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Hi Beauties,

Today I want to talk about the Probiotics For Women And What Moms Should Know About Probiotics For Kids. We’re going to quickly go through some general information about probiotics — how they work, how they can help with weight loss, and how they’re beneficial for our little ones.

First of all, we have trillions of probiotics that we rely on to keep our whole system functioning well. Keeping the machines of our body at an optimal level of health, well-being and energy.

What Probiotics Can Do For Your Body

Probiotics are used for everything in our body from optimizing digestion to helping to optimize and support our immunity. It even helps our mood and our metabolism.

Unfortunately, our lifestyle, the modern world, how we live today means that we are constantly knocking our microbiome out of balance. This then leads to a condition called dysbiosis, which is an imbalance of healthy bacteria in our system.

Then, we start to experience issues with our skin, our general health, our energy, and our digestion. All sorts of things start to come up and we’re just starting to scratch the barrel.

More and more research is coming out about the role of probiotics in pretty much every aspect of our well-being and health.

The Benefits Of Using SBO Probiotics

I am a huge advocate for soil-borne organism probiotics because they’re hardy. They are the form that our ancestors used to ingest every day from unwashed fruits and vegetables.

I’m all about aligning with Mother Nature to become our most naturally healthy and our most naturally beautiful.

Speaking of beauty, I have some really interesting stats here about the benefits of probiotics for women. They are clinical trials that show how acne is caused by several processes.

There’s actually research now correlating the treatment of acne and skin conditions with using probiotics.

The National Institute of Health study found that probiotics hold potential in the treatment of photoprotection and slowing the signs of aging skin.

This is amazing because we often hear about gut health in terms of moods, cognitive functioning, immunity. But now research is coming out showing that when you take probiotics, your skin doesn’t age as quickly.

Probiotics For Your Skin

Of course, this is an amazing benefit of probiotics for us women who care about how our skin looks. Let’s be real. We really care. This is yet another reason to really take your Feel Good SBO Solluna Probiotics.

Take two in the morning every day with your hot water with lemon. This will help in getting the benefits of the probiotics–the healthy bacteria–for amazing, gorgeous skin.

Probiotics For Bone Density

Along the lines of discovering the benefits of probiotics for women, they also help protect bone density. There was a study last year out of the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, which found that probiotics can help affect the human skeleton.

In fact, older women that received probiotics had half the bone loss as compared to women who only received a placebo.

Probiotics For Kids

Now, let’s move onto what savvy moms know about the benefits of probiotics for kids. The Journal of Pediatric Healthcare found that children that used probiotics were able to have much healthier bowel movements. No surprise there!

Between Europe and the US they found that there was less diarrhea and fewer loose bowel movements. They found that probiotics in children help to reduce inflammation. It helped to boost the body’s immune response.

Studies in infants with eczema receiving probiotic supplements found a decrease in the eczema as well as gastrointestinal symptoms.

Scientists are continuing to study areas of how probiotics continue to benefit children, including curing inflammatory bowel disease, and certain diseases of the intestines in infants and small children.

How Much Probiotics Can You Give Infants and Small Children

To start them off with probiotics, use one capsule. Pop it open and mix a little bit in with their smoothie or food. That’s what I’ve done with Bubby. Consult with your doctor, of course, but I truly believe that SBO Probiotics are wonderful for adults as well as children. They just need a smaller dosage.

You can also start them out with some probiotic-rich foods like sauerkraut. Get them used to that flavor of the sourness by adding a little bit on the side.

Probiotics For Weight-loss

The truth about probiotics for weight-loss from the National Institute of Health found that individuals with obesity had a much different microbiota composition in their guts from lean individuals. And some of the species that were in these studies are included in our SBO formula.

In that same study, they mentioned that modifications of our gut microbiota composition can help to reduce body weight, fat mass, and our body mass index.

To Sum Up The Benefits In Using Probiotics

To sum up, there are incredible benefits of probiotics for women in terms of having beautiful healthy skin. This includes having stronger bone density to maintain our beautiful structure, our beautiful posture, and even with weight loss.

And with our children, helping to keep our children really healthy. Helping with their developing guts, inflammation, and their ability to assimilate and absorb nutrients.

You can see that the benefits for probiotics are so deep, they are so amazing. I can recommend getting into the routine with your whole family of taking probiotics every single day…you and your children. Our SBO Probiotics have the best clinically researched strains.

In Closing

I’m really passionate about this because I have studied probiotics. I’ve tried every kind out there and have tried them with my clients. It goes back to Mother Nature.

SBO is the form that our ancestors did ingest, and we use the best formula out there. And this is all with the right ratios and strains in harmony in the formula. Which is much more important than culture count itself.

We have a prebiotic and a post-biotic. So if there’s one thing you’re going to take, take your SBO Probiotics. You will be on your way to your most fantastic, well-being, energy, skin health, and more for you and your whole family.

Thank you for tuning in. Sending you so much love right from my heart. I’m honored to walk this path with you. We are here to support each other and love each other.

There are lots of other resources and articles here. Take great care of yourself. Take your probiotics.

I will see you back here soon. Lots of love!