This week’s topic is: How to Easefully Increase Spirituality into Your Life

Spirituality is a journey towards understanding and connecting to your true self more. It’s about increasing the love in your life, which is the truth and core essence of who we are.

When we feel deeply connected with ourselves, we vibrate on a whole different level. We are more creative. We have more vitality, joy and peace. On a practical physical level, we have better digestion. There is less stress we hold on to. We feel more harmony in our lives. It’s an amazing gift to give yourself that you cannot get from just eating well or from exercising.

When I got into this whole part of spiritual growth, my whole life opened up and I became more satisfied and joyful. The same way that we approach food with recipes and plans and shopping lists, I think that there are ways to approach spirituality in a straightforward and organized way.

It’s not just this vague concept but a part of our life that is something we want to do with intention. This is what we’re going to get into that today, and I’m so excited to hear all your questions.

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Deb – Seattle 

Right now I feel like I need comfort and unconditional love. Is this somehow connected to the spiritual side of our lives?

Kristi – Oregon 

I often encounter customers several times a day who are extremely rude, inconsiderate and confrontational, generally treating us workers very badly. It seems lately to be getting worse. I try really hard to be positive, patient and kind especially during these crazy times but some days it’s really difficult. Do you have any advice for those of us in similar situations? I truly want to send out love & kindness into the world but am finding it difficult during these stressful times.

Cara – Portland 

How has your philosophy changed over the years since the Beauty Detox solution? I’m trying to get back into the lifestyle, but it seems like the meal plan was much stricter in the book. Is it ok to just start incorporating recipes from all your books and not go through the outlined phases from the original book?

Lauren – Texas

I have difficulty with depression and anxiety and wonder if spirituality could help me in some way. I don’t want to take medication and prefer doing things holistically. Any helpful tips would be great.


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Inspirational Thought of the Week

Love is your real essence.


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Kimberly: 00:01 Hey, Beauties. Welcome back to our Thursday Q & A community show. I’m so excited for today and for our topic, which is How to Easefully Increase Spirituality into Your Life. I have a lot to say about this topic. I love talking about all things spiritual, which to me, I define as the journey to understanding yourself more, to connecting to your true self more, and also increasing the love in your life because I think love is the truth of who we are. I think it’s the core essence of who we are.

Kimberly: 00:37 As time has gone on, I went from being really focused on food in my first two books, being really focused on food to having this much more expansive perspective, this much more holistic look at our life and lifestyles and to come up with this whole four cornerstone philosophy, which is food, body, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual growth as the way that I have found in working with so many different people to create the best results and to feel our best, and again, to just feel that deep connection with ourselves.

Kimberly: 01:13 When we feel deeply connected with ourselves, I just think we vibrate on a whole different level. I think that we are more creative. We have more vitality. We have more joy. We have more peace. On a practical physical level, we have better digestion. There is less stress we hold on to. We just feel a lot more harmony in our lives. It’s an amazing, an amazing gift to give yourself. You can not get it just from eating well. You cannot get it just from exercising.

Kimberly: 01:49 So this whole part of spiritual growth that I am actually really focused on in my work and in my next book is something that I love to share with you guys, because when I got into this, when I started getting more into this and integrating it and breathing, and we’ll get into the practices and the questions and just finding ways to go deeper, my whole life opened up and I’ve just become such a much more satisfied, joyful person that I love to share with you guys. I love to share what’s working, what is going on.

Kimberly: 02:26 And so just in the same way that we approach food with recipes and plans and shopping lists, I think that there are ways to approach spirituality in a straightforward and organized way, shall we say? So it’s not just this vague concept, something we hear maybe once in a while. We like to read a spiritual book or we get inspired by a spiritual quote we may see on Instagram, but to actually make it part of your life is something that we want to do with intention. So we’re going to get into that today, and I’m so excited to hear all your questions.

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Question 1: Right now, I feel like I need comfort and unconditional love. Is this somehow connected to the spiritual side of our lives?

