In today’s Vlog I wanted to share The Secret To Shedding Extra Weight so you step into feeling light, energized and amazing for the new year!

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Hey Beauties,

Today I’m going to talking to you about one huge big secret for weight loss which I think is sometimes very easily overlooked and I think it’s a great time to be talking about this with the beginning of the year and for many of us wanting to shed some extra weight or just step into feeling light and energized and amazing for the new year.

When it comes to losing weight, there’s a lot of different ways to do it. There’s a lot of different programs, and ideas, and fads, and ways that are healthy, ways that are not. But, as we all know for many of us, including myself, that have tried different diets and tried many of these different programs, it doesn’t always last. We don’t always get great sustainable results and there’s a big missing ingredient for a lot of these programs… which is support and community!

Hear me out here. We are meant, as members of humanity, we’re really meant in our DNA, to be in tribes, to be in packs, to have support and love from other members of the tribe. This is a really, really important component for what makes weight loss sustainable and last and we keep getting better and better results rather than falling off the wagon.

This support could come in many different forms. I’ll speak from my personal experience. When I got back from my around the world trip and I moved to New York City, I got really involved in the yoga studio. I had a really great community there. I made a lot of friends. Often after class we would all cook together. It was the basis for my Dharma’s Kale Salad.

Cooking with these different people, it really taught me a lot about raw food back then. That’s how I got into raw food. I’m not a full raw foodist now, but it really did help me learn this whole new way of cooking and living and lifestyle from being with this community. It was a really big part of my journey and again just something I see with a lot of people when I do my work, when I’m one-on-one with clients, part of why they hire me is to have that support, that checking in. It’s not just following something on a page. We’re not robots. We all need that extra support!

What you can do in your life is find a friend or a family member or a trusted person that you can connect with and share with, maybe that wants to eat healthier with you, that wants to get on the program for the GGS.

I know a lot of my talks sometimes I see coworkers come in together, which I love, and I say, “In your office, you can actually implement a GGS program and maybe you take turns.” Same things with group or moms group or group of friends or whatever. It’s a really powerful thing to do. It’s also why I want to remind you guys because today is Wednesday and we’re closing the cart on Friday for the 30-Day Roadmap for Healthy Weight Loss. I say eating because it is for a healthy eating, but it is also to help you lose weight.

Very important and intrinsic part of this program is the community aspect. What I mean by that is when you’re doing this Roadmap, you’re getting the support of the community. You’re in a private Facebook accountability group and everybody is talking about the recipes and the days and how they’re feeling. You’re all with these like-minded people.

You’re also getting more private access to me for doing the programs. You could ask me questions. There’s daily coaching videos from me. You’re getting the support from me in a more specific, specialized way. Again, I think that’s just a huge secret to weight loss through and through, through the 30-Day Roadmap and in general as you go forward in your journey.

Whether you do the Roadmap or not, remember that we have this amazing Beauty Detox Community. I’m always on Facebook Live every week. I’m always answering your questions on the podcast Beauty Inside Out. You could hear my voice. You can know that you’re part of something bigger, this community of like-minded people.

I really encourage you to take advantage of all of these resources and to know that you’re not alone so that there’s lots of support for you. It can really, really be that difference between feeling isolated and separated, which is not part of our nature, and dangling and lots of doubt and struggle versus feeling connected, and supported, and lifted up ,and it can make a huge difference in your results.

Please take advantage, Beauties. There are links we’ll put here and in the transcript as well to the 30-Day Roadmap if you’re interested. It’s basically You’re already on here if you’re watching this. Also, you can subscribe to my Facebook Lives. Beauty Inside Out, it’s my podcast again. Also Instagram with lots of different Insta Stories and interacting with you guys in the comments. Lots of different support. Sending you guys so much love!!

Remember to seek out community. Remember to seek out support as a vital ingredient in the recipe to wellbeing. Sending you so much love, Beauty. I will see you back here very soon.

Lots of love,


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