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Today’s solocast topic is: Positive Energy Crystals – What to Wear for Optimal Positivity

I personally got into crystals a couple years ago. I just think they’re beautiful, and I love their presence in my home, and I love wearing them. And along the way, I started to wonder more and more about if they really do anything, if they really work, besides actually being quite beautiful. 

I’m going to get into that today and talk about some background material, even some research, before we dive into some specific crystals that I think you’ll find really interesting.

Topics Covered In Positive Energy Crystals – What to Wear for Optimal Positivity

#1. When and why I started using crystals in my life

#2. Where crystals fit in with our Four Cornerstones

#3. Specific crystals for specific purposes

#4. The energy and frequency of crystals

#5. Clearing your crystals and what that looks like


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Kimberly: 00:00 Hey, Beauties. Welcome back to our Monday solocast podcast, where our topic today is Positive Energy Crystals – What to Wear for Optimal Positivity. So I personally got into crystals a couple years ago. I just think they’re beautiful, and I love their presence in my home, and I love wearing them. And along the way, I started to wonder more and more about if they really do anything, if they really work, besides actually being quite beautiful. So I’m going to get into that today in our solocast. I’m going to talk about some background material, even some research, before we dive into some specific crystals that I think you’ll find really interesting.

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When and why I started using crystals in my life

Kimberly: 02:24 Okay, so all that being said, let’s get into our little crystal talk today. So I remember when I first started getting into crystals was actually pretty recently. Before that, I remember just seeing different, when I was traveling, especially like different communities, different people being really into crystals, and I used to think it was kind of like an abstract, like a hippie thing, until I guess I became a hippie myself, to an extent. But I really think that they’re beautiful. I love, as I mentioned earlier, having them in my space. My wedding present from my hubby was a 500 pound rose quartz, which just lights up our home. It’s a centerpiece in our living room. And then last Christmas, he got me huge amethyst wings, which is basically amethyst, like a geode or a big rock cut in half and then displayed as wings. So we have a couple of big crystals, and we have tons and tons of mid-range and smaller crystals around.

Crystal vibration study

Kimberly: 03:32 And I think crystals can be many things to many different people. So from a pure visual standpoint, they’re very, very beautiful and very striking. And the fact that they were created in the earth over millions and millions of years, I think makes them actually really special. Now, there is some research actually around crystals, including a 2018 study published by the Institute of Physics. The physicists and the researchers involved found that crystals actually do have vibrations or natural energetic frequencies that travel through the crystal. Scientists have found that they’re able to change the speed and frequency of the vibrations by swapping out a small amount of atoms in the crystal with atoms of another element. So this sort of reminds me of when you put your ear up to a shell and you hear that sound, that tone of the ocean, and it’s inherent, it’s held within the shell itself. It’s held within this beautiful aspect form of nature.

Kimberly: 04:39 And so same thing with crystals. You think about the fact that they are different colors, means that they’re like the rainbow. They’re different aspects of vibration, color held in physical form. And there’s something very powerful about that. Now, mystics have often spoke about crystals and their ability to help recalibrate and to rebalance our systems, because they hold a specific frequency. They hold a shape. And some people say that quartz crystal is very similar to our fascia system. So our bodies constantly are interrupted and disrupted by things like chemicals, and stress, and sugar, and poor sleep, and lots of other lifestyle factors and mental factors and so on and so forth, whereas crystals maintain their shape. Their structure is stable. And it’s believed that that actual stability, when you keep crystals around, and especially when you wear them and have them close to you and in your aura and your space and have them on your skin, crystals have that ability to help maintain that correct structure and composition.

Where crystals fit in with our Four Cornerstones

Kimberly: 06:05 So I would put crystals in the, I would put them in the body category, actually, and the spiritual category. As we’ll get into in a moment, crystals are really a beautiful thing to focus on, what we call a drishti gaze, our focus point. They’re beautiful on an altar. They can help create ceremony and ritual around our practices, including meditation. So I would put them in the spiritual space, but also, again, if we look at crystals as far as being able to maintain structure and to help to create order, when we put them on our body, there’s an aspect there of our body cornerstone, as well.

