Join me for an amazing talk about silica over on the podcast today! We have been listening to your feedback and have decided to change up the structure of our show and bring you solo-casts on topics you submit your interests on! I am so excited to share with you my first one!

So why Silica? Silica is often overlooked yet foundational mineral for life. Silica is everywhere in nature, and yet often deficient in humans. Reduced nutrition and increased chemical exposure may be depriving you of adequate silica your body needs to heal, repair skin (including collagen), have energy and so much more. This segment will explore how to know if you need more silica, and the best ways to naturally replenish your levels.


  • What silica is and where it can be found….
  • Why most people are deficient in silica…
  • How nutrition plays a key role when silica deficiency…
  • I share tips on how to naturally replenish your silica levels…


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