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Hi, Beauty. Today I am so excited to share from my heart all about our brand new 2.0 updated Feel Good SBO+ Probiotics formula. You can see it here in this yellow brand new, updated Soluna packaging. I’m always constantly looking to research and improve my offerings to you. And this includes very much with our probiotic formula, which is our staple product. This is the one supplement that I recommend that we take in, day in and day out. Consistently taking probiotics long-term helps to maintain our health, our beauty, and our energy. 

When our gut is balanced, when our microbiome is in balance, we feel better.

We have more energy. Our immunity is boosted. Our skin looks better. We have better moods. So on and so forth. We absorb more nutrition. Everything functions better. Now, you’ve probably heard a lot about probiotics. It’s very confusing. I totally get it. There’s a lot of noise.

First of all, what the Feel Good SBO+ Probiotics formula is based around, is what you want to look for in a probiotic. And that is proper harmony and ratios between the strains. So what this means is really getting a formula that knows what it’s doing. It’s not just about culture count. It’s like looking at calories and thinking that everything has to do with numbers. When in reality we know that when we eat whole foods in the right way, we get nourished properly. And it’s the same thing with probiotics.

The ratio and harmonies between the strains in our new Feel Good SBO+ Probiotics are incredibly powerful.

They will support your skin and hair, your energy and your immunity. They are meant to work synergistically and with your body. Here we focused on the SBO strains, the soil-based organisms strains, that have the most clinical research behind them. These are the most important ones that take up the majority of the formula. Now, soil-based organisms are the form that our ancestors used to get from pulling roots and vegetables from the soil. They would get them from the garden. And they would be eating a little bit of soil, which keeps pristine healthy produce growing, and it also helps to balance our gut.

So we have the best clinical researched strains in the proper ratios and harmony and that’s what really counts. That’s where you’re going to get the real impact on your body.

In addition, we’ve also added prebiotics and post-biotics.

  • So prebiotics is like the food that helps get the healthy bacteria to proliferate.
  • And postbiotics help with the colonization of the bacteria to make sure it really gets and implants in your GI tract. (Which is where the good is really going to be had.)

Now, a lot of formulas out there, don’t really have this proper ratio. It’s just high culture counts and great marketing. But a lot of it may be dead and denatured by the time it even gets to you. By the time it even gets to your gut, a lot of it is denatured by the stomach acid. So it’s not really going to do any good.

In contrast, we have those amazing strains, proper ratios, proper, harmony and then we also have the prebiotics (which acts as a pre- and post-biotic). This is an amazing, amazing compound! It’s been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries for boosting immunity, for its anti-inflammatory qualities.

We also have the prebiotics of the medicinal mushrooms of turkey tail and chaga.

These are also amazing mushrooms! And their properties help to support the strains. They have anti-oxidant like activity. They are also inflammatory. And also, immune boosting!

Everything is meant to work synergistically. I worked very, very closely with this formulator, now for over a year, before introducing this formula. We’ve tested it numerous times with many different test groups. We wanted to make sure that everything was as powerful as it could be! Everything works for effectiveness, which is for boosting your wellness, your health overall, your skin health, how you feel, your energy. And that is what makes a truly amazing probiotic.

Beauties, I could not be more, more thrilled to introduce my new Feel Good, SBO+ Probiotics. They will help you feel soooo good! That’s part of why we called them that. You will notice a difference! You will feel amazing!

How to Take our New 2.0 Feel Good SBO+ Probiotics

Same as before. You take two in the morning with water, with or without food. Just make them part of your life, because everyday stress, pollution, and all kind of things wipe out are microflora. So if you really want to feel and look your best, just take these every day. Two in the morning and it will be the staple of your whole wellness routine.

Thank you so much for reading this. I’m very excited for you to try our new Feel Good SBO+ Probiotic formula.

Sending you so much love. I’ll see you back here soon. Take care.