Kimberly: 06:49 So remember our four cornerstones. I got a little ahead of myself, our food, body, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual growth. So they’re definitely not food. They’re on our bodies, and they can influence the way our bodies function. And it’s believed that crystals have a mental, emotional component, as well as a physical component, that helps different aspects of your body, like digestion, inflammation, so on and so forth. So I guess they also do fall into the emotional category. We’re talking about positivity, and there’s certain crystals, just visually can also brighten your mood. So things like a citrine, a bright yellow, beautiful crystal. That was part of our Solluna jewelry collection collaboration that we did with Satya. And also again, spiritually, like I said, to use them in a ritual, an altar space.

Spiritual healing study

Kimberly: 07:39 Scientific research published in the Permanente Journal found that the mind has healing powers when supported with spiritual practices like mindfulness, meditation, reflection, and other spiritual practices and rituals that can include crystals. So when we say the mind has healing powers, and we know the mind is incredibly powerful, a lot more powerful than most of us give it credit for. And the mind, when it’s able to heal in the space of, I believe use its intelligence, its perpetual infinite intelligence, to recalibrate, to rejuvenate, to create healing within the body on a cellular level. And in that way, crystals used with intention can be part of that. So we can say that crystals are a form of self care. I use them, I think of them as self-care, because they feel calming to me and grounding. And they’re also, again, very visually beautiful, and it just helps me to clarify my intention when I hold a specific crystal for a specific purpose, which we will get into in just a moment here.

Kimberly: 08:53 There’s also been different mystics and seers and sages over the ages that have talked about crystals. One of them is the famous Edgar Cayce. If you’re familiar with him, he was one such clairvoyant mystic from some decades ago, and he wrote a whole book about crystal energy, and the different crystals and how to work with crystals. And this is something he was pulling from, as he calls it, channeled wisdom and downloads and things he was pulling. And so in different cultures and different times, in different periods, crystals have been around. And like I mentioned, I just started getting into them a few years ago, and I really love, I love them. I love to use them and I love them in my space.

Kimberly: 09:45 And I also think that if you love something and it helps to bring intention into your life, you look at them and you think about your intention, whether or not having that crystal on your body is going to profoundly change, just the crystal alone is going to profoundly change your life, I am not sure, but I know that seeing the crystal and having it there is a wonderful practice. And at the best, if it does have healing properties that are of the more mystical realm, the speciality of different stones, it’s only another great thing to add to your life. It’s only another great self care practice. It’s another way to individualize our self care, where we are drawn to certain crystals and bring them into our life.

Specific crystals for specific purposes

Kimberly: 10:34 So let’s talk about some specific crystals now, with all this background. Take from this what you will. Just so you know, there is research out there, some studies about, well, first of all, everything is vibration. Everything is energy, and crystals do hold a certain energy, a very high frequency. That’s why they are, especially the really clear crystals without many cuts or inclusions or imperfections, these crystals really do hold a certain vibration and are elevated, I think. So take what you will, but I do believe that having crystals around really does feel like good vibes and good energy. And again, if we’re choosing the stones, if we’re choosing the different frequencies with intention, I think it can add a lot.

Kimberly: 11:26 So now let’s talk about some of the specific crystals that bring in positivity, that bring in just optimism and abundance and prosperity and love into our lives. And this is based on a lot of intuition from different seers over the years, there’s sort of a collective, what’s the word, resolution or agreed upon set of characteristics, we’ll say, for each crystal, based on many, many different people I think intuiting similar things about crystals. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Rose quartz crystal

Kimberly: 12:11 So let’s see, I’m going to just get into some of the ones that I love to share about, and I think are really helpful, and especially the ones that I use personally in my own life. So the first one, and I mentioned it already, is rose quartz. And I think rose quartz is a really beautiful stone to keep around, especially for women. So pink is one of the colors of the heart chakra. Different energies, different chakras in our bodies have different colors. So the heart is associated with pink and also with green. So pink, this pink rose quartz, which is so beautiful and soothing and feels like there’s a softness around it, is the stone for love and compassion. We know that the heart is believed to be one of the hardest knots, to unhook the knot behind our heart. So we can get closed. We can close off with fear or judgment or agitation, or a million different ways that we unknowingly may close up.

