Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Whether we love V Day or view it as a silly holiday that makes unattached people feel depressed, or whether we think it is a commercial “fake” holiday that just makes us spend more money on useless things, it is all about perspective isn’t it?? I like to think of it as a day when people are just a little bit more nice, more sweet, and another day to especially give love out into the world, though of course we could do that every day. :)

I’ve been really crazed lately, with all very good and exciting things that I would choose to be involved with even if I had 100 million dollars. So that’s good, but I’m crazed all the same. Last night I got back into my apt. from my flight from LA after 11:00 pm, then had to run out and get some food quickly since I hadn’t eaten all day, which took me to past midnight. I had to stay up to 3:00 in the morning since I had to plan my kids’ meditation class I teach once a month on Sunday mornings. I also had to unpack. Last week I was so busy in LA I didn’t get to work on any upcoming projects I was REALLY supposed to (I’ll give that an oops and a Yikes!) with looming deadlines, since I had to rush from event to event to meeting to press stuff to clients to movie sets to … I will say that it was one of the busiest and most successful trips I’ve ever had. It was worth it to have to  um, postpone a few deadlines. :)

I feel incredibly grateful that much of what I do doesn’t really seem like work. It is about sharing and connecting and helping a wide range of people. So I am definitely not complaining at all. Still, sometimes I wish there were an extra 6 hours in a day, so I could do more, or sleep a wee bit more.

In the midst of major craziness, here are 5 things that keep me really grounded:

1.    My roobius tea with Stevia: When I am on the phone for extended periods of time, I am drinking this. If you have ever been on the phone with me and heard me pause, you can be sure I am taking a sip of this brew! It is my favorite, and it makes me really happy. People always ask me about green tea this and green tea that, but I personally avoid it. Me and my liver certainly don’t need that caffeine. Caffeine in any form puts a drag on our liver, and therefore detoxification. Trust me, lay off all the green tea. Roobius is full of antioxidants and is free of caffeine. Way better!! It is from a red bush in Africa. I like the blueberry flavor the best. And I do like it slightly sweet!!

2.    Scent. I’m a huge fan of aromatherapy. I haven’t worn commercial perfume (I mean Sephora-like fare) in at least 6 years because it is so toxic and goes right into the skin. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like yummy smelly things! I burn incense a lot when I’m working (I like the Nag Chaampa brand, which I’ve been told burns cleanly and is non-toxic), and I sage my apt. pretty often. I mist lavender around me sometimes, and if I really want something that smells good I occasionally use the Kiss My Face Lavender Body Lotion, or I’ll drop some lavender essential oil into my coconut oil concoction I put on my body.

Having the room I’m in or my general environment smell good really helps me stay present and happy, and not overwhelmed. If you have not indulged in the scented, non-toxic goods, they are so inexpensive and are a great way to make your day much better! If you are a candle person, be sure you are using soy candles as opposed to the regular petroleum-based candles, which will pollute your air. Glade, Febreeze candles, sprays, and their commercial counterparts are a heap of toxic rubbish!!!!!!!! We should never buy such things. If you work at a desk, I suggest keeping some essential oil in your desk drawer. Once in a while you can sniff it, or dab it on, or mist it around! Lavender if you are stressed and need some headache relief, or a nice grapefruit or citrus if you need to wake up.

3. Chlorella tablets: I’m talking tablets ladies, not powder! When I’m in a bind (which usually happens at least twice a week when I’m in NY ), when I can’t eat for a very long time, I chew about 15 of them. I never leave home without a pouch of
them in my purse. Beware: Your teeth will turn green!! You will look like some kind of swamp monster that emerged from a seaweed-filled puddle…but only for a few seconds. :) Drink with lots of water. Chew them well though- so you break them up and can an instant hit of plant protein and minerals. They keep me going for a while, so I’m not in desperato-ville and have to reach for something that is less than ideal to eat which I try to avoid at all costs.

4. My morning ritual. I always have my Green drink first thing in the morning as the first thing in my belly. It is very rare that I skip. Even if the rest of my day goes haywire, I have done something good for myself, and I feel much better the rest of
the day on. I encourage you to do the same. You deserve the Green freakin’ Smoothie!! Your energy, spirit, skin, body and emotional well-being deserve it. MAKE…THE…EFFORT!!!!!!!!! The rest of your day will by easier and better for you.

5. My meditation practice
. First, last and as much as I can in between. Let me be clear: I would not be the person I am without my meditation practice. If I have contributed anything positive in the world, it is because I meditate and have a more clear perspective of myself and love, and I work towards being a more clear channel. If you are interested in starting a meditation practice or yoga practice and don’t know where to turn, I highly recommend reading Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. It is the book that changed my life. I found it in a tiny bookstore in Rishikesh, India, and it practically jumped out at me. My life has never been the same since.

See you back here soon. Love to you!!!!!!!!!  Kimberly