Kimberly: 04:34 All right, all that being said, our first question comes from Deb in Seattle and she writes in, “Right now, I feel like I need comfort and unconditional love. Is this somehow connected to the spiritual side of our lives?”

Kimberly: 04:48 Deb, I love, love this question. I think that it’s really honest. And I think it’s really important that we stay curious and open because maybe we don’t have spirituality in our lives right now, maybe we are just figuring out what that looks like for us and I think that’s a really beautiful place to be in. I think that, especially now with quarantine and just having this massive simplification of our lives come into play where we’re scaling back and we’re home more, I think that this has been a lot for people, a lot has come up.

Kimberly: 05:31 With the challenges and with the confusion and of course, with just shifts and changes, that can be, get quite challenging for families and people. I think there has been a lot of opportunity for beauty to come through in terms of reevaluating our lives and what’s really important.

Kimberly: 05:50 And so Deb, your question, needing comfort and unconditional love, this is the spiritual part our lives. This is the power of realizing that comfort and that feeling of deep security and deep, deep, unconditional love is all what you can give yourself. You don’t need it from the outside world. You actually don’t need it from outside people. Although, it’s beautiful and wonderful and sacred to share it with others when and if you choose to, but it’s so liberating to know that when we connect to the deepest parts of ourself, we don’t need to get anything from anyone else. We can fulfill our own emotional needs.

Kimberly: 06:32 And we can also fulfill our spiritual needs, which are to feel connected, to feel so deeply connected to ourself that we feel peaceful. And we can find a sense of feeling grounded, no matter what is going on in our lives. So I will encourage you, Deb to find that comfort and to find that unconditional love. It really comes from spending the time and doing it as a practice and creating that space.

Kimberly: 07:03 For me, my practice does include doing it right in the morning, doing in the evening, meditation is what I’m talking about, that stillness, also journaling. I usually do journaling right after meditation when my mind feels open and I feel spacious and I feel more authentic because my mind is quieted. And so I can just really tap in and connect to the deepest parts of myself. So this practice, for me, has given me just a much stronger sense of unity and safety and security.

Kimberly: 07:38 I used to be someone that would say all the time to my best friends, “Is this okay? Do you think it’s going to work out? Am I okay?” I asked that over and over again. And now, I don’t really find myself doing that. Of course, I love to share, I love to connect with others, but I also feel really confident in my ability to care for myself and to self sooth.

Kimberly: 08:02 Moses is on my lap right now. Hopefully, he’ll stay asleep for the whole podcast. But we just see this soothing, this need and [inaudible 00:08:10]. When he just looks into my eyes and you can just feel, he just wants to be close. He just wants to be held. And then as we grow and we’re not on our moms all the time, we have to figure it out for ourselves. And so if we try to get that from the outside world, we start to run into issues and problems because we can’t… The world is shifting, it’s changing. It’s not meant to fully fulfill us.

Kimberly: 08:38 I believe the challenges that we need to grow through and go through are put there because it’s a calling. It’s a calling back to ourselves. It’s a calling back to oneness. It’s a calling back to our true, true nature, which is spirit, which is love. So yes, Deb, this is definitely a wake up call to go back to yourself.

Kimberly: 08:57 And so I encourage you to create some time for that. It could be 10 minutes, five minutes, 30 minutes, whatever you have, but making it consistent in the morning and the evening, right when you wake up when you’re still in a more drowsy state of theta brainwaves, slower brainwaves, and also when you go to bed at night and you can start to tune back into yourself and to release the day and to align back to yourself before you go into sleep.

Kimberly: 09:23 We have some free guided meditations over at, if you’re interested to check out and to really have that support as guidance for yourself. It would be an honor for me to be with you during your meditations. There is nothing I would love more. But, any form of guided meditation that you connect with is a wonderful tool. So definitely, definitely Deb, it’s the time to focus on that fourth cornerstone, your spiritual growth. And I’d love to hear how this continues to unfold for you and benefit your life. All right.