Kimberly: 13:11 And so having this crystal around just encourages openness and flow of love and flow of the heart. And it’s a really beautiful stone. It’s also a really great stone that’s associated with fertility. So if you’re looking to expand your family and you want to keep that intention around, you can even get a rose quartz shaped egg, or like a circular, kind of symbolizing a little embryo in there that will come into your life, and you can keep it in your altar, your meditation space, or anywhere you are around it, just to help hold the frequency of that intention.

Turquoise crystal

Kimberly: 13:57 Now, the next stone I’ll bring up is a common one, which is turquoise. And it’s something that I remember wearing even in high school, back when I used to wear silver, and now I pretty much only wear gold. But it’s pretty common, and there was a time where it was super trendy to wear. It’s still around a lot, but I think in the nineties, it was a big stone in particular. And I love that. It reminds me of Native American culture, to an extent. And the reason I love turquoise is two reasons. Number one, my husband gave me this beautiful turquoise bracelet that I love very much. And number two, the color and the energy of turquoise is associated with communication. So it’s associated with really helping to open up our Vishuddha chakra, which is our fifth chakra, our throat, our ability to express ourselves and communicate in a really authentic way.

Kimberly: 14:57 And I think this is so needed right now on the planet. I think that it’s an important part of self love and confidence and beauty, to be able to stand in our power and to express our truth. And so if you’re someone that has a little bit of an issue with speaking your truth, or standing up for yourself, or confrontation, which is something that I avoid, too, then turquoise could be a really wonderful stone to add in, as even a necklace or bracelet or something around to help you really keep your communication at its peak and functioning really, really well.

Citrine crystal

Kimberly: 15:36 Citrine is another stone that I mentioned earlier. It’s beautiful, and yellow, and brilliant. And as I mentioned, we did it as part of, it represented the sun in our sun, moon Solluna collaboration that we did with Satya last year. And citrine is associated with positivity and abundance and optimism and warmth. And I really love citrine. So, I mean, obviously because I put it in the collection, but I have citrine earrings from the collection, which are probably the ones, the piece of jewelry that I wear the most, but I love citrine necklaces. And I think just having citrine around your face, so especially earrings or a necklace, is a great way to just bring that warmth. And it’s like a beautiful light. It’s very attractive. It’s very magnetic. So especially if you’re trying to perhaps call in a soulmate or some soul friends, citrine is another great one to have around.

Clear quartz crystal

Kimberly: 16:40 Now, wonderful, wonderful stone to bring into your space, that you can actually program, is clear quartz. And this has been used since ancient times, and I have a beautiful clear quartz that stays in our kitchen, actually. It’s next to a framed picture of [inaudible 00:17:02], who is my yoga guru, and he is amazing. And I just, I programmed this crystal with the intentions of just helping to keep yoga qualities within me, within the house, calmness and openness and love, unconditional love. So you can take clear quartz and you can clear it with sage or put it in the moonlight and just clear the energy, and then you can hold it in your hands and you can think of your intention or your goal.

Kimberly: 17:29 It could be a personal goal. It could be a professional goal. It could be a health goal. It could be whatever you want, and you can really actually put your deepest energy, your deepest truth and intentions and wisdom into the crystal, thereby programming it, thereby when that crystal is perched on your altar or somewhere in your space, because it has that structure, because it’s keeping that frequency intact, you can actually have this as an aid. And so when you look at that clear quartz crystal, and you know that you’ve programmed it, it just becomes a living reminder. It becomes a physical entity in your space that’s helping to preserve your highest intention.

Kimberly: 18:10 So I actually just gave a clear quartz necklace to my friend, [inaudible 00:18:14], who is going through a potential shift in her life. And I told her to program her necklace. So as she’s wearing it and figuring things out, she is constantly called back to that intention. And again, in that regard, it can be very, very helpful.

