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Hey Beauties,

Welcome back to our weekly vlog, where my topic for you today is Summertime Tips for Naturally Healthy Skin. This is the time of year where we’re wearing more sleeveless shirts, shorts and bathing suits and may be more aware of the health of our skin.

Our skin is our largest organ, and it’s very reflective of our inner health, both from what we’re eating, how we’re taking care of ourselves emotionally. If there is stress, if we haven’t processed anger or sadness or resentment we’re holding, it can actually really show up in our face. And we can start to get under-eye circles. We’re not sleeping as well. We start to get puffy, acne, pimples can break out.

In addition to these practical tips, make sure that you’re really living our Four Cornerstone Lifestyle, which includes spirituality and meditation, emotional wellbeing, journaling and processing of feelings as well.

Tip #1: Detoxify

From a tangible, everyday perspective, one of my first tips for you, is to detoxify. Now, this actually does extend to our relationships and to things in our life that are stressful. It also relates to food.

This is a great time to lighten up what you’re eating. To focus on giving up things that we know can leave toxins in the body or are more difficult to digest, things like refined starches, sugars, junk food and dairy.

There’s more and more research correlating dairy with clogged skin and acne. There’s a study here I want to read from you from the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, who found that subjects who switched to a clean diet, that cut out dairy, processed foods, and refined carbohydrates and focused on fruits and veggies instead, saw a major reduction in skin issues like acne, aging skin, psoriasis, and even cancer.

This is a really important study to show that what we’re putting in is really helping to engineer the quality of our skin. Our lifestyle plays a really key part here. Especially now, lots of salads and smoothies. Even if you’re making a Power Protein Smoothie, you can just throw some fresh greens in there.

Anytime you can bring in more fruits and veggies, your skin is definitely going to benefit, not just from the actual nutrients and the richness but also the fiber. All of which helps to clean the blood and your system – deeply detoxifying.

Tip #2: Hydrate with Water and Food

Second is to hydrate with fruits and vegetables. Lettuces and radishes are about 95% water. Watermelon is 92% water.

Along with eating really well and having this detoxifying quality of foods, we’re increasing our ability to detoxify as we hydrate with these beautiful plant foods, fruits, and vegetables. These healthy food choices are keeping our skin and collagen supple and smooth.

We all know that dryness is not a way to build beautiful, healthy skin. Room-temperature water, coconut water and herbal tea are going to be really wonderful for your skin as well.

Tip #3: Exfoliate and Increase Circulation

My third tip is exfoliate to increase circulation. I’m a big fan of dry skin brushing, Abhyanga. You want to do this throughout your whole body. The skin, think of the skin as a system, not just the skin on your face but also in through your body. You definitely want to do self-massage and dry brushing.

On your face, I’m a big DIY girl. There are many mask recipes that we have here at Solluna and in my  Radical Beauty book. Just something really, really gentle. Sometimes I like to blend some fresh fruit up and mix it with some nourishing ingredients.

Raw honey, for instance, has a lot of enzymes. Vitamin C-rich mango is a wonderful ingredient that you can also put on your face. Exfoliation is a wonderful thing to do to really increase that glow and to get rid of dead skin cells.

Tip #4: Clean Skincare

Next tip is clean skin care. Just like we don’t want to clog our bodies with dairy and processed food, we don’t want to put products on our face which inhibit respiration and oxygen and healing. We want to use products that are power packed with the right ingredients but still absorb and do not clog the skin.

Just a little reminder, I’ve created for you my whole Feel Good Skincare System, which I think is amazing. It has everything from a botanical retinol, a stable form of Vitamin C, argan oil, algae extract, just amazing ingredients to nourish your skin.

It’s completely non-clogging, doesn’t have toxins in it and is very wonderful for you to take in and to let that be absorbed into your body. Check it out. It’s what I personally use, and I swear by, so hope you love it as well. Right skin care, though, is definitely key.

Tip #5: Protect

And lastly, I will mention my final big tip is to protect your skin. There’s a lot of environmental pollutants when we got into the world. We’ve all heard that overexposure to the sun can definitely be harmful.

I always wear a big wide-brimmed hat. I wear big sunglasses. You can use a chemical-free sunscreen on your face as well. There’s some great brands out there like Babo and Suntegrity, which are chemical free.

You want to make sure that you add protection. Again, I’m a big hat girl, because I think it also helps to protect your hair. Just be mindful of that this summer, when you’re going out and about, just to keep some of your favorite hats near the door. You’ll be more apt to grab them and to protect yourself.

In Closing

I wish you all the best. I hope you incorporate some or all of these tips for beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. You can definitely generate from your own body’s intelligence and from the right lifestyle, which we’re so passionate about sharing with you here at Solluna.

I’m so grateful for you being part of our community. Thank you so much for tuning in, and I will see back here next week.