Question 2: I often encounter customers several times a day who are extremely rude, inconsiderate, and confrontational, generally treating us workers very badly. It seems lately to be getting worse. I try really hard to be positive, patient and kind, especially during these crazy times, but some days it’s really difficult. Do you have any advice for those of us in similar situations? I truly want to send out love and kindness into the world, but I’m finding it difficult during these stressful times.

Kimberly: 09:57 So our next question comes from Kristi and she lives in Oregon and she writes, “I often encounter customers several times a day who are extremely rude, inconsiderate, and confrontational, generally treating us workers very badly. It seems lately to be getting worse. I try really hard to be positive, patient and kind, especially during these crazy times, but some days it’s really difficult. Do you have any advice for those of us in similar situations? I truly want to send out love and kindness into the world, but I’m finding it difficult during these stressful times.”

Kimberly: 10:32 Christie, thank you so much for your question, my love. I send you a huge hug virtually. This sounds like a really tough situation. And God, it sucks when you know it’s not about you and people are mean and rude. We can know consciously, okay, this person has stuff going on and it’s not about me, but it doesn’t always make it feel better in that moment, especially. So I will say, there is a lot I could say in this question.

Kimberly: 11:10 The first thing I’ll say is that I understand and I appreciate you trying to be really patient and positive here. I think that, again, this is a stressful time for a lot of us, but again, we need to do something about this situation, which is clearly unhealthy and clearly not okay for you to have to go through.

Kimberly: 11:36 I will say that, I do believe that when we work on ourselves and when we work on our energy and when we have a higher vibration and we can hold space for other people, I find that we become less of a punching bag. I’m not saying that you are, of course not purposely attracting this in, Christie, this is not your fault, but I can say that we can’t control what other people are doing and that becomes a huge source of frustration.

Kimberly: 12:05 So what we can do is just work on ourselves and to also work on protecting ourselves and to creating more healthy boundaries. So again, I know that we’ve all been in situations sometimes, Yogananda calls it over familiarity, sometimes if we have a softer family member or friend, it’s horrible because they’re the nicest ones, but sometimes we can take things out on them if we feel that they’re a little bit more vulnerable or that they would take it.

Kimberly: 12:36 So I have found that the more we strengthen ourselves and really just bring an energy of respect, but also strength and firmness, it tends to put up a really healthy boundary where someone starts to feel that this isn’t the person that they can take it out on. The way we develop that boundary, the way we develop that strength is also through our practices.

Kimberly: 13:00 So before you go into work, if you take the time to just get really, really connected to yourself and into your body, of course, this does involve our morning practice, this does involve meditation as well as really anchored in GGS for sure, Glowing Green Smoothie®, put that fiber, put the nutrients into your body, so you just feel strong on all levels. Body-wise maybe you go for a walk, or you do a stretch, or you do a workout, or something in the morning, so you feel anchored in.

Kimberly: 13:30 And then emotionally, taking that time to process, to journal, to create an intention for the day. So if your intention is, I am going to remain calm in myself, not just for other people, but really for myself, because I really honor myself, I respect myself, and I love myself and I want to stay calm and peaceful and patient for myself, whatever the intention is, and then spiritually, to meditate and to connect in.

Kimberly: 13:57 And then what I do sometimes when I know I’m going into a situation that may be more charged, there may be more energies at play, I literally zip up my aura. It sounds funny. It may sound a little woo woo to some of you, but for those of us that do believe very much in energy and frequency and intention, whether it is mentally, it just makes me feel better, or there is some sort of energetic happening going on here, I literally just imagine I’m zipping up the front of me and I’m creating this safe space, almost like putting myself in a bubble. So even if people are trying to throw bad energy around, it doesn’t come in the bubble. I know it can’t come in. It can’t affect me.