Carnelian crystal

Kimberly: 18:36 Now, one of my favorite stones is carnelian, which is blood red, ruby red, super dark, deep red. And we know that red is the color of the root chakra. It’s a very grounding, grounding color. And I used a carnelian mala from Satya. I wore it almost every day when I was grounding, when I was getting back to myself after going through a big breakup and when my mom passed away. So to me, carnelian is about just helping to restore joy, but in a grounded way. It’s also helping to restore deep feelings of safety and security. It’s about passion, inspiration. It goes into creativity. So especially if you’re drawn to red, I highly recommend getting some carnelian, which is really, really beautiful.

Amethyst crystal

Kimberly: 19:33 Now let’s see, another really popular stone that, if you’re drawn to purple, now, purple also happens to be my favorite color, a lot of favorites here. I absolutely love amethyst. And I think that amethyst is just one of the most powerful stones. It is the stone for the crown chakra. So it’s believed to just help open up our energy to higher wisdom, to listening, to intuition, to the divine, to our spiritual side. So amethyst just also happens to be my birthstone, because my birthday is in February. So I really love the clarity and the expansiveness and the oneness that amethyst represents. So you could get yourself a cute little amethyst necklace, or you could keep an amethyst geode around your home or on your table. We have an amethyst cave, it’s called. So it’s probably like 10 inches high or so. It looks like a cave, and the outside is black and the inside is just this wonderful little mini cave of amethyst, and we keep it pointing towards the door. So it’s sort of like a welcome as you come into the room. And I sage it quite often, and I feel like it holds the energy of our entranceway.

Kimberly: 21:07 So you can also use crystals, place them in your home with intention. So for instance, if you did program your clear quartz to be something about maintaining a really healthy family life or keeping happiness around, you could program it and keep it right in the middle of your living room, or you could put it in the middle of your kitchen table, do something like that, and place it with real intention.

Black tourmaline crystal

Kimberly: 21:41 So on another aspect of crystals, another one that’s interesting to know about is called black tourmaline, and it’s jet black. It doesn’t reflect. It’s not necessarily like a pretty, sparkly rock, but there’s a real strength to it, a real power. And it’s believed to be a protection stone, and it’s believed to help repel negative energy and stress, and also being thrown off from electromagnetic devices. So it has this protection element that’s really wonderful to keep around. On my key chain, I had a citrine little polished rock to represent the sun and I had a tourmaline to represent the moon and the darkness and the black that we go into to create transformation and growth. So black is not something to be scared of. I think black is actually really wonderful, because it’s where we go into full true potentiality and our unlimited nature. And again, black tourmaline helps to protect our limited nature by keeping us protected energetically, psychically, mentally. And it’s a great thing to keep in the entrance or around the home, to just keep the energy really positive around.

Kimberly: 23:00 If you’re someone that works in a negative space or is in a negative home environment that you’re looking to move out of, or you go into somewhere negative, you may want to try wearing a tourmaline necklace. I also have a tourmaline necklace, because I do think wearing black can be really beautiful, as well. Or if you’re going to a party, and there’s certain people that may be gossipy or just feel like the energy could be a little funny, black tourmaline is definitely a great one to wear, because it is so protective.

Fool’s gold crystal (or pirates’ gold)

Kimberly: 23:36 Now, there’s a shiny crystal that I love very much. I’m actually holding it in my hand right now. And it’s known as fool’s gold or pirate’s gold. You can call it whatever you like. I don’t think it looks like gold, because it definitely, I don’t know, it has a totally different energy to it, but these are some of the common names for it. It’s also known as pyrite, if you’re looking to purchase a piece. And the reason I love it so much is it does have a real brilliance to it, and it’s believed to be a stone of success, which is why I keep it on my desk, and also abundance in different ways, many different ways. So if you’re looking to grow, to manifest, it’s a really wonderful stone to keep around. And like I said, maybe where you work or you do calls or you’re working out projects, sew, or you write. So you can get yourself a nice piece of pyrite and use it as a paperweight, or what I’m doing. You just kind of hold it in your hand sometimes.

Kimberly: 24:43 We also have a larger pyrite, I have all the crystals, that’s upstairs, that I like very much, and it sits on one of our tables. It just throws off a beautiful light. And I think it’s really, really amazing.

