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Hi Beauties,

Today we’re going to go over three tips for really and truly feeling good in 2019. When I launched Solluna, my new lifestyle brand, we decided to make our hashtag #feelgoodmovement, and our tagline feel good day and night.

The reason is this whole idea around feeling good is about connecting to ourselves and our inner wisdom, and it’s our experience day to day. I believe it becomes our guiding force, our wisdom in choosing how we eat, choosing what foods we put into our body, our lifestyle, our relationships.

If we just stay on the surface with how things look, or adding up calories, we don’t really have that experiential feeling, which is so powerful and becomes our guide. Feeling good becomes a big theme because that’s our experience of peace, joy, and how our bodies function.

#1. Focus On Your Digestion

When we feel good in our bodies it means that our bodies are functioning well, and we have optimal energy and optimal vitality. My first tip has to do with really focusing on our digestion.

Digestion has to do with the foods that we eat, and lowering inflammation, which we know is a precursor to most all diseases. It’s also a precursor to accelerated aging, and we know when we are not digesting well when we are really gassy, burping a lot. Or, we are constipated and our stomachs are distended. It’s almost impossible to feel really good.

First of all, watch your fats. Make sure you’re using the best oils. This may be a reason you choose, or do not choose certain restaurants. I’m very mindful of where I eat out.

What we can control at home is either cooking with coconut oil, or some very high quality cold pressed oils for salad. You can use olive oil, avocado oil, or Udo’s Oils, which have some Omega fats. We’re avoiding vegetable oils and fried foods. A lot of these rancid fats will clog the body and create inflammation.

It’s also really important that we take our Feel Good SBO Probiotics each and every day to really support our gut health, and it’s also really important to take Feel Good Digestive Enzymes to help us get the most nutrition out of our food. That’s a really important way to support digestion, to make it easier on our body, and to assimilate more nutrients.

#2. Love Your Body

My second tip is to really love and take care of your body. This was a big one for me. I would look in the mirror and I’d be really critical about how my body looked. I would be up here in my mind, intellectualizing, reading a lot of studies.

Being in the body is how we feel good, because we’re in this 3D reality. That, again, comes in many different forms. One way is to start cooking more of your own meals, making your own elixirs. It doesn’t matter how simple they are. It can literally be a very easy stir fry, or throwing things together in a soup.

If you are interested we have so many recipes on, that you can check out. I also think it’s important to be in touch with our skin, which is our largest organ. A little bit of self massage and using the right skin care products.

You can also check out our Solluna skincare line, which I’m so excited and honored to share with you. They are packed with amazing ingredients for your skin. It’s a high performance, non toxic line.

We have a botanical alternative to retinol too, for instance, Argan oil, algae extract, and plant stem cells. A very powerful form vitamin C, called AsA2P, which penetrates and is 10 times more stable. Taking care of your skin is a very important way to feel good, and to just know that you’re nourishing yourself in the best way.

#3. Emotional Detox

My third tip has to do with emotional detox, which to me, is just as important as physical detox. This is a large focus of my next book, which is pre-selling now. It’s called Recipes for your Perfectly and Perfect Life, and there are over 100 amazing food recipes.

There are also life recipes for getting past the emotional reasons that we may remain bloated, and may inflame our bodies. There’s actually amazing research in clinical journals about how anger in the mind, and anxiety actually do cause bloating, and IBS.

We want to make sure that we are taking time to slow down. This is a really big one that’s been very hard for me, but being very mindful of who we’re around. Doing some clean-up, some relationship evaluations that includes friendships – who we’re around, who’s positive, who is adding positive energy into our lives, who isn’t.

It’s something I talk about in this new book, the letting go technique of really feeling, letting ourselves feel our feelings, being present with what we’re feeling, which helps to let the energy come out of our body.

Feelings turn into emotions, which turn into stories, and beliefs, and patterns in our life. So, feelings is the very first step, where, if we start to become more and more aware, and process feelings before they build up in our bodies, in ourselves, including in our fat cells, including in our digestion, it could be a very, very powerful practice for actually feeling truly good in our bodies, in ourselves.

I hope that you try one or all of these tips that we discussed today. Remember, I am here for you always. I’m always here to support. We have tons of articles, tons of recipes here. You can also check out our podcast. I’m also in Instagram at @_kimberlysnyder.

I am sending you so much love for this amazing year we all have ahead, and that we can be together, and support each other, and love each other. From my heart to yours, sending you love. I will see you back here very soon. Take care.