Kimberly: 14:42 And I actually say that to myself. I create that intention as well, which does feel really good to me. And it does feel empowering, and it does feel empowered to know that I feel so strong in myself. I feel so anchored that no matter what you say, or no matter what you do, it may be annoying and maybe not my first choice, it may not be ideal, but it still can’t really deeply get to me. So see what happens with that, Christie. See what happens when you’re consciously holding that intention and when you really, really work on anchoring and strengthening yourself when you go in.

Kimberly: 15:22 I also think throughout the day, if you can do it, I know it gets super busy and crazy sometimes with schedules, but if you can do some mini breaks and mini meditations throughout the day where you just close your eyes and imagine that any energy is… Imagine a waterfall or a shower. The image of water for me is something I like a lot. So you can imagine just running down energetically through, around your entire body. And any energy that came on you from other people that you might’ve picked up along the way just sloughs right off and goes down into the earth and becomes recycled. So it’s sort of this upkeep program that you’re doing with your own energy.

Kimberly: 00:13 Christie, I would also say that these mini meditations can help keep you really anchored. Again, just taking the space, imagining that waterfall of energy sort of washing through you, over you, just imagining you’re clearing, and also just closing your eyes for a moment, a minute. You can do this when you go to the bathroom and just put one hand on your heart, one hand on your belly, and come back into yourself, come back to your sense, your deep sense of safety and security, your essence, which is within you. When you breathe and you come back in, you just start to feel that strength again, you just start to feel that deep connection to yourself. Again, I think that the more we are inside and connected inside, the less what other people do outside bothers us.

Kimberly: 01:06 Again, I do think that frequency and energy can shift when we hold space like that. I really hope for you, Christie, that these annoying customers and the anger just starts to diminish naturally. That’s all you can do, is to create a space for yourself, and to raise your vibe, and to go in with respect, and to look people in the eye and to just… I know people are rude and mean, it’s hard to give love, but I think if we come in with that really strong place… It’s almost like armor. Not armor in a way where we repel people or we hold people at a distance, but just armor where we protect ourselves and we know people can feel that we’re strong. We’re not someone that they can just project their crap onto, or at least that’s my hope. That’s what we can do.

Kimberly: 02:02 The other thing, Christie, is you sound like such a lovely person, and I know that it’s quite a challenging time potentially with shifts and changes around the world, but maybe this is a wake up call for you as well to think about getting a different job or something where you don’t have to be… If this doesn’t continue to get better, you deserve to be respected. You deserve to be in a really lovely, nurturing environment. If this isn’t something that is working for you long-term, and if you tried everything and you’re not getting better results, maybe it’s time to think about moving to a different work environment for your long-term wellbeing and your vitality and your health. Something to think about. I know easier said than done. Transitions can take some time, but I just wanted to plant that seed and see how you feel about it, too. Thank you so much, beauty, for your question. Sending lots of love in Oregon.


Kimberly: 03:03 All right, Beauties. We are going to have a short break now and I will be back to answer two more questions from you guys on this topic. Cannot wait.

Kimberly: 03:16 All right, Beauties. We are back from our short break. We have two more questions for you on how to easily increase spirituality into your life. I just want to say, again, the reason, the why behind why we want to increase spirituality in our lives is because it is who we are. This is not about religion. This isn’t about where you had to go to church with your parents every Sunday and you just sat there and just daydreamed the whole time. Mirroring my own experience from childhood where I love spirit. I love prayer, and meditation, and connecting in, and that’s the form that resonates with me. I think, again, if I define this path as understanding ourselves and deepening our connection, it can look different for many different people. It can be a very different practice. But whatever it is, it’s about going out from the external and tuning in inside. It can be prayer. It can be journaling and letters to God, which is actually something I also do. I like to write and to imagine I’m having a real conversation with the divine. It feels really good to me. I’m also a meditator. I love to spend time in nature. To me, that’s also a spiritual practice; just being, and being in nature, and being in all these wonderful creations that we were also part of.

