In today’s Vlog I wanted to talk about the difference between Choosing Rituals Over Resolutions To Improve Our Lives for this upcoming year.

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Hey Beauties,

Happy new year and Happy 2018! I wish you all the best for this year had to be the most amazing year yet, full of surprises, love, prosperity, abundance in all areas of your life. Along those lines, today I want to talk about the difference between choosing rituals over resolutions as ways to improve our lives in this upcoming year.

Now, resolutions, which we’ve all heard of, are ones that have to do with a static goal. It could be losing 10 pounds or one particular thing. Study after study shows that resolutions don’t really stick, and the reason for that is because it’s not in keeping with our natural dynamic energy, which is always moving.

We’re always in process, even down to the cellular level. Our blood is flowing. Our blood is regenerated. Our cells are overturning. Resolutions are a little bit static. Again, research after research shows that most resolutions only last a few days, and most all resolutions are kaput by the end of the month.

What I encourage choosing instead of resolutions is rituals. Rituals are magical. Rituals are amazing ways to be in alignment with our energy and to make shifts and changes that have the effect of helping us lose the weight, increase the energy, whatever we’re trying to do. But, again, it’s about moving with our lives rather than being static.

For instance, we talk a lot about the morning ritual here in Beauty Detox, which is a way to rise and to elevate our energy first thing in the morning. It includes a stillness or a meditation, having hot water with lemon, taking our SBO probiotics, which is a powerful way to re-balance our gut and optimize nutrient assimilation, our moods, our energy, everything.

It’s how our ancestors got probiotics, from SBOs, which are soil-borne organisms. Having the glowing green smoothie, which is our ultimate drink here in Beauty Detox. It’s full of fiber, enzymes, minerals, antioxidants.

This is a ritual in and of itself which leads to increased nutrients in our body, increased energy, glowing skin, helping to lose the weight, helping to reduce stress, helping to be more focused. All these different things happen from this ritual.

By committing to a ritual, the results in your life are multifaceted, very deep, very powerful, and will last, because we’re creating habits and ways of living that will go into the new year, go for the long term. That’s where the real power is. That’s where the real change is, what we do day in and day out for the long term.

Now, I’m also really excited to announce to you guys that today, January 4th, we are relaunching our 30-Day Road Map for Healthy Weight Loss. This is very much in keeping with what I’m talking about right now, which is creating rituals for the long term. This comprehensive program includes everything from meal plans, very easy recipes, video coaching from me every day. By the time you emerge at the end of the Road Map, you’ll have created habits and ways of cooking, taking care of yourself, eating the Beauty Detox way so that it’s more embedded in your life.

Again, this is where the real change is to be had, from what we do on a consistent, long-term basis, not just something that’s static, like, “Oh, I want to have glowing skin,” or, “I want to lose 15 pounds,” and there isn’t that process of getting there.

If you guys haven’t checked out the 30-Day Road Map yet, I highly, highly recommend it. It is an amazing program. You can check out more information here on the website, It’s new and improved. It’s our 2.0 version, which includes meditations.

I’ve given you guys lots of different meditations for getting past food cravings, harnessing the moment, being the best you can be now, different updates to the program. It’s something I really encourage you to take advantage of. I can’t wait for you to experience feeling light and amazing and vibrant and having one of the best years, if not the best year of your life.

Thank you so much for tuning in. I send you all my love, and I will see you inside the 30-Day Road Map and also back here soon!

Lots of love,


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