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Hi Beauties,

Today, we’re going to talk about how we can get more spring energy into our daily life. Spring is a very upward energy, a lot of light, a lot of opening. It’s warmer outside, so we tend to want to be in this upward feeling, a much more cheerful, we can say, upbeat, lighter feeling.

We really want to get into that rhythm so we are syncing with Mother Nature and with the collective energy all around. We don’t want to feel like we’re stuck in winter when everything around us is blooming and growing and blossoming.

Letting Go of Clogging Foods

To help us get more spring energy into our lives the first tip I have for you is to let go of heavier clogging dense foods. We know that food is the starting place in many ways of our alchemy. It’s where we start to go into wellness for a lot of us. We pick up food. We see it. We hold it.

When we start to make lifestyle choices, we can start to tune in with our body and notice how much different we feel when we shift our diet

In the winter, maybe we ate more comfort foods. We may have had fattier foods or heavier foods. I know in the winter I tend to have a lot of lattes, hemp milk, and coconut milk. I do eat a lot heavier in the winter for sure.

I also see this with Bubby. He eats a lot more of his Chia Pudding and his version of his protein smoothies in the winter. Now in spring, he naturally wants tons of GGS again. He always has GGS, but now it’s triple the amount. Children are such great teachers.

Tune into Your Body

The next tip I have for you is to start to tune into your body. I notice this myself, that I’m starting to want radishes and raw salads and a lot more of that really fresh food. It’s supporting that lighter energy.

If you kind of slipped into a phase where you went back to eating dairy or fried food, or whatever it was, now is the time to shift back to look at healthier alternatives.

Maybe it was gluten, it was a lot of heavy bread, whatever it was, it’s time to lighten up and just look at your choices and reevaluate. We’re always in different cycles and phases, and this is the time to definitely eat lighter.

If you’re looking for some different recipe options, there are tons here. In my new book, Recipes For Your Perfectly Imperfect Life, there’s over 100 new inspiring recipes that you could definitely check out. Also, here at, there’s tons.

Renew Your Intentions

This is also a really great time to renew your intentions. They say that the spring equinox is the astrological new year. While January 1st is what we have as the man-made calendar for the new year, this is the time where there is a cosmic shift and there is more light burgeoning forth.

You may want to look at your goals, your intentions, what you want to create in your life, professionally, personally, within your body, with how you feel, breakthroughs, hobbies you want to start, projects you want to get into. You have this energy of spring and bursting forth behind you.

A lot of the times, things may shift a little bit from January 1st to now. I recommend getting out your journal, writing some things down, and just looking at what you are looking to create in your life right now. It’s a great time to feel supported and to have that energy, that synergy really getting behind you.

Rotating Your Spring Produce

Another tip I have for you is to rotate some unique spring produce into your day. I’m going to list a few that I really like right now. Dandelion greens, which are bitter and astringent. Wonderful cleansing food for your liver. You can often find it at the market or the farmers market.

Sprouts and micro greens just bursting with energy and enzymes. Add them into your wraps, your soup, everything. Okra is really interesting food. It boosts B vitamin levels and folate. It’s a wonderful mineral rich food.

Kohlrabi. The first time I ate kohlrabi was at the Union Square Farmers Market in New York and it was just this huge stalk and I didn’t really know what to do with it, but it actually turned out to be quite delicious.

It kind of looked like a cross between a cabbage and a big Brussels sprout stalk, but it’s wonderfully high in fiber and very cleansing. It’s got B vitamins, vitamins A, vitamin C, so check it out. It’s really wonderful in-season food right now.

Eating Outside

Eating outside is a wonderful way to sync in with nature. Even if you work in an office, try to eat out in the picnic bench or go for a walk in the park. Just get outside. Get out at lunch whenever you can, and get out of that mode as much as you can being inside all day long.

Get the fresh air, synergize with nature, and try to break up your routine a bit. This goes with my last point which is to get some vitamin D from the sun.

Healthy Sun Care

There are natural chemical free sunscreens you can use in the Radical Beauty Book. We talk about some of the research around the sun. If you get 5-10 minutes of sun on your limbs to get your vitamin D needs in. It could just be walking through the parking lot or parking a little farther away or going for a little walk.

I don’t put sun directly on my face. I always wear a hat. I always wear sunglasses. We do want to practice safe sun care. If you have very sensitive skin, you may always want to use sunscreen.

I always put it on my face, but be realistic, be safe, know your skin, but some vitamin D is definitely healthy for sure.

In Closing

These are my tips to sync into spring. I hope you are having an amazing spring so far. This is one of the best seasons. The sun is out. Our energy is up, so really look at how you can be creative and tap into your creative power.

You can still get into our April Feel Good Circle. Our theme this month is tapping into your creative power with this onset of spring. We have all types of video, audios, and journal prompts to really help activate that creative potential within you.

Sending you so much love, so much gratitude. I will see you back here very soon. Take care, Beauty.