Kimberly: 04:52 Yeah. That’s the why. The why is the peace, the joy, the deepening unfolding of who we are, the deepening understanding of ourselves. I think the more we connect deeply and understand ourselves, the more joyful we become and the less dependent we are on all things outside. That, by the way, includes food. I know as I’ve deepen my spiritual practice and gone more into myself, I’m less obsessed with food and way less obsessed and my whole food has become more simple. It just sort of takes care of itself. Then the energy goes back in. It goes into the love.

Question 3: How has your philosophy changed over the years since The Beauty Detox Solution? I’m trying to get back into the lifestyle, but it seems like the meal plan was much stricter in the book. Is it okay to just incorporate recipes from all of your books and not go through the outlined phases from the original book?

Kimberly: It goes into the meditation. It goes into connection, which is actually a perfect segue for this next question from Kara in Portland, who writes, “How has your philosophy changed over the years since The Beauty Detox Solution? I’m trying to get back into the lifestyle, but it seems like the meal plan was much stricter in the book. Is it okay to just incorporate recipes from all of your books and not go through the outlined phases from the original book?”

Kimberly: 06:00 Kara, thank you so much for your question. I love this question. Yes, I sort of touched on this at the beginning of the Solocast, but I’ll just say that in the beginning, because I was working on healing my body and because I had such a warped relationship with food, my philosophy was very food-focused for both The Beauty Detox Solution and Beauty Detox Foods.

Kimberly: 06:26 What happened with somewhere around 2015, it was. The only way I remember years is because of when the books were published. I’m not one of those people that remembers every year when everything happened. I remember with that third book, something in me was starting to wake up and I had… When I say I mastered food, it wasn’t that I eat perfectly, but I felt like I understood how to take care of myself and know what my goal was for 80% of the time. It was at that point that I started really expanding and looking at life through the lens of, “Oh wow, everything is energy and everything is interconnected.”

Kimberly: 07:11 Now where we are is my philosophy is that food is one part of wellness. It’s one part of true beauty. It’s one part of health for me. But the body part, and connecting with your body, how we exercise, how we take care of our skin, how we sleep, what supplements we take, and our emotional wellbeing, how we process our feelings, how we feel, our mental health, and then what we’re talking about today, the spiritual growth part, these are all equal, if not more important than food. Food will take you so far. But then at a certain point, when you start to feel good with food, then you can start to let go of it more and know that it’s working for you, and then move on to other things.

Kimberly: 08:01 If I heard this, if I said this to myself when I was starting out, I would have been like, “Nah, I don’t know what you’re talking about, sister.” It’s like, “I don’t get it. I need to focus on food because I’m not where I want to be.” I get it, because I was there, too. I’m saying this can naturally happen over time when we shift our perspective and we loosen up a little bit.

Kimberly: 08:23 Christie, the meal plans are there for people that want to create a real anchor and a base, and to learn to eat in this new way. They’re not necessary if you don’t feel called to them. If you just want to make recipes and you understand the basic principles and you’re making GGS, Power Protein Smoothie, and you’re taking your SBO Probiotics, you 100% don’t have to do the strict meal plans. Some people’s minds really love the plans and they want to know what to do, and when, and how to eat, and when. But again, as you start to understand the philosophy behind it, it starts to unfold and it just becomes a lot more organic.

Kimberly: 09:04 There’s the question there. Or there’s the answer there. I do think, again, as we start to open up to this whole idea of energy and spirituality through our lives, including with our food, we also start to become more intuitive with how to eat and we start to pay attention to how food makes us feel and the energy from the food. We also just rely on food less and less. I used to rely on food to give me a little perk, a little up, a little treat, a little mood shifter, whatever it was. Now food just is there. I enjoy it when I have it, but I just don’t call on it as much.

