellow tint your skin takes on when you consume more of these fruits and vegetables is perceived as healthier and even more attractive to others, so you’ll look even more gorgeous than usual in those wedding photos by consuming more of these Beauty Foods that promote beautiful skin.

One more note on hydration: if you’re tired of drinking plain water and you’re active, you can enjoy young coconut water (look for one that doesn’t have any added sugar), which is an incredible hydrator that contains lauric acid, iron, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. This is perfect if you’re dealing with dehydrated, lackluster skin and feel as if regular water’s just not doing enough for your complexion on its own. You can add coconut water to your Glowing Green Smoothie in place of plain water if you don’t like the taste of coconut water right out of the fruit or the box.

4. Exfoliate your Face and Dry Brush your Bodyshutterstock_86271487

Gently exfoliate your face with a washcloth or a mixture of ground oatmeal and water or oil (olive or almond, or choose your own personal favorite). Exfoliation removes the top layer of dead, dull skin that’s hiding the beautiful, glowing skin underneath. You’ll boost your circulation and give yourself a rosy glow, too.

If your dress shows much skin at all, whether it’s your arms, back, or décolletage, you’ll want the skin on your body to look just as gorgeous as the skin on your face. For this, I recommend dry brushing. You can dry brush daily, even right before you shower on your wedding day. Dry brushing will assist in circulation (it makes your skin tingle and sometimes feels like it’s increased your energy!) and exfoliates like no store-bought exfoliating product can. The bristles may feel quite firm at first, but you’ll start to get used to and even love the firmness. I try to keep my dry brush near my shower so I remember to do it.

5. Give Your Skin Care Routine a Makeover

If you’re unhappy with the results of your current skin care routine or you’re starting to question whether some of the ingredients are good for your skin, maybe it’s time to shake things up a little. Experiment with your products well in advance of your wedding day so you’ll have time to determine what works best for your skin.shutterstock_85071907

Coconut oil and almond oil are fantastic skin moisturizers. Of course you can increase your intake of almonds and have coconut oil in small amounts to benefit your skin from the inside out, but you can also apply the oils directly to your skin to take advantage of their antioxidants.

For face cream, just take a look at the ingredients list and avoid ones full of petroleum-based ingredients or polyunsaturated oils. One of the lines I recommend is, because it is non-toxic and has lot of great natural, benefit-driven plant ingredients, is Sally B’s.

For a little something extra in the skin care department beyond just washing and moisturizing, Sally B’s Antioxidant Skin Boost brightens skin and fights free radicals. You mix it with your regular nighttime moisturizer and you can use it every night.

6. Eat More Pineapple

Pineapple is like a wonder food when your skin needs to look amazing, and it tastes incredible! Have more pineapple to benefit your skin (and body) by:shutterstock_74872702

  • Improving your digestion
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Forming collagen
  • Removing toxins from the body

The bromelain in pineapple helps your digestive system break down protein, which in turn makes it easier for it to exit the body and less likely to hang around in your gut to cause acne and other skin issues. It also helps reduce bloating (not a skin issue, but definitely not something you want to deal with on your wedding day!). The bromelain in ripe pineapple also helps cleanse the blood of toxins and assists circulation, which is always helpful for a glowing complexion!

If you’re having trouble with inflamed skin, pineapple can come to the rescue like Prince Charming once more and reduce that, plus it helps form more collagen, which will lead to new, healthy skin cells for smooth, soft skin.

7. Don’t Forget About the Beauty Products

What you put into your body and how much you move around are both important and will result in beautiful, glowing skin, but on special occasions—like your wedding day—you want to look extra vibrant. That’s when you whip out the non-toxic beauty product arsenal. Your newfound glow that comes from the inside will be the perfect canvas for strategically placed natural beauty products.shutterstock_105112088

One of my favorite foundations comes from Vapour Beauty. It’s the Soft Focus Foundation, which gives your skin a satiny finish while moisturizing and reducing inflammation.

Vapour Beauty’s Aura Multi-Use Blush is another great product for emphasizing your beautiful glowing skin. You can use one of their rosy shades as blush or choose a lighter shade that highlights your cheekbones, under your brows, or even your décolletage or shoulders.

You’re going to look amazing on your wedding day—happy and absolutely glowing!

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