Photo of Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Beauties! If you plan on getting festive in the kitchen today, I’ve got so many delicious meals to make at home to celebrate this holiday! These easy Cinco de Mayo recipes combine zesty, punchy flavors with beauty-promoting ingredients, so you can get into the holiday mood while feeling great. From a jicama salad to a nourishing quinoa bowl to spicy tacos, I hope you will find something here that helps you celebrate, Beauty Detox-style!

Jicama, Avocado & Blueberry Lime-Herb Salad

My Jicama Avocado Blueberry Lime Herb Salad Recipe is the perfect zesty dish to enjoy as an appetizer to your Cinco De Mayo meal or as a colorful side dish! If you’re not already familiar with jicama, it’s a crunchy root vegetable native to Mexico that is packed with beauty vitamins and minerals. Including lots of immune-boosting vitamin C! Jicama is also rich in potassium and inulin, which is a pre-biotic that feeds and balances healthy gut bacteria.

Mix the jicama with creamy avocado, sweet blueberries and tangy lime dressing; and you’ve got yourself a nutritious and festive dish to wake up your tastebuds! Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on this recipe ;)

Spicy Asparagus and Grilled Portobello Tacos Recipe

My Spicy Asparagus and Grilled Portobello Tacos Recipe is all that you want from an easy Cinco De Mayo taco recipe AND more! This recipe packs such a big flavor punch, that I promise you won’t miss the heavier version. Plus, you’ll skip the bloat! These tacos combine gluten-free tortillas, cleansing asparagus and protein and mineral-rich Portobello ‘shrooms. Try skipping the takeout for Cinco De Mayo this year and try your hand at this recipe instead. I think you’re going to love it!

Tempeh Taco “Meat” Salad Recipe

If you’re more of a taco salad gal or if you have a craving for taco meat, this Tempeh Taco “Meat” Salad with Cashew Sour Cream Recipe was made just for you! This salad is a perfect whole meal, so you can keep things simple yet satisfying with this easy Cinco De Mayo recipe. It is both meat- and dairy-free, yet has all the creamy and dense protein textures of a traditional Mexican salad. All the deliciousness is there, with the added bonus that it’s supportive to our bodies.

This recipe is loaded with plant-based protein, minerals, fiber and more. It also doesn’t have any of the congestive blocking qualities. Now that is a super-salad you’ve gotta try!

Sally’s Easy Bell Pepper Salsa Recipe

This Easy Bell Pepper Salsa is my mother’s delicious recipe, and makes the perfect topping for your tacos, salad, bowls or any other dishes you make for Cinco de Mayo! Or you can just dip chips or raw veggies into this sweet and tangy salsa for a scrumptious snack! If you try out this easy Cinco de Mayo recipe, it will yield a large batch. So, you’ll be able to enjoy it throughout the rest of the week. Happy dipping!

Feel Festive Mexican Quinoa Bowl

If you’re feeling extra festive, try out this Feel Festive Mexican Quinoa Bowl, Beauty! Not only is it super easy to put together, but it’s also loaded with healthy and balancing nutrients and delicious flavor. Basically a fiesta in your mouth! It’s the perfect dish to throw together for a quick Cinco de Mayo dinner, and makes a great weeknight meal any time.

Beauties, let me know how you are celebrating today! If you try out any of these easy Cinco de Mayo recipes, share with me how you liked them in a comment below! Happy cooking ;) xx

Sending you Lots of Love,