Spring Cleanse Avocado Mache ACV Salad

Spring is upon us! It’s the perfect time for a spring cleanse! And guess whatt?! You are already ahead of the cleansing process if you’ve been following even some of the Beauty Detox principles. We all naturally build up toxicity in our bodies, and our bodies do naturally detox. But in the uber toxic world we live in of chemicals, a plethora of processed foods and additives, excess stress, poor digestion, dysbiosis in our GI tracts and more… our bodies could ALL use the support to keep toxicity and congestion to a minimum!!

My Spring Cleanse Avocado Mache ACV Salad Recipe will not only fill you up with beauty boosting nutrients, it will also help you with your internal spring cleaning :).

Let’s see how this salad will enhance our spring cleanse process and how to start prepping!

Why You Should Add Avocados To Your Spring Cleanse!

I can’t get enough of these guys. In fact, you’ve probably seen me eat avocados almost daily when I eat my Gluten-Free Avocado & Sprouts Wraps. They are a great beauty fat source that is full of healthy fat, fiber and water. If you want to lose a bit of weight what’s great about avos, unlike oil, is that the natural fiber and water in whole fat foods like avocado is a natural form of portion control.

Avocado’s do have a relatively high fat content,  yet it is a raw plant fat is digested efficiently and is nutrient-dense.

Here Are Some of Avocado’s Beauty & Health Benefits:

  • Skin-smoothing compounds: Rich in the skin-smoothing beauty vitamins: A, C, E (the best source of any fruit), and K.
  • Builds healthy protein in your body: Has one of the highest amino acid contents of all fruit, and in forms that are not rancid or damaging
  • Promotes the absorption of fat-solubles: The fats from avocado help lubricate our digestive tracts

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Switch Your Greens Using Mâche For Your Spring Cleanse!

What some farmers consider a weed, mâche (pronounced “mahsh”) is also called lamb’s lettuce or corn salad, and is one of the most nutritious lettuce varieties out there. Certainly not to be thrown away!!!

Mâche has a wonderful nutty, mild and sweet flavor, all in one, with a velvety texture similar to Boston lettuce. Long before anyone thought to cultivate mâche (Valerianella locusta), it grew wild in European grain fields and is perhaps why many farmers called it a weed. It just shows how amazing so many wild foods are for us to work in and eat!

These names, along with the plant itself, all but disappeared once the array of big heads of lettuce became our preferred source of salad greens. However, when mâche returned to North American kitchens in the early 1980s (clothed in Euro-chic).

Although still not a common ingredient, this lettuce is gaining popularity as the word gets out about it’s health properties.

Check out some of its standout benefits below:

  • Supercharged with vitamin C: Loaded with this vital nutrient (64% of the Daily Value in a 3.5-oz serving, according to USDA’s Nutrition Facts), mâche contains almost as much vitamin C as lemon juice.
  • Antioxidant effects: Helps your body produce collagen (a protein that helps keep your skin smooth and your bones, teeth, and arteries strong). In addition, eating more vitamin C rich foods, like mâche, is amazing at preventing the common cold.
  • Packed with heart healthy nutrients: A wonderful source of potassium and copper, both containing protecting properties for heart health. Potassium helps to regulate blood pressure, while copper keeps your cholesterol levels in check.
  • Healthy metabolism, cognitive development, immune function, and skin: A great source of vitamin B with a 3.5-ounce (100-gram serving), serving of mâche providing 14% of the Daily Value. Vitamin B6 is a versatile nutrient that performs a wide variety of functions, including; being involved in the metabolism of amino acids (proteins), carbohydrates, and lipids (fats), as well as in cognitive development and immune function. It can also help repair damaged connective tissue and prevents toxin build-up and bloating.

If you are unable to find mâche at your local farmers market or grocery store, you can alternatively use mixed baby greens,  which are also packed with vitamins and minerals. :)

Why You Should Add ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) Into Your Salads for Detoxing!

I always keep my kitchen stocked with this staple ingredient. It is especially helpful during a spring cleanse. It can be used in so many ways, food-wise, and one of my faves is on salad in dressings.

ACV is made by using active yeast that is combined with sugar ( from the naturally occurring sugar from crushed apples). The yeast then consumes the sugar and uses this to grow healthy bacteria, which is how fermentation takes place.

What is Awesome About ACV is it…

  • Prevents unhealthy bacteria: Helps prevent unhealthy bacteria (like E. Coli), from developing. Once the fermentation process is complete, the result is the formation of acetic acid — the main beneficial compound found in apple cider vinegar.
  • Can be used for just about anything: Used for curing colds to whitening your teeth. It detoxifies your body, helps to balance candida, regulates pH balance, and promotes optimal digestion.
  • Is a liver and lymphatic tonic: Helping to further detox your body by balancing your body’s pH and stimulating cardiovascular stimulation. It also helps with bowel motility and lymphatic drainage.
  • Contains beneficial probiotics and other compounds: Helping to balance yeasts in your body (including candida), and alleviating side effects like lack of energy, UTI’s and digestive issues.
  • Helps to balance your pH level, promotes bone health and overall wellness: Though apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid (being acidic in nature), upon digestion its overall effect on your body is alkalizing.
  • Promotes healthy digestion: By encouraging growth of friendly bacteria in your body. An age-old digestion remedy calls for sipping one tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar, diluted in a cup of water twenty minutes before meals.

In the Beauty Detox Solution I provide more on how to incorporate ACV into your diets and a comprehensive candida program in general.

When it comes to buying this powerful vinegar, again, be sure to purchase a brand that is labeled “raw” and “unfiltered”. Personally, I like using Bragg’s Organic Raw-Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar.

Spring Cleanse Avocado Mache ACV Salad

Prepare ingredients.

Spring Cleanse Avocado Mache ACV Salad

In a large bowl, combine the salad ingredients.

Spring Cleanse Avocado Mache ACV Salad

Pour the vinegar over the salad, and mash in the avocado manually with your hands till all the leaves are coated.

Spring Cleanse Avocado Mache ACV Salad

Season with sea salt and pepper.

Spring Cleanse Avocado Mache ACV Salad


See this full tasty recipe below…

Spring Cleanse Avocado Mache ACV Salad Recipe
Serves: Serves 2
  • Salad Ingredients
  • 4 cups mache or mixed baby greens
  • ½ cup baby spinach
  • ¼ cup basil leaves
  • ½ cup chopped Roma Tomatoes
  • ½ cup English cucumber
  • Dressing Ingredients
  • 1 tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar
  • ½ very ripe avocado
  • Sea salt, to taste
  • Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  1. In a large bowl, combine the salad ingredients.
  2. Pour the vinegar over the salad, and mash in the avocado manually with your hands till all the leaves are coated.
  3. Season with sea salt and pepper.
  4. Enjoy!

Let me know how you enjoyed this recipe in the comments below, and be sure to use #beautydetoxrecipe. I love hearing your thoughts and feedback on making your own creations!

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