Kimberly: 09:49 With spirituality, we just have a much deeper sense of connection. We have our breath, we have all these other tools for shifting our moods and helping ourselves feel better. Yeah, I think there’s a real freedom with food that comes from deepening your spiritual practice. You’ll find this with the yogis as well. These are why the yogis eat really simply or they don’t have a problem doing fasts, because they’re not as attached to food, because there’s all these other elements that they connected with within.

Kimberly: 10:26 I’ve experienced that myself and I think it’s possible for everyone. You may not be ready for that yet and that’s okay. You still really enjoy food. You love making recipes. That’s wonderful. I think it should unfold organically and naturally on everybody’s timeline, if that is what is meant to happen on your journey in this lifetime. But for me, it’s like, I do love food, but there’s so much more I’m passionate about now. That is how my philosophy has shifted, Kara. Thank you so much for your question.

Kimberly: 10:56 Also, I would say the books have recipes, we also have the 30-day Roadmap to Healthy Weight Loss, which has some recipes in it, and of course the ones over at, and the new Beauty Inside Out course, which you can check out over the website as well to get the info.

Question 4: I have difficulty with depression and anxiety and wonder if spirituality could help me in some way. I don’t want to take medication, and I prefer doing things holistically. Any helpful tips would be great.

Kimberly: 11:15 All right. Here’s our last question. It comes from Lauren in Texas. She writes, “I have difficulty with depression and anxiety and wonder if spirituality could help me in some way. I don’t want to take medication, and I prefer doing things holistically. Any helpful tips would be great.”

Kimberly: 11:32 A hundred percent, Lauren. To me, depression and anxiety have a lot to do with being in the past, being in the future, worrying about the past, stress about the future. It just creates this dissonance inside of us because we’re not meant to live in the past. we’re not meant to live in the future. We’re meant to be right here right now, and to show up in this moment, and to be connected in this moment. That’s what spirituality can give you. That’s how it can help you learn, is to keep you here. If you’re right here, right now, in this moment as Eckhart totally says, you don’t have problems right here. You’re not anxious right here, right now, when you tune in to this moment. It’s all the extra stuff that keeps us worried about timelines, and fitting enough in, and what we’re going to do, and how things are going to work out.

Kimberly: 12:32 What we do, Lauren, is the simple, spiritual practice is to breathe. That’s it. Just to take one breath at a time, to relax your shoulders, to get into your body, and to just be in this moment. It helps to release you from, helps to liberate you from the prison of the mind thoughts and the monkey mind, what the Zen Buddhists call the monkey mind, and the circular patterns, and the overthinking, and the over-efforting, and the over-analyzing. There’s so much beauty there, right here in this moment, right here, right now, that it starts to loosen the seriousness and the, again, just “How’s everything going to work out?” Or “What’s going to happen?”

Kimberly: 13:22 We find that in many cases, we don’t need the medication. Now, of course, there’s some clinical depression, and there are some cases that we’ve had certain psychologists on here talk about this as well. You can look back on some of the interview podcasts, if you’re interested. There are some psychiatrists and psychologists that talk about integrating some medication, with the idea of weaning someone off. Then there is a lot of cases where these practitioners have talked about medication can be avoided altogether. I know I believe that’s the goal. It sounds like that’s the goal for you, Lauren, which hopefully is our case. It’s our intention. Sometimes medication is needed. You, of course, want to check in with your medical providers and make sure that you are taking the best care of yourself. But I do believe that so much medication can be avoided for psychosomatic conditions if we have a spiritual practice that we’re committed to, if we are committed to being present, if we’re committed to listening to our breath. It’s a practice, so it evolves over time and it feels more nurturing over time as we get into it.

Kimberly: 14:34 But I really, Lauren, oh my gosh, I would love for you to start your day with yourself, sitting, breathing, just being, before you get into doing anything and just start to connect in and start to feel the simple joy of just being alive, and breathing in and out. That’s it. That’s as simple as it can be. That’s as powerful as it can be.