The energy and frequency of crystals

Kimberly: 25:00 So with all these crystals, what you can think about doing is go to a crystal shop sometime, if it’s safe, you can get in and be socially distanced, of course, and be wearing a mask. I like to see the crystals in person before I get them, or you can do this online, as well. But I first, I like to scan and I like to see which ones I’m naturally drawn to. So if everything is energy and frequency, which we know to be the truth, it means that crystals have energies and frequencies that can also speak to you, sort of the way food can speak to you. So if you stand in front of the fridge or you stand in front of the pantry, something I’ve talked about before, and you ask your body, what do I want to eat? How can I best nourish myself? What is the best thing to put into my body right now? And you really listen and you really start to tune in, you will start to get answers, and you will start to hear things coming up from within. And as you tune in, it will start to become more and more easy to discern what your body is saying to you.

Kimberly: 25:59 And it’s the same thing with crystals. You may stand before in the crystal shop and you may just say, you know, which one can support my energy, where I’m going, and where I may be depleted, and where I’m trying to revitalize myself, and you can stand there and you can hold that intention. And it’s amazing how you may find yourself naturally drawn, not just to an actual type of crystal, but to the crystal within that little box or bowl that may have 500 of them. And you pick out the one that really speaks to you. They’re like people. They all have different energy, different frequencies. So that’s the way that I have always worked with the crystals in my space. I’ve just been called to them. There’s something that I can’t quite put my finger on, but something that attracts me to the crystal and pulls me in and draws me in. And I start to work with the crystal that way.

Kimberly: 26:52 I also think about the intention of a circle that I’m holding, or a space, or some sort of gathering. And I bring in the crystals that feel that they’re supportive of that space. I have them in every room in my home. So in the morning, I really love to see my malas when I’m in the bathroom, brushing my teeth. I already feel like I’m getting some kind of charge from the crystals in the morning. I have rose quartz in our bedroom, of course. That’s a sacred space for hubby and I. We have the rose quartz in the living room. Here in my office, I have a big crystal geode and citrine. And then in our kitchen, we have a whole shelving area of crystals, including labradorite, which is another one of my favorite stones. It’s a stone of transformation. It’s said to be a shaman stone. I also have a lot of labradorite jewelry.

Kimberly: 27:47 So you can just put them all around your space. You can wear them, as we’ve been talking about. If you’re someone that works with your hands a lot, you type, you write, it may be nice to have a ring, as well. If you’re looking to get pregnant right now, like I said, rose quartz that you can visibly see and touch, like a rose quartz ring, or also a moonstone ring, is particularly good for fertility, is something that you may want to keep around. And let’s see, just all the different rooms, all the different ways that these crystals can come into your space, and I would just say to really respect them and to honor them, and to remember that crystals are ancient. They come from the earth. They’re part of nature. So just like all parts of nature, they should definitely be respected, treated with love.

Clearing your crystals and what that looks like

Kimberly: 28:33 And you definitely want to clear your crystals from time to time. You want to clean them. So the way that you clean crystals isn’t soap and water. It’s different. It’s about cleansing energy. Because crystals are high frequency, they can absorb energy and pull energy out of a space and hold it in. So you definitely want to take the time to clear that energy periodically. So I would say that the best ways to clear crystals are to either put them out in the moonlight or to sage them. Now, some people use lemon juice. Some people bury them in the earth. There’s many different ways. For me, the easiest is to just light some sage and to let the smoke go all over and around the crystal and to imagine you’re really cleaning it. And then every month at full moon time, if I remember, I put my crystals on the window sill, or sometimes I even put them outside. And that way, you keep your crystals charged to the highest frequency and the ability to really honor your intentions and to be there for you in your life.

Kimberly: 29:37 So I hope this was an interesting discussion, shedding some light on crystals. They are definitely a phenomenon right now. You’ve definitely probably seen them all around. And if you wonder, what’s the deal, why are they so popular, I hope this has given you a little bit of some background on them and hopefully some inspiration in bringing them into your own life. As always, thank you so much for being here with me, being in the community, listening to our podcast. I will see you this Thursday for our Q&A community show. I’m also on Instagram every day at @_kimberlysnyder, and over on our website, mysolluna.com, where you can get meditations, recipes, and our free downloadable ebook on our four cornerstones. So I will see you soon. Till then, take great care of yourself, beauty, and I send you so much love.