Kimberly: 15:00 You realize that everything else beyond just being alive and breathing in and out is a bonus. It’s a form of creation that gets created. We get we can get caught up in that. But really if we go back to basics, if you work on simplifying your life more and creating space for being, and I definitely encourage you to check out spiritual books and guided meditations, we have some over at by yours truly, and there’s of course, many other ones out there that you can check out to see what you connect with. Some spiritual books I recommend are Autobiography of a Yogi, any book by Yogananda, Letting Go book by Dr. David Hawkins, The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer, The Path to Love by Deepak Chopra, A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. That’s the one I like. I like that one better than The Power of Now, actually, personally. Those are some of my favorite spiritual books. I think immersing yourself with the writings of someone that’s really grounded, someone that’s mastered themselves…

Kimberly: 16:21 Yogananda was called master by many of his disciples. It wasn’t that he was a master over them. It was that he was a master of himself. I think anytime we can immerse ourselves in true teachers, those that have really walked the walk and have found presence, that’s going to be a wonderful way to absorb it into ourselves, to find a spiritual community, a pod that you trust and you love. You’re already here in the podcast and I love you, Lauren. I send you love. We have our Solluna Circle that’s evolving and we’re modifying it and upgrading it. Hopefully, we’ll have something amazing to share with you guys at the beginning of next year, but there’s that community. They’re alive already. A community and space with yourself I think is really, really helpful here, Lauren. Again, just finding sources of inspiration, whether it’s on social media. Also, again, the podcast, this podcast, staying connected to what feels good to you so you’re not just out there on your own little boat, flailing around, you’re not there just by yourself. You really are connected and you’re tuned in.

Kimberly: 17:43 It’s a process. Just remember that you’re never alone. We are all connected. You have yourself. You have spirit inside of you. You are never, never alone. You’re never just going through life by yourself. We’re all here for each other. We are all connected on this journey. It’s beautiful to really realize that. Sometimes, again, we feel weak. We need to get picked up. We need to have our sisters and brothers support us. Please know that we are here. I am here. I love you. Please keep in touch with us as your journey unfolds and you utilize some of these tools and resources that hopefully give you great strength and great support.

Kimberly: 18:27 Sending you so, so, so much love, Lauren, and everyone else in our community that’s listening to this. I love you guys. I love the space that we have for each other. Please, please stay connected. Please keep the questions coming over at Again, the audio ones. I would love to hear your voice. That’s a little shout out for that. Please, if you can, leave an audio question. If you really don’t want to, you can of course write in. But I encourage you to do the audio version.

Thought of the Week

Kimberly: 19:08 Thought of The Week, I just want to leave this with you, is that love is your real essence. I was going to say something else. This one just came out organically. I want you to know, I want you to remind you of the truth that you already know somewhere deep down, you are love. You are the love that you’re looking for. You are the love that you’re seeking. That to me is the gift of spirituality. When we start to really wake up and connect with that, you are it. It is you. There’s nowhere to go. Just going deeper and tapping into that. That’s the gift where you start to need so much less from the outside world. You can enjoy the outside world. You can enjoy your soulmates, and your friends, and your soulmate friends, but you don’t need so much outside. You don’t need so much of the food. You don’t need so much to look a certain way. You don’t need so much extra money and more stuff. You have it. You have yourself. You are the love already. Something to contemplate, something to think on and to integrate.

Kimberly: 20:19 I love you. Thank you so much for being part of the community. I will be back here for you Monday for our next interview podcast. We have a real special one. I’ll just tease it a little bit now. It’s with Danica Patrick, who I consider a soul sister. I love her. She did many cleanses at Glow Bio. She is also a GGS drinker, just like us. She does The Beauty Detox, to her version of it. Man, we really connected spiritually. We had a lot to say spiritually in this podcast. You don’t want to miss it. It’s going to be amazing. I love you, and I will see you there. Take care and see you soon.